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  1. issue resolved all working fine now
  2. Hello everyone, I come here to ask for help because I just installed a virtual cockpit and discover media (delphi) mib2,5 2018 with the screen 8 '' (3Q0035874C) everything works great but I can not activate the navigation on the AID, I connect the cable most between the discover and the AID I did the coding but there's nothing that happens I would like to know if there is something who blocks or if someone can give me his codings it will help me a lot. thank you in advance
  3. i can't explain on this thread the procedure il very long and complicated you need to connect your car on vas 5054A cable and odis online and send me your TV that's why I wanted to explain to you that you have to go to alexretrofit to connect with his equipment to him and we do it
  4. hello fly59 i resolved the problem on my 2014 without new gateway drive select work and no range fault on AID send me a mp i can help you
  5. finally Issue resolved Drive select mode work and no range calculation fault on virtual cluster without changing the gateway
  6. you can trust me alex it's work like a charm we installed one this week and all work fine when you receive the GW yes cp is on and after remove with odis online you put a small dongle included when you order the GW on obd port and all the programme dataset goes on the gateway, drive mode cruise control ... and no range fault
  7. the gateway change is for the aid retrofit , i'm member of french forum golf 7 and all the 2014 I've seen who retrofit the AID has the range error Two solution for this order a new hacked gateway or fin a technologist who can copy the dataset from another vin but it's not easy job
  8. you must to change the amplifier to a MIB2 one you can get it from eBay .... and change the gateway also for a hacked one
  9. yes it's sure fix i have a friend who installed this week and it's work
  10. Hello fly59 the only solution working for sure is to buy hacked gateway from ali express ( AIDUAUTO 5Q0907530AM ) it's solve the range calculation error and the drive select work
  11. Hello guy's i came here to put some infos about the issue of fly59 i'm in the same situation to him i retrofitted the virtual cockpit and mib2 8 inch on my golf mk7 2014 with 5Q0....Q gateway stock after retrofit i had the range calculation warning so i ordered a used 3Q0....G gateway i removed the cp and adapted and restored fecs with odis online all working fine no error in auto scan fatigue detection and drive profile working but i don't have a "SPORT" Mode ICON i get just ECO , NORMAL , CONFORT and individual Not satisfied i reinstalled the stock gateway 5Q0...Q and updated the SW to AJ_1244 but my fecs don't working anymore , i'm blocked here now i don't now what's going wrong , if anyone has a issue it's be helpful . thanks
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