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  1. Thanks! Certainly don't regret my choice of colour, as you say looks great when clean and glossy. Will definitely do it in sections next time to make it easier. Luckily used some carpro Ech2o diluted down to a quick detailer and that seemed to get rid of a couple of rouge water spots left!
  2. Gave the car a much needed clean today, tried out Bilt Hamber Auto Foam and was impressed with it. Seemed to get rid of pretty much all the dirt leaving almost nothing left for the contact wash... Gave the wheels a proper clean and a top up of C2V3. Drying has always been the hardest bit of the wash for me so I decided to try sheeting the water off as I'd never done it before and I'm converted it's takes so much of the water off its ridiculous! Need to get used to it and maybe sheet half the car at a time as some of the beads left were starting to dry by the time I got to them. Results are below
  3. That looks great, love the wheels! What are they? Are they bronze?
  4. Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, Gyeon Iron, Gyeon Smoothie wash mitt all arrived yesterday. Fingers crossed the weekend has some half decent weather so I can try out the Auto Foam and Smoothie!
  5. Thanks! Took the plunge and ordered some today along with a couple of other goodies too. Will hopefully try out at the weekend, I also have some ValerPro Advance PH Neutral so will have to compare the two. Haven't used too many different snow foams so feel like I need to experiment and see which I like best!
  6. That video is why I'm asking the question haha it seemed to perform so much better than the others when it came to cleaning strength. My only concern is what PH level it is and if the coating can resist it. Might have to give it a go though.
  7. Has anyone used Bilt Hamber Auto Foam on a coated car? Heard good things about it but not sure if it's safe for coated cars.
  8. I've coated mine and they do seem a lot easier to keep clean. The brake dust and dirt doesn't stick to them as much so doesn't take as much effort to get off.
  9. There might be no outcome but the event has still happened. It's the actual speeding that makes a driver a worse risk in the eyes of the insurer not the points on the license. The points and code just show the event and the severity. The accident example is slightly different because the event hasn't happened yet. In this case the OP has already done the excessive speeding it's just the punishment that is yet to be decided. Insurance works on the basis of utmost good faith meaning both sides must act in good faith and declare all material facts. For me the NIP for excessive speeding is a material fact, better to declare it and let insurers decide when to act on it.
  10. Personally I'd err on the side of caution and ring them up to speak about it. If they tell you that you don't need to declare anything until the outcome is finalised then great. If they do need to know and you don't tell them you are in a world of pain if something does happen. Better to have them tell you you didn't need to inform them than have them telling you during a claim that you should have told them and therefore they won't pay the claim.
  11. Nice goodie box there! I use the Gtechniq glass cleaner and their C2V3...Both are great so far!
  12. DanH

    Bad start

    I feel your pain! I did the same about a week after collecting mine. The sinking feeling in your stomach is horrendous! Got mine fixed within a couple of days of doing it and now am extra careful around kerbs!
  13. I'm the same it's too much fun using the power you have. I keep an eye on the MPG but at the end of the day I bought the car for the performance so I'll use it!
  14. I'm coming up to 700 miles in my WLTP R and average MPG is around 24...Mainly due to a 4 mile commute which is slow moving traffic for a lot of it. If I get a relatively clear run and I have a light foot I can get about 28 MPG. Not done too many long drives but have managed mid 30's on some shorter motorway runs.
  15. I'd say it's worth it. Like others have said it makes washing going forwards so much easier. The dirt just comes off so easy and the gloss some of them give is great!
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