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  1. Hi Becky, sorry to bother you, new to forum but I believe, given your knowledge and location (and my location), you might be able to help me, if that's okay


    I believe this is a 'public' message so apologies to anyone else having to read this for whom it is of no interest, but as I understand it from reading one of your previous posts, it is not possible to send a private message to another member until after 25 'public' postings..?....just curious...may i ask why?...🙂


    On a MK7.5 Golf R, in respect of Soundaktor specifically,

    could you just confirm that having 'Engine Noise' set to Eco only reduces it to 25% volume/vibration?

    to switch it to off and have 0% volume/vibration requires either a manual 'unplug' or, electronically through OBDEleven Pro/similar diagnostic type kit ?


    I should clarify, I am not looking to 'disable' it because it sounds 'artificial', or, because 'I want to hear the (genuine) noise from the engine/turbo', I'm just after real quietness inside cabin of car (I appreciate there will be other factors such as wheel size/tyre type/tyre pressure which would also impact that...already on 18s running at reduced pressures, and, because of the switched on individuals on this forum.🙂..am fully aware there are quieter/more comfortable tyres than the standard Bridgestones)...so does disabling it actually achieve that?.....or do you just experience a similar level of noise as beforehand, albeit, less 'fake'....


    Spoken with 3 VW dealerships, who to be fair, have been helpful but appear a little unclear on that specific subject.


    I believe you have the required peice of kit so if, in fact that that is what's necessary to turn it off completely and it satifys the 'quietness' scenario , and, you were willing, I was going to ask if you would do that for me?...

    happy to pay you for your time....


    or...would you prefer I ask a dealer to do it.?...one of the technicians in the dealership where I bought the vehicle, Bath, seems to be one of the few who has actually done it previously, and, they have sent me a link to forward to the more locally based dealerships to allow them to do it...because those dealerships have no experience of having done it.....so not entirely convinced/reassured by letting them do it...hence my request...


    thanks for your time



    1. Booth11


      Hi Ritch, welcome along to the forum! 


      It’s generally considered that having the Engine sound set to Eco Individual driving mode is roughly around 25% of the volume. Yes have it to zero would require it to be disabled completely via obdeleven or VCDS, our plugged.  I haven’t disabled mine (mine’s a 7R not a 7.5) or reduced or reduced the volume with obdeleven as I’m happy with it set to Eco. It’s not noticeable to me at that level and I only ever use Individual mode so it suits my needs.  So I can’t tell you what it’s like zeroed completely.  Some have disabled it completely or have reduced the volume with vcds so so they can still drive in Race or Normal mode without it being too obtrusive.  If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest youset it to Eco in Individual and drive it like that a while and see how you get on as you might find that suits you fine. 


      I have obdeleven pro and would be able to help you code it out if you decide you want to disable it completely, and are close by, just give me a shout here. 


      The 25 minimum post count is quite standard on many forums. Some ‘privileges’  come into effect once you hit that count, such as Personal Messaging, setting a signature and access to Classifieds sections. 



    2. Ritch


      Hi Bec, thanks very much


      I have already had 'Engine Noise' set to Eco within Individual Mode, which is the only mode I use as well, and as you say at that setting it's not so obtrusive, but still....🙂


      Thanks for the offer to help, I may take you up on that at some point, and, understood re minimum post count / personal messaging etc.



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