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  1. The steering wheel definitely needs doing every few weeks. Hate a shiny wheel
  2. I still treat with it every few weeks, especially the conditioner to keep the leather nice and supple.
  3. Have no experience of them and personally wouldn't go with a tuning box over a map.
  4. This - i've tried most of the alternatives and came back to gliptone, it's the best product for leather seats and steering wheel bar none. Will keep that lovely matt factory finish.
  5. As said wheel weights, When wheels are made (even the good manufacturers) can't guarantee they will be the same weight all the way around, same thing applies for tyres. You will see a coloured dot on new tyres this marks the heaviest part of the tyre - a good tyre fitter will fit this dot directly opposite the valve on a wheel to try and evenly distribute the weight, they will then spin the wheel/tyre up on a balancing machine to see how much weight the need to apply to blance the wheel, really good balancing machines will actually mark the exact spot with a laser to reduce the amount of weights that need to be applied.
  6. It's very immature but can make your day )as long as the road condtions allow it of course) Had a similar experience with an E46 M3 a while back late at night on the motorway - wasn't going to bother but he seemed to want to put his car in my boot so i floored it, had to keep slowing down to let him catch up - i don't think he was pleased or expecting that outcome.
  7. For what it's worth i reversed the resonator delete on my R as it was too loud in race mode, way too loud. Car is a stage 2 though and isn't on a factory exhaust so not sure how loud the resonator delete is on the factory set up.
  8. Yeah the front camera that comes with lane assist and Dynamic light assist.
  9. Coded in Road sign recognition, small thing but nice feature..
  10. Now i know why we refer to cars as women
  11. I've a Revo stage 2 car and if i scan the DSG box using aggressive mode i get pretty much all those faults ( gear box drives fine thankfully) If i turn off aggressive mode they disappear - no faults found. The key words in each of those faults is 'not confirmed' in aggressive mode VCDS tries to search for faults where none lie, if it can't confirm there's 100% not a fault it will throw a fault code saying not confirmed. That's my lay mans paraphrasing of the explanation i got from my Indie.
  12. I've found Anker cables to be the best (you can buy them on amazon), better made than Apple cables too. Perhaps try borrowing a genuine cable from someone and trying it to see if it sorts your issues out.
  13. This is my kind of parking...
  14. What kind of cable are you using ? I've found any connection or playback problems on carplay are nearly always down to cheap or worn cables.
  15. Yup bought it from ezmods on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202360857521
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