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  1. @Peter Wynneif I’d have known you were heading up this way last night I would have asked you to swing by could so I could have had a gawk!! 🙂
  2. Yeah that’s an option too I guess. Will see what’s out there.
  3. @Peter Wynne@Gazza84 got an email from my sales guy today saying my order is due BW 52. So it’ll be new year before delivery. Still can’t really do much as their original date of delivery was end of September. He did say in the mail though that VW are prioritising orders from ‘customers’ and dropping back lease / rental orders so date may yet move. I sold my 7.5r to take advantage of the higher prices, still have the wife’s car to use in a pinch but considering leasing now in the short term. Any of you chaps had any dealings with short term leasing in NI?
  4. I’ve heard nothing from dealer, though out of all us I was last to order. My original date of delivery was end of September, so I can’t really start anything with them till it gets nearer that time I guess. But yeah if I hear anything I’ll let yourself @Gazza84 and @Peter Wynne know. Tracker for me shows stage 2, it’s been that since day after I ordered. Only seen one other 8R other than the one I tested, it was up around Ballyclare, a black one with the PP. Work colleague says he knows the owner but they are rare as hens teeth so far. I’d hope you guys get yours much before me but w
  5. Thanks @Peter Wynne - I’ve ordered from Mallusk. Here’s hoping you get yours moving soon and out of build into shipping / delivery. At least I can set my expectations!
  6. @Peter Wynne I’m in NI too Peter. Who is your dealer - agnews? I ordered mine 2nd week June and was given a delivery date at the time of end of September. Just wondering how far off that date might be now and if you ordered much before me?
  7. Ordered: Pure White DCC PP Rear Camera Winter Pack 1 Ordered 2 weeks ago and was told by dealer at order time 14 week wait. They have gave a committed delivery date in the order form of end of September. Tracker currently showing stage 2 though and has been since the day after order. Checking it 2/3 times a day, hoping it’ll move…. 🙂
  8. Hi all, Pretty much ready to order new 2019 R with VW dealer tomorrow and get into the build pipeline - but the stories of thefts is really concerning me. I live in a town in Northern Ireland just outside Belfast and commute in and out for work each day. Whilst at work car is in secure work car park so not worried about that but the tales of burglaries for the car is concerning. The area I live in is fairly quiet and police crime reports for area is low. You see a couple of nice cars round here, nothing really flash just your typical hot hatches and I have seen a couple of Rs aroun
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