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  1. ACC will need to be active so then your car knows the one in front is pulling off, and knows that it needs to restart itself to drive off. Like asking a blind man when the person in front of him has moved to move, but he wouldn't ever know. Same situation.
  2. Remapping was taking place but have an issue on the HPFP so that has been delayed until then. So 2 weeks or so it’ll be back for more. Thank you for Rick at Unicorn for being so accommodating through all of this! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nice to see them do a VW approved one! Ford have been doing it for years, it's time for some other manufacturers to do the same, within reason.
  4. Don’t worry about it! Best to let people know what can happen. Mine wouldn’t be running near that boost level anyway, just for more reliability and daily use. Fingers crossed [emoji1696] all will be good with it. Will know more tomorrow [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It was mapped with it on but the turbo was faulty so Littco was going to send a replacement but decided to go for L500 instead [emoji23] Went for the Airtec purely on price. I know the Wagner is better but the Airtec is more than sufficient. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ooh dear, that's not good! Hopefully mine doesn't give up like that! 😮 Ooo, will follow you and keep an eye out then!
  7. Technically I'm not lying. I do sales so I greet people and answer phones etc, so I am in theory a receptionist. Just what people perception of it is
  8. I should change the name to Stage 3 then! Yeah very excited, can't wait. Just seen on yours that it's undergoing heart surgery, what happened to it? Thank you !
  9. Put your job role down as a receptionist if you can get away with that in the event of needing to claim. I can on mine if I ever needed, and I saved £300 on my policy just through that alone! *edit* I am 22 by the way.
  10. Sorry for the lack of updates, had some things change to the plans. So now that is fitted; Littco L500 Turbo VIS HPFP Littco LPFP Airtec Big Boost Pipes 4 BAR MAP Sensor Racingline Turbo Elbow RS7 Spark Plugs Airtec Intercooler Forge Intake Turboback BCS Powervalve with 100 Cell Cat Turbo Muffler Delete The car is being re-remapped again to suit this Wednesday 13th by Unicorn so will be able to see then how much of a beast it is!
  11. Not sure on the APR system, but I run a full turboback BCS Powervalve. Great quality, no drone at all and once you get on boost it's a proper animal. Wouldn't recommend anyone else.
  12. Like all new cars going for that same shape! They all look awful now!
  13. No mine is the 6 Speed, maybe speak to Rick and he will be able to re-adjust it for you?
  14. I used to be Stage 2 MRC and I had nothing but problems on mine. DSG was jerky, paddles/manual mode didn't work 50% of the time when needed, overboosting, car couldn't hold the boost properly on launch control, the list goes on. The car was really quick but didn't make up for all the problems it had. Went Unicorn and the Map and DSG is great. 100x better.
  15. I suppose BP Ultimate is the best you can get, at least it's only 1 octane rating lower, but it will be much better than using 95 as some people do!
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