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  1. Got bored of the silver!! 😊😊😊
  2. Thanks, the dealer said they would referb the alloys for me, so thought I would go for something a bit different.
  3. Thanks for the all the welcomes:) I can’t wait for the weekend Rebecca, been having a good nose round the detailing section and have loads of goodies turning up!!
  4. Love this colour, seen one at the Volkswagen garage at the weekend!!
  5. Hey guys & girls Been lurking for a couple of weeks now. Picked up my R on Saturday from Marshall Volkswagen at Bridgwater. Ive already found loads of helpful info on the site:) Only got one pic of the car at the moment as the weather has been naff, got loads of cleaning bits on order with clean your car, hopefully the weather is decent at the weekend and I can give it a good once over.
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