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  1. The big question is will the fit under 19 inch prets without spacers - have zero interest in fitting spacers to a car ever again.
  2. VW having limited knowledge of the haldex set up is nothing new, i had a V6 4mo Bora years and ordered some Oil and the special tool from the parts guy - he told me it was the first time he'd ever had to order the oil - this is a large dealership that would have sold/serviced many Mk1 TT's and a few S3's at that stage, so no haldex based car was getting it's oil changed in that garage. It's a yearly service item imo if you leave it for 3 years you're asking for trouble or worse still the poor sod who gets it after you is in for some trouble.
  3. Is it rattling all the time or under acceleration?
  4. Picked up today was straightened by a place in Dublin, 68euro so not bad - is as right as rain now.
  5. The irony is a haldex service (inc removing the pump and cleaning the gauze) is now cheaper in most places than the old system of haldex oil + filter service
  6. It was a big bang,so big i couldn't even tell which corner of the car it was. Thought it was front driver side but was front passenger side. Left it into a place to get straightened yesterday, The photo makes it look a lot worse than it is.
  7. This, you'd want your head checked to follow the manuals advice on haldex intervals, also as was said a good indy as VW won't remove the pump and clean the gauze.
  8. Lads this lad is a chancer he's after buying a 1.6 TDI kitting it up and badging it an R, watch out for him! He's all over the Irish forums talking about 40MPG 😁😂
  9. Welcome Martin good to see more Irish (based) heads joining, well wear with the new car.
  10. Forums aren't everything guys, helpful and useful tools as they are we can become consumed by them - a break away from the net is a good thing. I hope he's keeping well made me feel welcome here early on and always thanked or rep'd a post.
  11. Sports shifters make top quality stuff, i got a gear knob for the S3 for them, transformed the interior - Met the owner Roy ? At Essen one year and he asked me how i was getting on with it, told him i loved it but i scratched the face fo the knob - got a replacement one free of charge in the post a week or two later - top man.
  12. Failed on emissions as the tester stuck the probe up the closed tailpipe, re tested a few days later and passed. Full refund obtained from them after investigation so i can't complain too much.
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