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  1. Rossi51

    Hi all

  2. Gonna give this a bash at the weekend mine are terrible.
  3. Glad he is ok and no one was hurt. He must have a driver? Thing is how many of us would want to give up driving?
  4. I get around 27-30 mpg 9 mile commute to work pretty resonable for a 300bhp 4WD Estate car.
  5. Rossi51

    New Irish Member

    Welcome. Defo go DSG you wont regret it.
  6. I dont want that is the VAGSport one as bad?? What kind of drone you getting on the motorway Paul?
  7. Any drone or is it easy to live with?
  8. Might have a look at one of these myself. Videos on the net sound good.
  9. Mk7 R Estates have no valves on the exhaust so i think thats why they are slightly louder than the hatch
  10. Snow Foam Then two bucket method decent buckets with grit guards Microfibe towel dry.
  11. Welcome nice car and in the best colour.
  12. Also if you want boot kept really clean no carpet on show i would recommend a Hatchbag great piece of kit. Not cheap tho.....
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