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  1. Have you set your mirror dipped position while in L, at a standstill in reverse? If the garage have jumped in, selected reverse then altered your setting to see something, then it will default to what they set it to. Get in select L, select reverse, set it where you want it. drive off forwards until it returns to normal, stop, select reverse again.
  2. Well at least you made the effort given the weather conditions. The amount of times i've read leave it in auto and forget on here. Or been driving in fog or mist and at almost zero distance a pair DRL's appear from the gloom.
  3. I'm quite tempted by one of them as my keys are tatty. but are they like the rubbery material that some phone cases are made off, that then make it impossible to get in and out of your pockets as it so grippy!!
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    Man down...

    There has been a few articles in Bike magazine (by the biking solicitor guy) about hire bikes from claims management companies. Your right it is sky high hire charges, and if anything goes wrong with the claim, and there's no pay out by the third party, it comes back to you. Usually when they drop the bike off they ask you to sign for it, and the rear of the form is a credit agreement. Then they drag there heals with the bike repairs and all the time the hire charges are clocking up.
  5. This is also pretty good. Started using it in my old diesel Civic, too many short journeys would cause erratic idle. would lob a can of this in with a tank of fuel every 6 months or so and never had issues again. Have started using it in my wife's 2.0TDI Yeti too. https://www.amazon.com/BG244-Diesel-Fuel-System-Cleaner/dp/B0062KYGZC
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    2 current roadworthy examples, 2010 KTM Superduke 990 & 1997 Yamaha TRX 850 (Full restoration a couple if years back). Also hiding away is a 1977 Honda CB400/4 (current restoration project) & a 1992 Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere (forgotten restoration project).
  7. Yep that’s the ones. They’ve got loads of colour examples in the reception and you can see the how they get the best colour match possible by using different under coat & top coat combinations.
  8. I can recommend The Wheel Specialist in Notts. Used them to refinish the 18” wheels on my old civic, the original finish was thin and didn’t last long. I dropped it off at 8am and picked it up at 5pm, all 4 wheels dipped to strip back to metal, baked to degas the alloy, then powder coated. Finish was very good. The guys there are really knowledgeable and helpful.
  9. I’ve used MTEC before and never had an issue, sensible price too. Had the black coating and it never gave into rust, even with the car standing for upto a month due to work. https://www.mtecbrakes.com/brake-discs/volkswagen/golf-mk7-2012/golf-2-0-r-11-13.html
  10. After just over 1000miles of ownership of my wagon I’ve completely lost love for the chrome tail pipes. Cleaned and polished a week back and they are black and silver within 300 miles. Handily I had some PJ1 satin black heat resistant paint in the garage. Dropping them off is a little challenging with anything other than child size hands, but glad I persevered. Really pleased with the result.
  11. Jeez I’m devastated, just watch not 1 but 2 of my Prets wobbling about like f+*k on a wheel balancer. Absolutely gutted, only done 1000 miles in it since I brought it. Tried to claim on the local council with a previous car and got knowwhere so don’t hold too much hope this time.
  12. You would think that some disc should be handed but rarely are. A mate of mine had an issue on his RS6, both disc were the same, so the vent in middle was cast the same, one side pulled in more air than the other, in a very short time one disc warped from less cooling. Audi didn’t want to know, £800+ for new after market front disc and pads.
  13. TCBusy day (or 2) on the R front. After time away working it was good to get back and spend time on her. Decent wash with an application on G Techniq liquid crystal, alloy wheel seal & tail pipe polish. Blue footwell lights Super Skoda foot rest Sill protectors Boot lip clear protector Door hinge covers Wrapped front badge surround Pressed metal number plates K&N panel filter Boot light bulb replaced with LED Tie wrapped bonnet release cable Then it was a trip to a mates, for use of his VCDS. Soundaktor turned down to 50% DRL Dim with indicators on DRL off with light switch in off position. Blower speed shown in auto Coming home lights on when door open Rear inner brake lights Auto hold release resistance lowered. Throttle response direct
  14. I think your right. I pulled away from a mates house and didn't really think anything off it, didn't sound anything special from the inside. My mate sends me a message saying it sounded really good accelerating and on over.
  15. Have a look at: https://www.mtecbrakes.com/ I had their disks on a previous car and the black coating keeps the rust away, my car is left standing for 4-6 weeks at a time whilst i'm away working and the rust never took hold. Reasonably priced too.
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