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  1. DS64 - thank you for giving me an explaination I sorta got it. What about a downpipe? Is that part of the decat? SpursMadDave - yeah I think I will go with a res delete first and see how it goes and hahaha! Yup louder the better 😏 also what about a downpipe? Would u recommend that instead of a decat as it requires a map...
  2. Hi, This is my fiirst post so please be nice lol. guys i need help! i have been searching and i am so lost. sorry if this has been discussed previously but I am going to get res delete done in few weeks time I was thinking of getting a milltek decat done. I do not want to pay so much for an full exhaust system. what would you guys recommend. Also I plan on going stage 1 remap in few months time... Also can someone explain to me what cat back means and all these other exhaust terminologies... soorrryy! dumb question I know forgive me =D
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