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  1. Well my cheap lease estate ordered in November ‘18 turned up today - was fully expecting a MY18 banked car that had been driven to me. Instead I got a MY19 towed on a trailer with 5 miles on the clock, result!
  2. On the other hand, you can’t claim that the tech is fundamentally insecure when you can’t actually present any examples/data of how frequently it happens with Golf R’s. It seems that you’re just assuming that it must be.
  3. Broker emailed today with the reg and the news that the car will be ready for delivery from 06/03 onwards - now I get to spend the next couple of weeks wondering if I got a banked one or not
  4. Looks like a stolen MK7.5 car that’s been given the identity of a write off.
  5. I think you need to ask the broker (who has more of an influence than one person) for their fee to be refunded and see if that results in them making more of an effort with Arval. Without the signed documentation Arval aren’t under any obligation to supply you with the car at the original price - which works both ways, because you could have walked away from the deal at any point without penalty.
  6. I’ve also got an R I’m due to receive, with the funder also being Arval. I signed up for this back in November, with a different broker. My experience with Arval (and I’ve just double checked my inbox to confirm) is that the paperwork is sent to you for electronic sign off and once you’ve signed it off you’ll receive an email with the completed paperwork attached. So, assuming you have done the paperwork you’ll be able to prove it with that email. However! When I was sorting this out back in November, I had to chase the broker to get Arval to send me the finance documation. Assuming this was not a broker specific problem, what you may find is that the docs you remember signing were only for the broker agreement - if they failed to send you the finance paperwork unprompted and you didn’t chase them for it then you may never have put the formal finance agreement in place. Like Ken I say, check your emails for stuff from Arval because if you did it it’ll be there.
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