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  1. Cheers, I’ll have a look at my local fitters, I’ve become fussy too after just having wheels redone due to kerbing it in the snow and Kwik Fit (as a desperate measure) changed a puncture and destroyed the wheel so had to go back in again and then waited months to get the money back off from them
  2. So it seems fairly definitive to go back to Michelin’s then! Just our of curiosity, has anyone tried or heard of anyone trying those Bridgestone weather control a005’s? They are getting very mixed reviews but for where I live would have been ideal being certified for snow
  3. Cheers for sending the link, but I’m after the 19s
  4. My local Costco are doing them fully fitted for 146 per wheel which seems to be fairly competitive and they normally have a cash back off on Michelin’s too
  5. Thanks all for getting back, my next question was performance in the cold as I live up in Scotland so can get quite chilly!
  6. Looking for some thoughts and suggestions on tyres for my 7.5 R estate, currently on Pirelli’s but I have never liked them in the wet and take a while to get going in the dry. Their wear on the fronts has been horrendous c7.5k miles (replaced day I collected due to hitting a pothole Jan 18 and at recent service jan19 recommending they are changed, looked myself and almost at the wear bars) most of which have been commuting to work so it’s not as if I have been hammering them. The rears seem to have worn relatively well with one having been on from new done 15k miles still 5mm left the other was replaced due to a puncture. On my 7 GTD replaced the factory Bridgestones with Michelin PS4 and they were worlds apart (Bridgestone wheel spun right upto 3rd gear) so was thinking about going down the same route in my R. Running 235/35/19s
  7. I wish I would have read this sooner! Booked in for a major service on Monday, went to top up the screen wash only to find can’t get into the engine bay. Advised VW service centre and mentioned this thread, guy knew nothing about any issues like this at all, came across like he was the only mechanic to work for VW. Will be picking up some ties this weekend and fitting before I leave the garage on Monday! He did confirm though that would be covered under warranty
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