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  1. When I see other Rs driving around in the dark, their inner headlights seem to be working, as shown in this picture on the VW website. My headlights only seem to ever light up the outer two bulbs, and the inner ones only function as main beam. What's up with this?
  2. I’ve noticed that the ‘auto’ mode seems to always use the air conditioning, even to heat. I presume this is to dehumidify. Assuming the compressor isnt working hard for this, what impact will this have on fuel consumption in comparison to turning AC off and not running on auto?
  3. Not what’s happening. This is the error. I suspect the post above may be accurate, as it was built in November.
  4. Car was registered 5 days ago. I doubt there's anything wrong with the battery. I don't do short runs, 35 miles each way twice per day.
  5. My auto stop-start seems to be playing up. It’ll stop the engine when I come to a stop, but then INSTANTLY start it again, without any throttle, break or steering input. A little icon appears at the top of the screen with the auto stop start symbol crossed out. It does the same when I park up. I come to a stop, put the car in park, the engine stops and then starts up again, just for me to then turn off the ignition. Anyone know why she might be doing this?
  6. Yes buddy, exactly the same. Insurers have updated their systems for the new model and it’s now classed as extreme performance. The dealer told me this is because VW wanted the GTI TCR classed as high performance, which pushed the R into extreme. Unfortunately this means most insurers won’t cover someone under 27 in the new R. Interesting you say you get the same at 28, but I reckon this change is still the culprit. Luckily, I was able to speak to admiral who managed to give me a good quote.
  7. Not a photo in its traditional setting, but I’m a fan of the lock screen / wallpaper I set with a picture of my new R on Friday.
  8. All of ours are factory orders too buddy - we've just been waiting since the middle of 2018
  9. Loving the sound of mine so far, pops and burbles REALLY nicely. No DSG farts yet though.
  10. Awesome, got it working, cheers. I didn’t realise you could go into gears on a DSG without the ignition on haha. That did the trick. Has as anyone used Carista on a 7.5 R? I’m looking for an option to code valves open but can’t see it!
  11. Loving the car, but for the life of me I can't manage to get the mirror to drop down in reverse. I followed the information in the handbook, and have it enabled in the settings. Bizzare!
  12. Just picked up. Such a beauty. Got the service plan thrown in due to all the delays etc.
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