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  1. danburge94

    18" Pretoria Reps - Thoughts

    Getting them fitted on Tuesday, will post a picture when they're on! Fingers crossed they look good
  2. danburge94

    VW Centre Caps for 19” Pretoria

    Have you got any pictures of your black 'R' logo caps? Was it a sticker or did you find some caps that fit? I've just ordered the same wheels😄
  3. danburge94

    18" Pretoria Reps - Thoughts

    18s arrived today!😁 quality looks really good
  4. danburge94

    New Golf R owner

    Looks great! Welcome to the forum😄
  5. danburge94

    New MK7.5 owner

    No it doesn't go all the way from side to side. Although it looks good in gloss black (ignore how dirty the car is!)
  6. danburge94

    18" Pretoria Reps - Thoughts

    Thanks! I've ordered the 18" black prets so hopefully will look ok and won't look too small. Arriving next week
  7. danburge94

    What did you do to your R today?

    Here's some in better light. I personally think the silver wing mirrors go really nicely with the blue but it is very much personal preference. I've got black pretorias coming next week so might be tempted with the black mirrors then! Also no the windows are tinted as stock, I didn't spec them
  8. danburge94

    What did you do to your R today?

    Thanks! I've never actually seen another Atlantic blue on the road, not sure why they're so rare. I guess everyone goes for the Lapiz if they want blue...
  9. danburge94

    What did you do to your R today?

    Finally fitted my Maxton spoiler😄
  10. danburge94

    New MK7.5 owner

    Welcome! I personally like the silver mirror caps! Just installed my spoiler and it completely changes the rear of the car - so I recommend.
  11. danburge94

    CM Wheels.

    Totally agree, they don't look small at all actually! Hopefully they'll go with the atlantic blue - everyone seems to have a lapiz and not the darker blue!
  12. danburge94

    18" Pretoria Reps - Thoughts

    Are there any photos? Particularly if they're black 18" inch with atlantic blue. Be interested to see how they look or if I need to upgrade to 19
  13. danburge94

    18" Pretoria Reps - Thoughts

    A while ago now I know...but did you fit your black 18" prets? Looking to see if it would be worth getting them to replace my cadiz
  14. danburge94

    CM Wheels.

    Any other pics of the gunmetal or black prets on a atlantic blue? Also trying to decide if getting prets on 18s will look too small...does mean I can keep the same tyres though