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  1. You need to put your foot down in race mode more often😆
  2. Hi, so i've been offered a company car from work so looking to end my lease with my golf early. I have just over one year left of my 3 year lease. I contacted Arval and they gave me two options - one is an 'Actual cost termination' and the other is I have to pay 50% of the outstanding rentals which works out at just over 2k. I've never heard of the 'actual cost termination', but from what I make out they take away the car to auction, and then I pay the difference between what it sells for and what they estimate the value being. Risky option as if it for some reason sells for a lot less then i'll be paying the difference (which could be a lot more than 2k). Has anyone got any experience with this or know anything about it? I'm not sure what the best option is to go for! Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone ever transferred their lease to someone else as a way of getting out of their lease early (due to other financial commitments), therefore avoiding paying the massive cancellation fees from the lease company? And vice versa has anyone ever taken over someone else's lease half way through?
  4. Ouch that's a lot of money! I did notice a few scratches on the window too but i'll have a closer look to see how bad they are. I'm hoping I don't need to replace the whole wing mirror, and it's just the mirror and indicator. Thanks!
  5. Good start to a friday! Smashed the wing mirror into a car coming the other way, no ones fault though just narrow lanes☹ Any advice for where to get replacements? Managed to pick up the mirror cover which was still intact but need a mirror and indicator
  6. Could of been me, I live in Ifield
  7. No they came with 18 cadiz, weird how it says 41 on all 4 tyres then?!
  8. About 15k a year in the R, could've got a company car but didn't want to end up with a standard golf with the R sitting at home😂
  9. At the end of the day it's our own car and I don't really care what anyone else thinks as long as I like it😂
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