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  1. Mine complains she feels sick everytime we drive anywhere, I think my accelerating is too harsh but I just can't resist putting my foot down😂
  2. Thanks, i'll have a look! I remember I tried to do this on my 1 series and ended up just shattering the glass😣 I'll try and not do that again!
  3. I was thinking about doing this too and wrapping the mirrors gloss black. Got a quote for £90 to wrap them. Like you though I keep changing my mind, sometimes I like how the mirrors stand out sometimes I think I'd prefer them to match the wheels
  4. Was thinking about this too...got the black prets and I don't know if it would look better with black badges and black mirrors😥 I like the silver trim in the grill though so would leave that
  5. I think it's a personal preference, I really like my black prets with the Atlantic blue😊 the gunmetal also look really good, but the silver looks far too bright!!😕
  6. 25 miles each way which takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour. Not the best but not the worst, far better to commute in an R than on a train😂
  7. Yeah agreed! Got any other plans for it at the moment? I've only seen one other on the road, very uncommon😎
  8. They look unreal!! How long have you had the car? Loving the Atlantic blue👌🏻
  9. Can anyone who lives in the west sussex area recommend a garage who can fit a res delete? No one seems to be interested in doing it, and most of them don't even know what it is!!
  10. Surely the Akrapovic exhaust is loud enough?😂
  11. Long time ago but love this 👍What did you use for the lights and the badge?
  12. Ok cheers 👍 out of stock anyway 😞
  13. The pipe is only £50 compared to progressive parts which is £140! Is the quality of the pipe a lot worse perhaps?
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