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  1. Ukdub

    Ghost security shhh it’s a secret.....

    So if you don't have keyless entry, does it make more sense to spend the £399 cost of supply and fit on home security, ie better locks on all doors and windows. As most car theft is time sensitive for the thief, surely delaying getting hold of the keys from a house will be just as good??
  2. I guess the trip mileage will reset if the battery was disconnected, which is normal when doing body repair. Wouldn't change your actual mileage though.
  3. Ukdub

    Haldex Rear Axle / Diff Problem

    Less that £200 twice yearly at somewhere like awesome. Cheap for peace of mind really.
  4. Ukdub

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Useful info, thanks.
  5. Ukdub

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Good point, should reword to say how often haldex kicks in. So if you drive like miss daisy and do motorway miles, then not that much at all.
  6. Ukdub

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    It's probably got to do with how many times the clutch pack has had to engage. Ie on launches or booting it on a wet road.