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  1. That makes sense. After my original post I saw that the option when specifying the car new is £200 - which made the quoted £280 sound about right. As I said, I guess I'll just go without voice activation as it's not worth that much to me. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  2. I'm not looking for it being done free or for any hack. I was quoted £280 by my dealer and I was looking to see if it's possible to get it done legitimately any cheaper than that. £187 for example would be a much more palatable price - where would I find that?
  3. Thanks. I'm not looking for a dodge to paying, but I was hoping for a price closer to the £180 mentioned back in 2017. I've since looked on the Gold configurator and I see that it's a £200 option - so I guess the price quoted is probably about right for a retrofit. Looks I'll be going without voice activation!
  4. Apologies for the thread bump. Has anyone had any recent experience with enabling the voice activation? I neglected to tick the box when placing my order and my dealer has just quoted me £280!!!
  5. Just ordered a set of the black ones at the £28 deal (including a new account discount). Looking forward to the parcel arriving in the next few weeks.
  6. Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section or has been done to death - I did do a search prior to posting. I've just taken collection of a new 7.5 and have a question about the digital dash. I've taken to using Mirror Link for connecting my phone to the car as I prefer the layout to Android Auto. However, when I'm playing Spotify through it I can't get the song information to display on the digital dash - it just tells me I'm listening to Spotify through Mirror Link. This is annoying as I like to have the sat-nav map on the main centre screen and don't want to have to flick back to the app everytime I want to see the name of the song/band I'm listening to. I've noticed that when I'm playing Spotify on my phone and I connect to the via Bluetooth it does show the information I'm looking for on the dash. The drawback there is that I then can't access the Spotify App as easily as when using it through Mirror Link. Does that make sense? Can anyone else see the song information on their dash when playing through either the Mirror Link or Android Auto app?
  7. I'm one of the many with a car languishing away at a UK port somewhere. My collection date is set for the 18th March, so I'm going to be relying on you lot to post loads of pics and videos to keep me going until then. I know some of you have been waiting a long time! I hope that this weekend gives you decent weather to enjoy your new toys.
  8. Really good to see that the 1st March is a reality for a lot of you. I'm still waiting to find out if my car will be at the dealer in time for me to join you all next Friday. Even if it's not, I know it's in the country and I know that when it does arrive I can have it Looking forward the hundreds of photos we'll all be seeing this time next week.
  9. I've been invited to a 1st March midnight pick-up event by my dealer - assuming my car arrives with them in time to register (currently been at stage 6 for a week). So long as the car will be in the showroom under good lights I think it could be quite good fun to get involved with that. The roads should be quiet at least for the drive home...
  10. I've got a 5 door midnight blue hatch on order - I this is the first time I've even seen pictures of another R in the colour! I've gone for the gloss black mirrors and black prets. I'll throw some pictures up when get it (hopefully March 1st).
  11. How hard is it to replace the OEM ones with something like that? Imagine you're a cretin who can barely hold a screwdriver when you answer please 🤣 Would it affect the warranty on the car at all?
  12. I'd be interested in this as I'll be getting some ready for delivery. Can anyone who has them let me know if they do much damage to the OE paddles?
  13. If my car had been available at the start of February and it had been possible to register it then I think I would have collected it the first day possible. I don't think I'd collect on the 22nd though when it's only another week until 1st March.
  14. There was a transporter loaded up with shiny white Golf R's today as I was driving along the A419 into Swindon. If any of you are based around there with a white R on the way - you might be getting some news soon.
  15. I hope that's the case as it will make the wait s bit easier knowing there so t a choice. Just had my 5c so that should be positive news for a 1st March collection (assuming there aren't any major storms reported in the next 24 hours 🤣)
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