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  1. Sat and looked at it from the desk in my office, lucky car parking space! New black wrapped front is looking the business now
  2. I bought my Golf R 7.5 a couple of weeks ago nearly new and have just had a letter in the post saying that this work needs to be carried out and will take around two hours. No idea why they didnt carry out the work before considering the car had a full service before being handed over - strange one!
  3. This might seem like a stupid question but what is the quickest way to launch a DSG off the line without using launch control? This is my first DSG car so trying to understand if simply flooring it is the quickest method or if there is a way of building the revs without using launch control (like you would in a manual) before setting off?
  4. Currently £17.80 on Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JKER5IW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Changed the wipers to the Bosch blades, incredible what a difference this has made to the smearing (or now lack of). Very happy with the change!
  6. Cheers both! I had a red Seat Ibiza FR back in the day and loved the black & red contrast so hoping to achieve the same with the R. First "mod" has been completed today by changing the wipers to Bosch blades. Cant believe what a difference this has made, zero smearing now taking place.
  7. Ordered a pair as my factory ones seem to smear like others have commented on, hoping these are much better...
  8. I am contemplating changing out at least the rear badge so that the car is mainly just black and red. Has anyone else with a Tornado Red car done this? Any pictures would be appreciated as I am 50/50 at the moment!
  9. Cheers mate much appreciated 👍🏼 The car has now been booked in to get the front chrome wrapped in black next Saturday, by the time I had bought the vinyl and messed around doing it myself I thought it would just be easier to pay someone to save me the cursing and stress! Next decision is whether I also go with black VW badges...
  10. Turns out the underground car park is not a bad place for photos. Managed to do a full detail on the car at the weekend and cant believe how amazing it came up looking!
  11. Does anybody know if its possible to replace the interior blue LED to make it red? Is it possible to retrofit parts from a Golf GTI if these have the red lighting? Anybody know any part numbers / pricing?
  12. Hi All, So this is my first foray into the world of VW having previously owned a Seat Ibiza FR (2005), Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR (2012) and an Audi TT MK2 (2011). Two out of the three cars I have previously owned have been modified and I cant wait to get started on the Golf R. I originally was going to place an order for a factory new 7.5 MY19, however when I realised I would have to wait until May/June and suffer the issues as a result of WLTP I decided to hunt down a nearly new model, even if that meant paying a slight premium. After a couple of weeks of searching I somehow came across the exact spec Golf R that I was going to order from factory and snapped it up instantly. Specification from standard: 3 door - DSG in Tornado Red Black 19" Pretorias Black 90% Rear Tints Black door mirror covers Dynaudio The first modification I want to get done is to wrap the chrome strip on the front of the car in gloss black, I have seen a lot of people do this and think it looks so so much better than the factory chrome. I also want to investigate and see if its possible to change the LED colour on the interior door and also the door seals as the blue annoys me when the whole car is black and red, not sure if that is even possible though. In time I will then move on to performance modifications where I think I will go for an APR stage 1 tune and also look to get a resonator delete placed on the car. Below are a couple of pictures of the car I have taken so far.
  13. Perfect seems to work after about 5-10 meters or so! Two more quick questions: 1. When you put the car into manual is there a way of turning off the proposed gear that you should be in from displaying in the instrument cluster? For example if I am in the right gear it shows a big 2 for example but if 2 is the wrong gear it would show "2 > 4". 2. When moving in slow traffic the front and rear parking sensors start working and come up as a screen inside the main screen that you can hide by hitting the X in the top right. Is there a way from stopping this from happening in normal driving? (Obviously when R has been engaged its needed).
  14. Had the car less than a week and the 4WD system is already coming in use...
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