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  1. brettblade

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    True, but I don’t want mind until the 1st March anyway - having only ordered a couple of weeks ago! Car is physically at the dealership so it can only be a paperwork holdup if any.
  2. If the insurance co chose the bodyshop for you then surely they can’t wash their hands of it like that? Raise an official complaint in writing with them, and then refer it to the Financial Ombudsman.
  3. brettblade

    Selling my R..What next?

    Don’t let its cleanliness in that photo fool you... 13 years old and 150k miles!
  4. brettblade

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    When I use the live chat function now, if I get Emil then I press refresh and start again. [emoji23]
  5. Presumably this is through the insurance? Get them involved straight away.
  6. brettblade

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    You’d like to think not. Until I’ve got confirmation it’s been registered, I’m not counting my chickens though. I’m still being told 1st March, the car is already on site at the dealer, and it’s got very little in the way of options to make WLTP testing complicated. I suspect that the “banked” cars are the ones more likely to be impacted ironically. The cynic in me thinks that the W51 spec changes are more to do with WLTP synergy than VW giving away free bits of spec (although that will be part of the runout thinking).
  7. It’s not really a necessity with having reversing sensors anyway, it was only a want for me because my current GTI has it (part of the parking pack) and it’s one of the bits of spec that does actually get used so I didn’t want to go “backwards” so to speak (no pun intended).
  8. brettblade

    Selling my R..What next?

    ... and summer in my case! [emoji23]
  9. Rear view is one of the cheapest and easiest retrofits, if it’s significantly cheaper to take a banked car I’d be tempted to take a car without RVC and have it retrofitted. If it’s an issue for the lease company, remove it before sending it back.
  10. brettblade

    Any decent lease deals?

    I’m about to go the other way, but the GTI PP is a great drive. It’s obviously not as quick in a straight line, but is very much a “driver’s car”.
  11. brettblade

    mk8 golf

    Looks like a lot of effort to go to though!
  12. brettblade

    Supermarket Wankers

    I think you just described a tank.
  13. It’s quite likely they’ll stop making 3 door Golfs at all.
  14. brettblade

    Digital or analogue dash

    I agree, but will be making the change shortly!
  15. There are MY19 cars without keyless, reversing camera and high beam assist though. As mentioned earlier, the build date doesn’t appear to always be right when checking the VIN either. Every instance I’ve seen of that so far though has a build date of 24/01/19 according to VIN, but earlier (pre week 51) according to the sticker on the car itself.