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  1. i would reject, paintwork and whats good or bad is subjective though, so you may be happy with the results, I had to have an A3 bumper painted a few years back, took 3 attempts and never right so rejected it
  2. i use fixadent, just Google it Ryan is a top guy and gets excellent results, no expensive either
  3. VW Guildford is a poor poor dealer but glad its sorted i wouldnt take anything there or infact buy anything from there
  4. should have bought mine that i sold
  5. Hi All, my March 2019 r is being traded in on Wednesday, been offer d 28 k trade in so if I can get 29 k before then someone will be getting a good deal, check out out the car spec in the for sale section
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    Car will be going on Wednesday morning, been offred 28 k trade in so if I can get 29 k by Tuesday someone will get a good deal 2019 lapiz blue 3 door silver pretorias full black leather dynaudio 90 % tints rear camera 2 services mileage, 2100 ceramic coated will take offers for a quick sale or I will trade in 07813 672432


    Lightwater, Surrey - GB

  7. no one can decide for you really as opinions are always divided, if you need re assurances then probably best you keep what you have
  8. Dave


    not much of a mechanic if he doesnt know, suggests he wouldnt know how to change
  9. Dave

    New bmw 135i

    still a better built car than the current golf though but agree
  10. Dave

    New bmw 135i

    it did look good in the flesh, i may get rid of the 4 monht old R for one of these when they are released in september my R i like but just not built that well, my TT before was far superior
  11. Dave

    New bmw 135i

    Went to Goodwood and they had the new bmw 135i with all the new tech etc, didn’t realise it’s an xdrive now
  12. Dave

    Bird poop

    It’s really wierd and no idea of how or why this works,
  13. Dave

    Bird poop

    You can’t melt clear coat with a hairdryer, a heat gun maybe, my panels get hotter on sunny day, when using the hairdryer you can simply see the stain getting less and less until gone, not sure how or why but far easier than cutting your clearcoat back
  14. Dave

    Bird poop

    I had the same issue, hairdryer worked perfectly,
  15. Dave

    Test drive

    Standard like for like dsg is quicker
  16. anyone know the best compound to use for very light swirls ? I dont want anything that has too much cut in it
  17. ill sell you mine if the price is right
  18. I always get suspicious of the comment, a full 7.5 facelift, makes me wonder why and how parts were sourced
  19. i have a lapiz 3 door, its worth the wait, the colour is amazing
  20. fantastic, being fitted saturday, believe a good price for the cams at 380 fitted which includes the magic pro
  21. i hope my 3 door will be easy to sell in 18 months time
  22. mileage seems a bit high for a 2018, just an observation
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