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  1. My bad, not on amazon but on Aliexpress. I ordered these: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32903946486.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.32903946486&aff_trace_key=d06866df8d994a00a95811e6adf9684c-1547809394445-02641-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=6279amp-ZBSUQLDD-UsGObS-sVyVwg1550142586260
  2. Ordered a pair from amazon too. 45 euro delivered.
  3. Roth

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    And this should be a 40k miles service? 😲 Makes me thinking about getting the oil and o-rings, and do the job as soon as possible (my car is now at 52000 km - 32000 miles)
  4. Roth

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    damn. Just a few years back these numbers would have been unimmaginable. Great car!
  5. Roth

    obd11 where to buy

    I think I'm gonna order one of these. Why? Cause why not!
  6. Roth

    Digital or analogue dash

    I think that digital displays "get old" sooner, while analog don't. I like them both, but on a car that I'm planning to keep for several years I'd prefer the analog.
  7. Roth

    Jared’s DBP

    I'll be interested to know how they perform on wet/cold roads. Nice R you have. Love the all black look
  8. Roth

    OEM Recaro’s on Mk7?

    Those are beautiful!
  9. Roth

    Jared’s DBP

    These are some serious shoes. Is the R your daily?
  10. Roth

    Working under car.

    Did the same few years ago, still using them. Timber never fails
  11. Roth

    Service History

    Does the app work in UK only? I've got my car imported from Germany. Full service history, anyway I sent few emails to vw.de asking about any recalls or extras that might have been done. Never got an answer.
  12. Roth

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    On the way back from job. Cold (-12°) beautiful evening
  13. Roth

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Sent an email to the dealer (which is almost 600km from here), just to let them know the fact, and explain that is a non-issue to me. I'll see what answer I get.
  14. Roth

    Why do you modify?

    It's all about relax. For my fiancee it's yoga. For me it's being in the garage with my car(s). Plus, I like to tailor the car-experience to what I like best.