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  1. xSCYTHERx

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    Perfect seems to work after about 5-10 meters or so! Two more quick questions: 1. When you put the car into manual is there a way of turning off the proposed gear that you should be in from displaying in the instrument cluster? For example if I am in the right gear it shows a big 2 for example but if 2 is the wrong gear it would show "2 > 4". 2. When moving in slow traffic the front and rear parking sensors start working and come up as a screen inside the main screen that you can hide by hitting the X in the top right. Is there a way from stopping this from happening in normal driving? (Obviously when R has been engaged its needed).
  2. xSCYTHERx

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Had the car less than a week and the 4WD system is already coming in use...
  3. Had the car less than a week and the 4WD is already coming in use...
  4. xSCYTHERx

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    I am currently thinking that a res delete is a must to begin with, for the cost involved its worth seeing if I get the dreaded motorway drone that others have mentioned or if it just greatly improves the sound! By June I might have got used to the standard power that the R is putting out so that I get that new car feeling when it gets the APR map. First modification however is to get the chrome grill on the front wrapped, just think it looks silly when the rest of the car has a black and red style going on.
  5. xSCYTHERx

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Thanks mate, I am loving the red and especially the contrast between the black 👍 The TT was putting out somewhere in the region of 265BHP - which felt rapid when you hooked it up on a dry day (was only front wheel drive and manual), the difference I am noticing with the R is that it is just effortless. In the TT if I was blasting it I felt like it needed 100% concentration to get the best out of it, the R is just effortless speed.
  6. xSCYTHERx

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Thanks man, I am coming from an Audi TT that was sitting on 19" wheels and running Michelin Pilot Super Sports so to be honest I am probably not the best person to ask, feels like a Rolls Royce compared to the TT. Yes if you hit a bump or a pot hole at speed you can obviously feel it but I honestly believe the seats go a long way to helping, comfiest car seats I have ever sat in. Well worth the wait, hang on in there!
  7. xSCYTHERx

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    Quick question in regards to the mirror dipping when putting the car in reverse. I have the mirror dial set on L and when I pop the car into reverse the mirror drops so I can see the kerb - excellent feature. However if I then put the car back into N or D to drive away again the mirror doesnt return to its normal position? If I flip the mirror dial back to the centre then it does come back up, or if I turn the car off and on. Any thoughts? What am I missing here?
  8. xSCYTHERx

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Picked up the Golf R at the weekend after trading in the old TT - honestly blown away after putting 300 miles on the car over the weekend. Will get some proper pics of the car up in the coming weeks
  9. xSCYTHERx

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Picked up my nearly new R on the weekend after deciding to not go down the new route due to the fact I wouldn't be getting it until the summer time! Honestly blown away by the vehicle after putting around 300 miles on it over the weekend, it just handles every single thing you can possibly throw at it, over the moon
  10. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has attended VAG at the Manor over the past three years? I have been meaning to go with my TT but something always seems to come up on that weekend. With the R arriving this weekend I am keen to head down this summer and see what its like. Location: Dinton Pastures Country Park, Reading Price: £8 per ticket Date: 30th June 2019 Link: http://www.vagatthemanor.co.uk/
  11. xSCYTHERx

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Sound is epic, the number 1 question when I get my R on Friday is how long I can hold out before putting a stage 1 map and new exhaust on it, birthday present to myself in June maybe 😂
  12. xSCYTHERx

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Someone should just write to watchdog and point them in the direction of this thread, they would have a field day...
  13. xSCYTHERx

    2019 Golf R WLTP changes - Definitive list

    I managed to save over £4.5K buying a 7.5 that is 6 months old compared to what would have been my new order on VW finance (exactly the same spec) so if you hunt around there are still cars to be had. Although I do accept that some Rs on the market are stupidly priced....
  14. xSCYTHERx

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    I was quoted May delivery when I inquired about purchasing one at the end of 2018, you might get lucky and a cancelled order might be the spec you wanted and they can shift that to you but dont think March is realistic if you are just placing the order now...
  15. xSCYTHERx

    Dealers to avoid or recommend

    [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85] Get the car and run back down south is the strategy!! The deal is good so just hope the car is what I expect when I arrive! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk