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  1. Some news about the noise. I finally went to the dealer and a technician rode it and said that it's the tires. He said that if it were the wheel bearings, the noise would be constant. I'll need to get used to it. I also noticed some creaking noises from the front suspension and doing some research on the internet, it seems the lower control arm bushings need some special grease. I told them about it and they showed me the bushings with the car on the elevator. I'll leave the car there on Monday so they will re-grease them and hopefully the noise will go away
  2. They are oval, but not polished. They look pretty nice to me, not too big.
  3. Just correcting, the tyre is the Conti TS810S and not TS850P. I just checked it now
  4. I'll give a check on each tyre.. maybe there's something on the thread. I couldn't check different surfaces, but I got some different roads and it sounds the same it seems. thanks!
  5. hmm is the noise like the same? I think this Milltek is the valved one, I can clearly listen to the sound changing when going to race mode. I'm still getting used to it, but it does sound nice.
  6. this is the thread pattern
  7. cool, I'll check it out if the dealer doesn't find anything. thanks!
  8. they were a bit wet, but not much.
  9. Hello, new R owner here. I got a 2016 with 37k km last Friday and I noticed a strange noise/humming when doing 115-120km/h. Here's a video so you can listen to it better: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wcrs1g45jr0oex/IMG_1585.mov?dl=0 It's running on winter tires (Continental WinterContact TS850P) on 19" Pretorias. I checked the pressure on all four and it looks good (36). It also has a Milltek exhaust, but changing it to race mode (so valves opened) doesn't affect the noise. Do you guys have any guess on what it can be? tires? wheel bearings? The noise disappears if I go like 110 or above 120 (or maybe it's still there but you can't notice). I'm going to bring it to the dealer tomorrow but I was hoping if you guys have seen that already. Thank you!