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  1. DanH

    Evening one and all

  2. DanH

    Golf R Order

    I ordered just after Christmas and was given an order number about a week and a half after. My dealer has since given me an 'unconfirmed' build week of 8 but the tracker app still shows as 'with the factory'. Hopefully looking to pick up sometime in March.
  3. DanH

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    That's what I have at the moment too. What build week have you been told?
  4. DanH

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Anyone had any updates on their builds? Any trackers moved to 'Build in progress'? I'm still waiting for my unconfirmed build week of 8 to be confirmed!
  5. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Haha well at least you got the R instead of a Tiguan!
  6. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Haha are you ever too old to pimp 😂 I've just got a couple of subtle cosmetic mods lined up...The biggest being replacing the standard paddle shifters! I have no idea how a Golf R doesn't come with proper metal paddles.
  7. DanH

    7.5R Variant says hello!

    Welcome! Very nice looks great with the red and the black!
  8. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    From what I've read on here you should get the new standard spec.
  9. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Is yours showing as a confirmed build week of 5? Mine is an unconfirmed build week 8 so curious as to when it'll get confirmed and if earlier build weeks have been confirmed.
  10. DanH

    New Member

    Hi there and welcome
  11. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Nice, sounds like you got a pretty good deal. Have you got any mods lined up for it yet? I've got a few lined up so going to buy some bits between now and March.
  12. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Yes, order number now shows on the tracking website. Currently showing as with the factory. Dealer has told me the unconfirmed build week is 8 (Feb18th), just waiting for this to be confirmed. Is yours still showing as with factory?
  13. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Good to know your build week has been confirmed. Hoping mine will be soon. Did you go through carwow or anything? I was looking at their in stock cars that should have been ready for March. They had quite a few on there.
  14. DanH

    New Golf R on Order

    Awesome, is that build week confirmed? I now have an unconfirmed build week of 8 with delivery hopefully by end of March. When you say stock list what do you mean?
  15. DanH

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    I have an order number it just isn't working at the moment. You think there's a chance the order wouldn't be processed because its now discontinued?