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  1. Shane-Ireland

    What did you do to your R today?

    I presume so. I found it on link to vcds tweaks I found on another forum. If you’ve trouble finding it let me know and I’ll send you the link.
  2. Shane-Ireland

    What did you do to your R today?

    I de-chromed the front grille and lower splitter trim.... Delighted with how it looks however the vinyl i ordered wasn't great so i took the bottom bits off and will order better vinyl.
  3. Shane-Ireland

    What did you do to your R today?

    The up and down arrows are to swipe up and down you can switch between compass - altitude - oil temp - coolant temp etc to customise the display. They tyres one is the degrees of steering i.e it shows by how man y degrees the wheels are turned left or right.
  4. Shane-Ireland

    What do you dislike about your R?

    The turning circle. Lack of mute button on the steering wheel.
  5. Shane-Ireland

    No Brand Racingline style paddles

    Do you have a link for the 45e ones ?
  6. Shane-Ireland

    No Brand Racingline style paddles

    Thanks for that, much of a job to fit ?
  7. Shane-Ireland

    No Brand Racingline style paddles

    Are we sure the ones in the link are not stick on ? This line catches my eye "Easy installed ,3M tape is attached"
  8. Shane-Ireland

    No Brand Racingline style paddles

    Are the paddles stick on or do they replace the OEM ones ? Any link to the amazon shop you bought them off ?
  9. Shane-Ireland

    What did you do to your R today?

    Off road menu enabled with VCDS...
  10. Shane-Ireland

    Golf mk7 heater blowing cold

    I removed mine just the other night, i clamped the bottom hose and removed it then drained the coolant and removed the bag using a needle nose pliers and my fingers - it's fairly easy to remove.
  11. Shane-Ireland

    AFS error - solved.

    Posting in case someone else searches this error.. I had this error pop up on my car mid week, cornering lights and headlight assist stopped working as a result - all google searches pointed to the static cornering lights, both mine were fine - i'd checked them when the error occurred, so i scanned the car with VCDS.. I went into my local VW parts department to order one and their system was saying my car had no front ride height sensor on any side and only a rear ride height sensor - myself and the parts guy a friend of mine were baffled by this. I contacted my Mechanic and he checked his system, he came back with a part number and i ran it by my friend in VW, it came up as a ride height sensor for A3/S3, so i told him to order it. Now i've replaced at least one ride height sensor on every VAG car i've owned - but they've always found them physically broken when i went to change them , this is what greeted me when i jacked the car up.... A perfectly intact ride height sensor (one the VW ETKA said my car didn't have ) So i unplugged it - cleaned the connection with contact cleaner - put the wheel back on and dropped the car - scanned it again and still showing as failed. Only one thing for it install the new sensor - fit wheel and drop car - scanned all clear happy days! For the record my car had 2 ride height sensors at the front and one at the back. The part number on the old sensor just to confirm i had the right part.. I noticed when i while driving after fitting that my dipped beam was aiming very high and that when i had headlight assist on it was a bit out with the area of road it was blacking out to not dazzle oncoming cars and i got flashed by quite a few of them. I read the values from the 3 sensors on the car and sure enough the one i'd replaced was out of sync with the rest - i don't know what that's about, however i did a basic settings adaption on the headlights and then acknowledged the basic settings adaption and the headlight assist seems to be working ok now, will have to see how it goes over the coming nights. Hopefully this helps someone down the line.
  12. Shane-Ireland

    Things you've only just discovered about your R

    Wiki leaks ? 😁
  13. Shane-Ireland

    What did you do to your R today?

    Google "Bag of silica gel golf R coolant bottle" VW in their wisdom decided it was a good idea to put a little bag of silica Gel in the coolant expansion bottle, it's purpose is to expand the life of the coolant. Unfortunately more than a few Golf owners (not just R owners) have had it burst and clog up the system, most people will only become aware it's burst when the heater matrix stops working. If you take the coolant expansion bottle cap off you will see it in side the bottle - i clamped the bottom coolant hose and removed it from the bottle, drained off the coolant and took it out - it came out very easy with a needle nose pliers and my fingers. I removed the bottom hose as a precaution as if the bag breaks when removing it you're screwed. HTH.
  14. Shane-Ireland

    Things you've only just discovered about your R

    Id seen off road menu mentioned in relation to vcds tweaks but never paid it any heed. I’ll be doing it now.
  15. Shane-Ireland

    What did you do to your R today?

    Fished out this little bugger.... can't be having it!