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  1. Fingers crossed things are moving from Grimsby now then... Would be great if mine arrived at the dealer tomorrow and got collection arranged!
  2. Dealer has said they are confident my R will arrive this week. Fingers crossed they are right and I'll take delivery in a few days!
  3. No text for me this morning hopefully it's just the app being a bit rubbish. I'll be chasing my dealer up on Monday if I don't have any updates over the weekend.
  4. Crazy isn't it... Over 2 weeks for me now
  5. @Timbo69 have you had any update on movement from Grimsby?
  6. What's the difference between the two? Isn't the extra black on the second picture just the reflection of the picture takers shirt?
  7. I'm thinking the same! So close to collection and it's held up at the port just waiting for a transport.
  8. Anyone elses R in Grimsby at the moment? Mine's been there 2 weeks now and no update yet.
  9. I'm pretty certain it is true. Third party insurance for cars is a legal requirement so insurers aren't able to get out of paying a claim. All it would mean is that the insurance company pay the claim and could then look to recover their costs against the driver because as you say the contract would be null and void.
  10. Agreed, the third party element of insurance would still react and therefore pay a claim however insurers are within their rights to void the policy and not pay anything with regards to your own vehicle damage. Also pretty sure that once insurers have settled the third party claim they could potentially attempt to claim the costs back from you as you are effectively an uninsured driver.
  11. DanH

    ceramic coating

    I'll be coating mine with Gyeon Syncro once I have it. Heard some good things about it, although it sounds like a bit of a pain to apply! First layer - wait 1 hour - second layer - wait 4 hours - Third layer - leave to cure minimum 12 hours.
  12. Mine is Doncaster so not far. I think it's VW that organise it, at least that's how it reads on the tracker.
  13. Mine has now been at Grimsby for about 12 days now, it's so close yet so far! I could have gone to Grimsby myself by now and delivered it to the dealer 😂
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