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  1. So had my 2016 wagon around 6 months. When the weather started to warm up I noticed the AC wasn’t that cold or was intermittent cold. Booked it in with local stealer last Friday. When I dropped it in I got “oh if there’s a problem or leak found the warranty will cover it, if nothing is found we’ll charge £99 for an AC service”. So if there’s no leak where’s the gas gone then?? “Well we do recommend an AC service every 2 yrs to keep the gas well topped up”. What a load of b”*&locks!! Anyway they found the system was completely empty. “We’ve pressure tested it for an hour with nitrogen and its fine but as it had zero gas in we think it’s a leaked so won’t charge you for a re-gas but have added UV dye, can you bring it back after a 2 weeks and we’ll recheck it”. So booked another appointment. For 24 hours I had AC running cold, then go out Saturday afternoon and warm again!! Sunday take it out and run through all the AC settings I can think off and no change to air temp. Starting think someone isn’t telling the truth. Or they used extra lumpy nitrogen for the pressure test.
  2. Define "easily unscrew"!!! If you mean you have hands the size of a small child, then yes!! Although i do have hands like bunches of bananas.
  3. If they didn't take the time to de-gas the rims before powder coating this can happen (trapped gas and moisture in the metal that expands and escapes when heated to cure the powder coat, overcome by a spell in the oven between blasting and coating). The trapped gas/moisture creates tiny bubbles or pin prick holes in the powder as it cures.
  4. No it's not. Haldex is the clutch system that engages/disengages the drive to the rear diff. It's bolted to the front of the rear diff. the rear diff then has it's own fluid. the front diff shares it's oil with the gearbox (i think). Haldex service is 3 yrs or 30k. 4 yrs or 40K is DSG fluid change (if you have DSG).
  5. 😂😂 Yeah seat to wheel interface!!
  6. I've had Mtec disks on a previous car and can't fault them. Because of my work i leave my car standing for up to 6 weeks at a time. the black discs never rusted at any point.
  7. Haha, i was going to advise the opposite, dropping a couple of psi. I got my wagon in Jan, running the Conti tyres. I dropped my pressures from 37 to 34/35 and found it just a little more compliant on our lovely british roads.
  8. Yeah the move to xdrive does seem strange for the last 1-1.5 year of the current production run. I was reading at the start of the year that come the next gen of 1 series, arriving 2020, the straight 6 is being dropped in the M140i version. BMW opting to join the masses with a 4 cylinder AWD unit.
  9. HAHA 😂 Vauxhall guy is hilarious. I used to have an R reg Astra at the same time as my dad got a Mk4 Golf 2.3 V5. Golfs were better than Astras then and they still are.
  10. I'd do this. ask them how they know, did they use some sort of scope to get in and look!! Make them squirm, then name and shame in the dealers to recommend/avoid thread.
  11. Great idea Goodbadboy. I'm wondering about springs and spacers on my wagon, so would be useful to see some with spacers only, springs only and both fitted if at all someone could provide?!
  12. On my wagon, when i shut the boot it sounds like there is something loose inside the tailgate, behind the trim (but there ins't). I'm sure it's down to the little springy plastic cover that pops up and covers the latch on the boot lip once the boot is open. As the boot swings down instead of getting a single thud as it closes, i get this lightweight clatter then a thud. Thought the number plate was loose and rattling around to start with.
  13. Take a look here. https://www.facebook.com/FlyingTigerPaintwork/ I've had some motorcycle parts done in Cerakote. The finish is excellent and it's really hard wearing. I think it's the Glacier series that is heat resistant and this guy has used it on engines, exhaust and brake calipers extensively. Should be able to get a good range of colours in gloss and satin i think.
  14. Have you set your mirror dipped position while in L, at a standstill in reverse? If the garage have jumped in, selected reverse then altered your setting to see something, then it will default to what they set it to. Get in select L, select reverse, set it where you want it. drive off forwards until it returns to normal, stop, select reverse again.
  15. Well at least you made the effort given the weather conditions. The amount of times i've read leave it in auto and forget on here. Or been driving in fog or mist and at almost zero distance a pair DRL's appear from the gloom.
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