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  1. I’d be pushing for a significant discount, or a re-order with a similar courtesy car for 25 weeks.
  2. brettblade


    That’d buy a 6 bed with a pool up here! [emoji23]
  3. Totally agree re Dynaudio - wish I had the option on my R, particularly having had it on my GTI.
  4. Welcome! Relatively new R owner here too. [emoji2]
  5. The 312 is usually on eBay at £40-50 (new). Though to be honest, Halfords charging £30 inc the hard wiring kit isn’t bad. It’s an easy DIY job though.
  6. Looks great, and coming along nicely!
  7. Wheel back, and fitted on the car. It’s not perfect, refurbs never are in my experience, but it’s passable and a hell of a lot better than it was. Also a lot better than my previous experience with diamond cut refurbs, so hopefully this one is a bit longer lasting!
  8. About 20 miles each way for me too, 50% country roads, 40% A1 on a quiet stretch so it’s not actually too bad.
  9. Welcome! Great looking R you have there [emoji4]
  10. You want to complain to someone who works in fleet ideally as well, if you have a few it should carry some weight. I agree re 60k though.
  11. I can’t imagine VW being much more for 1l to be honest! ECP’s pricing on VW504.00/507.00 is crazy.
  12. Never had it brake for me on the R, but my previous GTI did while on the motorway. Traffic slamming to a halt in all three lanes, I was in the process of reacting but the car beat me to it. Brought me safely to a stop, my friend’s S3 (who was immediately behind me), did the same for him.
  13. Not sure about the newer Fords, but most of the older diesels were on a 10 year or 100k timing belt interval. Try Ford UK. I must admit I was always sceptical of 10 years/100k though!
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