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  1. I am quite impressed with carplay although it’s a pain in the backside having to plug it in to connect to it.. Best feature though has to be the remote car horn..I love activating it just as the Mrs is near the car she jumps out her skin🤪
  2. Thanks for that. I ordered mine last November and basically they got lucky as i ordered a panoramic roof ,pretorias , Black rails and mirrors. I await my reply from my dealer as it was stated it had this as a feature not that i am bothered it doesn’t have it as sensors are better than a camera but it might get me some freebies 😂
  3. Picked up my R wagon yesterday delighted.. Although it doesn’t seem to have a Reversing camera??? The VIN says it’s a 2019 build and it has the keyless entry as well as some other wltp features.. Very strange
  4. Shop around then play them against each other. They will be playing hardball due to the slow lead times from VW trying to recoup their losses. I initially used CarWow to get a rough idea, Then took it from there.
  5. I notice now on PCP deals they are offering a £1500 deposit contribution now and still the 3.6%apr. I was wondering if anyone has renegotiated their finance terms whilst waiting for their order? I am build week 20 (not conifirmed by VW though), So still a wait to go...
  6. I keep getting VW notifications popping up and when i get excited go to the app it keeps saying with the factory 😢
  7. Damn wish i had ordered the panoramic roof now that looks minted 😢 Nice one 😎
  8. Right what’s happening on Friday 22nd??? As i was on the phone to the dealer today he was saying the whole thing is a shambles but hopefully have a bit more clarity come Friday. I was in the middle of school pick up so wasn’t giving my upmost attention... He did mention that at his garage they think if you order now that they will probably take the order but then cancel it later in the year as they expect to hear about the Mk8 soon....
  9. Think you get 4 or 5 days free insurance with VW when you get a new one ??
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