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  1. Evening. Trying to put my R up for sale on the forum but cannot find anywhere to post it that allows me to start a thread. can anyone help?
  2. Yeah cheers mate out of stock and I'd like to get hold of one! Thanks!
  3. Not a Mod as such guys, but where can I get an Owners club sticker from? Aaron.
  4. Oh right. Mrc offered me a custom stage 1 ecu and tcu for 850, may be worth it for the extra ton or not?
  5. Anyone down south east able to point me in the direction of someone that can do a resonator delete please? Heard its a good little mod to be done to amplify dsg farts etc. Without having to go the fill exhaust straight away. Aaron
  6. Hi guys. Had my Golf 7R for couple weeks now and want to go stage 1. Ive got a racingline intake on order and am in the process of searching for some reputable tuners. I've spoke to VRS and for a stage 1 map and dsg map they want a total of £1400? Is this to be expected. Apparently my 2015 DSG has to have a remap for the ECU and TCU to work together properly. Any advice or options on this appreciated! Az.
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