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  1. I have a routed Galaxy Note 9 and the "Try the new Android Auto" option is available...
  2. Because of these issues with the pouches, I chose to buy this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alpha-Shield-Premium-Keyless-Aluminium-Schwarz/dp/B077JCQFXQ/ These are full metal boxes and shield perfectly. They also look pretty classy; the downside is they are pretty expensive... They are thicker than a pouch, but have smaller length/width. Overall, I'm very satisfied and wouldn't change them (I bought two, for both keys).
  3. The Cupra 5F (hatchback) and Cupra ST (estate) have different exhaust systems (pipes/resonators). The hatch version was always noisier that the estate. After WLTP is seems they got bot modified, each in a different way.
  4. The WLTP Cupra ST 300 4Drive seems to have the same engine as the WLTP Golf-R (same power, same torque, missing dual injection). Unfortunately for the Cupra, even if the power/torque didn't decrease compared to the previous version, the 0-62 performance has worsened by about 6%. So I'm very curious if the 4.6 seconds for the Golf will be confirmed... Pre WLTP Cupra 4Drive: 300 PS at 5500-6200 RPM 380 Nm at 1800-5500 RPM 4.9 s for 0-62 WLTP Cupra 4Drive: 300 PS at 5300-6500 RPM (same power, better RPM interval) 400 Nm at 2000-5200 RPM (better torque, narrower RPM interval) 5.2 s for 0-62 So we go from 4.9s pre-WLTP to 5.2s post-WLTP...
  5. Please note that what I wrote is about the Cupra ST, which is pretty muted. I'm not sure what happened to Cupra 5F, which should be noisier. But I think we are hijacking this thread...
  6. I found the answer on the Cupra forum: https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/model-year-19-cupra-st-4-drive-resonator-delete-issue.448585/ The single resonator on the 2018 model has been replaced by two smaller ones & the exhaust system splits.
  7. I can confirm it for the Cupra ST 300 4Drive as well, although I have no pictures to prove it. I have the car on order and it was built this week. I forwarded this topic to my dealer and asked if my car is in the same situation and after investigating he confirmed. I was almost 100% sure this would be the case, because I'm not expecting VW to build several engine specifications if it doesn't have to. And even if it did, I would not expect that Golf-R / Audi would get the bad version and Cupra the good one...
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