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  1. Hi Len, I have just spoken to my broker and then vw customer service. Leaseplan is telling him they are waiting CAP data and when I call vw and tell them that they have said all data is available. Lovely this roundabout! So absolutely no further on. Frankly I give up. Going to try to forget about it and just wait for it to happen as it seems there is nothing I can do to move this forward. Total shambles.
  2. Ok, please post confirmation when you hear from the broker. Sorry to hear about IKEA trip!
  3. Not sure if this helps but Direct Line do have it listed. You need to call however, as it’s not on the website to do it online. I called them yesterday and got a quote
  4. broker, normally very good too but this has been shocking but not his fault
  5. And the hits just keep on coming, sorry to hear that, mine have not said anything about the price.
  6. Sorry my mistake, I have just checked and also haven`t signed finance papers either! Blimey, so it still could be 2-4 weeks before collection for us? This is ridiculous.
  7. Mine signed in May. Dollyman, have you got a date to collect or just in the same position as me?
  8. I have the same lease company and sorry same story, not on their system
  9. I have now got my reg number but the lease firm had said “I need to raise finance documents and still not on Leaseplan system” Anyone got an idea how long this should take as he doesn’t?
  10. Sorry I haven’t followed this thread for a while. Mine was ordered last May and I added rear camera but with the changes it won’t have that, right?
  11. One things for sure there will be shitloads of R’s on the roads in March and plenty for sale in 3 years!
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