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  1. Ask Nige and he'll be able to sort out a resonated section for it? Can just swap them on/off very easily?
  2. Got EBC Yellow Stuff in mine, great stopping power in them
  3. As the title suggests, I am after a little help as regards to meth injection. I'm wanting to install it onto my car but haven't got a clue what to do. Any help would be appreciated. This is the first time if looked into it and haven't got a clue about anything
  4. Personally I'd wait until 1000+ miles so everything has bedded in.
  5. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help and shed a little bit of light on my dilemma. I currently have a BCS Powervalve full system but I only want the boost actuated valve to work when in Race / S mode. I have bought a solenoid that will do the job, just unsure of where to take the electrical feed from that will active the valve when Race / S mode is activated? Hope this makes sense and would be grateful for any advice. Thank you
  6. You can send them your own turbo and they do a supercore which just upgrades your turbo to make it more reliable and it can make more power. Ask Dan at Littco, he's your man
  7. Nice motor Tom, nice to have another forum member from Derbyshire!
  8. I think Littco do a supercore called the L380X I think for the standard IS38 which makes power up to around 420hp but retains the same stock spool and power all the way to the redline. Dan from Littco is your man to get in contact with or even @[email protected]
  9. Stage 3 for me, Littco L500 with all supporting mods running 512hp. Stock was fast enough but I can't help but modify. Stage 3 is now definitely more than fast enough!
  10. I suppose with it being a bigger turbo it isn't in use at full power when driving normally compared to stage 1/2 or even standard. Yeah it does get a thrashing sometimes which gets it over 100 degrees which is always good. Hmm, never in ECO, always in Race ready for the next send!
  11. Got MPM oil in, but will be doing an oil change next weekend to VWs own oil. No additional oil cooling kits added, plus I am running at Stage 3 also.
  12. Mine tends to sit around 95-98 degrees under normal driving, however when driving hard it's anywhere from 102 - 112 degrees but quickly comes back down again when driving normally.
  13. Mine does change down gears itself on downhill braking. I doesn't do it if you brake steady but if you press the brakes more firmly going down the hill it does change down for you.
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