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  1. Not today, but 2 days ago I've been on the track with my R for the first time. Stock 15' car with the Potenza and the original brakes. After 4-5 laps (Rudskogen racetrack in Norway. 3.5 km, quite technical) the brake pedal travel was twice longer, and after half day the tires were shot. Sliding on all 4 was fun. I decided to go with the original parts to see how long they would last, and well, not that long Overall very happy with the car, incredibly capable. I've ordered new front pads and pads+rotors for the back. I should do another trackday in october, will see if I will get new rubbers or I will just keep the potenzas
  2. Nice post, and nice to read Ring experiences. I used to go twice a year (for me it's over 2000 km one way) with my previous car, still haven't been with my R. Planning a trip at the end of august. Really good lap time
  3. Like this. I like the contrast blue lapiz - silver
  4. I've been thinking about blacking out the grill, the emblem, the mirror caps and the rims too, but... I honestly like the silver trim and bits around the car. So I'm gonna save money and leave it original
  5. Summer wheels fitted, pret 19 with Potenza 235 35.
  6. I drive 26 km x 2 so 52 km commute. Nice coastal road deep in a Norwegian fjord. I'm actually planning to change job to have a longer trip. I never choose to work from home (even if I can, in fact), cause I like a lot the time spent driving. It's a nice moment for myself, between family and job
  7. Very easy, just use a rubber mallet. Once they start sliding out, you can shake them by hand until they fall off
  8. Took the time to clean the exhaust tips. Tried first without removing them, but it's so easy once they are out...
  9. Got the jb1 from a user here (@Dooahhdoo thanks mate!), fitted in about half an hour and went for a ride with Map1. Wow, impressed by the pull. Waiting now for the first trackday this year. In few days I'll change to Map6 (does that work with 95ron or only premium?) and see what fits best. Anyway, going to jb4 upgrade before the summer. Annoying to remove the under tray for the D plug on the charge pipe. Any long harness that could be taken up to the engine bay, for easier/faster removal?
  10. Took some pictures of the Dab+ antenna and the wireless controller. Sorry for the quality, smartphone camera, at night, with garage lights... but you get an idea. Installation was easy, the "hardest" part was to take the usb antenna cable from the back of the glovebox to the fusebox on the left/driver side. The cables (usb power and aux) are Completely hidden behind the pillar and the glovebox. I did a small hole in the plastic to get the aux to its plug "from the back", and then run the usb power to a double socket, where I have the dashcamera as well. Dashcamera and Pure Highway Dab adaptor. Dab controller Dashcam
  11. Oh yes, stupid me. I can easily plug to the fusebox on the left/driver side and "fish" the wire to the passenger side and into the glovebox. How to remove the side cover of the glovebox (right side, with key to passenger airbag)? Just by pulling like for the other side?
  12. Hello, I've bought a wireless DAB+ Adaptor (Pure Highway 600 - like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/312123572013?rmvSB=true) to fit in my 15 R. The idea is to stick the antenna on the windshield, top-right position (passenger EU side), to run the cable through the A pillar and than have the usb plug connected inside the glovebox. Why not to run the wires on the left/driver side, which also has the accessible fusebox? Cause I already have the dashcam there. Is it safe to get the 12v socket plug from the glovebox light? I'm gonna use a "simple" usb socket. And I don't care about the light in the glovebox, so that one can simply go, in favor of the usb. How to open the side dashboard cover (the one with the passenger airbag key fob)
  13. Did the Haldex service today. The fluid was changed at 40k km, according to service history. Now the car has 52k km. The pump was filthy, and the fluid very dark. Took time to unplug the pump connector, until I removed the ecu and than was a pretty easy process. I can't believe that VW thinks that this is not required.
  14. Did the DSG service, top fill method. It came out 5.1 l. Back with 5. Car performs like before (which is a good thing), maybe a bit smoother with the downshifts. 51000km on the car, so I guess it was still the oil from the factory. Pretty easy job, just time consuming. And wow vw, so much plastic...
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