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  1. Mine does change down gears itself on downhill braking. I doesn't do it if you brake steady but if you press the brakes more firmly going down the hill it does change down for you.
  2. I think the turbo adds a lot of power onto the golf. I remember on mine when I had an actuator fault on my turbo and it was open until you got to around 4-5k it was like a slug getting up to speed felt like a 1.6 golf getting there. Turbos are definitely needed!
  3. Yeah very true, I just hate having to go down a couple of gears to pull better but thats what you get when you put on a bigger turbo. I do miss the stock low down grunt.
  4. It's an absolute beast to drive. Does have a fair bit of lag if you are in a high gear and the turbo isn't fully spooled but in a lower gear and correct RPM it just pulls and pulls! Very fast!
  5. 2.2 bar boost! I thought I was at 2.1 haha
  6. This is mine from Unicorn which I am very pleased with! MK7 Golf R
  7. Might sound a bit thick but what exactly does the 1st gear deactivation do? surely you need 1st to pull off better normally without causing extra wear and slip?
  8. 2.1 bar Stage 3 Unicorn on the L500 Turbo from Littco - 512bhp
  9. Sounds like mine did just blew the turbo let go! I’d get it looked at if I was you, Littco do an upgrade kit for the standard turbo which I would recommend over stock power as the standard turbos are pretty awful to be fair. another thing to check would be the sensor at the top of the engine towards the back end where the air intake goes into the turbo. Mines popped off a couple of times and the turbo made a fluttering sound until I plugged that back in. Not sure what the sensor actually is though? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. VW17GLF

    New member

    Very nice looking R mate! The mods never stop! I started off Stock and keep adding things on and off, now running a 512bhp Golf R! You'll never get rid of the bug!!
  11. Car is currently running 512hp and planning on taking it on track more next year so wanted to get set up with some extra safety measures on the Golf. Still looking into it all at the moment but I do appreciate the feedback, thank you.
  12. Hi all, Looking into an oil catch can and oil cooler. Anyone had any experience in these and which ones you would recommend. Thanks
  13. Great news, closer for me to get to if I ever wanted any tweaks doing!
  14. Yes exactly which is why I tend just to use kickdown than switch to S as I have had a fair few of these moments myself. Yes some tuners tend to disable kickdown when it is in manual mode which is always good if you want full power in a particular gear without the car changing for you.
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