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  1. thank you...not sure i've experienced that tbh
  2. Don't wanna have to pay for a re tune... I'll do the manual mode for now. Clutch pack is 300 ish, the problem is the labour costs. No error codes
  3. Not done an oil change but was done 6k miles ago. They checked the levels and all was good.
  4. You're saying the jerkiness is a symptom of a dodgy mechatronic unit? Thank you( sorry for all the questions)
  5. Can you define clutch slip? The only thing I've noticed along with jerkiness is sometimes when flooring it from first or second it gets stuck at the higher rev range for a split second and then continues on
  6. The guy I bought it off did show me the slight jerkiness, along with evidence that he'd messaged the tuning company about it being jerky. Silly me thought I'd be able to get the tcu tune adjusted, as I thought that's all the problem was...
  7. The map and tcu tune was done just before the car was sold to me, however the previous owner has said there wasn't any issue that he noticed beforehand... however, something tells me the car has been driven quite hard over it's life, so maybe the tune brought out the issue that was getting worse...
  8. Yes, reset via VCDS and adaptations done after
  9. 52k miles on the car. do you think it's the clutch?
  10. That was taken off too, both removed. No better
  11. No i don't. The gearbox has a TCU tune from MRC though. But as i said, removing the TCU tune doesn't make it any better - so i can't blame it on the TCU.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm having an issue and it's not doing my blood pressure any good! I've got a mk7 R on 51k miles. It's been tuned by MRC, stage 1 high torque. The gearbox has an issue. In drive (not sport/race or manual) the gears are rough. On the upshifts, they're smooth if gentle acceleration however if i try to accelerate hard the gears slam into gear. On the downshifts, it's uncomfortable, i feel every gear change. It's worse in the lower gears but is there with all of them. If i'm in race or manual mode, generally i don't feel any issues, but i do feel it occasionally. I took it back to MRC, hoping it was the gearbox TCU, however they put the car back to standard and it's still doing it, which means there's an underlying issue. Doug at MRC spent a long time doing the gearbox adaptations which hasn't made it any better. I asked Doug why it would be mainly fine in manual or sport and he's said there's more revs, more power going through etc with more clamping pressure etc... I have to say, i'm impressed by Doug and his team, all looks very professional. They're saying it's going to be either the clutch packs needs replacing or the mechatronics unit. However, i'm 22, and spent years saving for my R, as it was my dream, so i haven't the money to start replacing everything in the hope it fixes it. I'm absolutely gutted at this point, genuinely. MRC, and myself, are leading more towards the clutch pack needing replacement, but i'm wondering if any of you could guide me in the right direction? I'd really appreciate any advice.
  13. I was wondering about fuses but can't seem to work out which would be for the light... If it's the motor then i wonder if that can be fixed
  14. So one thing I've just realised, when turning the car on it doesn't go up and down for the self levelling either.... only that side, the passenger side does. Any ideas? :(
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