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  1. I was wondering about fuses but can't seem to work out which would be for the light... If it's the motor then i wonder if that can be fixed
  2. So one thing I've just realised, when turning the car on it doesn't go up and down for the self levelling either.... only that side, the passenger side does. Any ideas? :(
  3. He lived in a city so didn't use full beam, so he hasn't noticed. Isn't his fault mate.. sold as seen so obvs can't go back to him! But i asked him and he hadn't noticed
  4. So do you think the motorised shutter is broken? If it is, is it possible to fix it?
  5. Hi All, I purchased a MK7 R (2014) privately yesterday. All is amazing but after driving at night, i got a warning saying check driver side main beam. The full beam doesn't work on that side :( Now, i'm guessing it works via a shutter system... Any ideas on how to fix this? Can it be fixed? Could it be a dodgy wire/fuse?
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