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  1. We haven't performed in 2019, nothing in the world cup filled me with confidence before this mornings match but sure you still hope.... In a weird way us beating the All blacks in 2 out of the last 3 meetings was the worst thing we ever did, it forced them to go back to the drawing board and look at them now. England V NZ will be some game, can see England winning it by one score. Routing for Japan tomrrow now
  2. Never had an R32, but had a V6 Bora with a Vortech supercharger still miss it ultimate sleeper, the Vr lump is without doubt one of the greatest engines VW ever made, engineering masterpiece, great sound and bullet proof at the time there were several guys in the US running the 12v 2.9's on 500 hp without a blip.
  3. I've used Pilot sports and F1's all their various guises for about the last 15 years, imo opinion(All on haldex/Torsen cars) its impossible to separate the regular F1 from the regular PS in terms of performance - the only thing that swayed me towards Pilot sports in recent years was the better rim protector but Goodyear got their act together on that again. Currently have Pilot sport 4s on the R, in the dry they are hands down the best tyre i've ever had but not as good in the wet as a regular Pilot sport or F1 to me.
  4. Only launched it for the first time last week, it was the worst thing i could have done as i've done it 3 times since lol It's good for putting a grin on your face if you're feeling a bit meh.
  5. Had the revo stage 2 overrun map flashed on last week, had it on for a week on trial, slight difference in the pops and bangs but unfortunately the resonator absorbs most of them and they come out as burbles, so reverted back to standard stage 2 map yesterday.
  6. Got it serviced. uprated the big lower sub frame bushing to a Revo one. Updated Revo coolant relocate hose under the carbon intake (not over it) Updated Revo stage 2 over run map, this isn't much of a difference over the standard stage 2 map, i think if i still had the scorpion exhaust de-res'd it would make a bigger difference. After all that i put in some NF octane booster (we don't get good fuel over here) switched to the high octane map and went for a drive with some like minded souls.
  7. If i wasn't in Ireland i'd be knocking on your door, would love gloss black Prets
  8. Would that nice DSG shifter with alcantara fit an R ? Its much nicer looking than the golf one.
  9. Untick the 'use aggressive mode' option on the top right and scan again, the faults will most likely not appear. When you see the 'not confirmed' text it means that VCDS is looking for faults where there are none i'e it's not seeing the parameters to suggest everything is perfect so it assumes there's a fault when there isn't.
  10. We may have crossed paths, i had a supercharged V6 4Mo bora, one of the greatest engines VW have ever made, actually bullet proof.
  11. uk-mkivs wow that's going back, that was a great forum , with good people. Even for me in Ireland it was such a valuable resource.
  12. The steering wheel definitely needs doing every few weeks. Hate a shiny wheel
  13. I still treat with it every few weeks, especially the conditioner to keep the leather nice and supple.
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