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  1. rogerc41

    Need new discs and pads

    Have a look at: https://www.mtecbrakes.com/ I had their disks on a previous car and the black coating keeps the rust away, my car is left standing for 4-6 weeks at a time whilst i'm away working and the rust never took hold. Reasonably priced too.
  2. rogerc41

    Hey up.

    Hello everyone, I purchased a mk7 wagon around a month back so thought I best join after lurking in the background for a while. First off thanks for all the knowledge knocking about on here. My car purchases are long term so I like to do extensive research before hand & the forum helped no end. The car is March 2016 registered, so probably late ‘15 build, one previous owner, 30000 miles. Lapis blue and just about the only option on it is the 19” Prets. I would of preferred to to shop around a little longer but previous car needed money spending for next MOT which was imminent so had to part ex a little sharpish!! Loving the golf so far, although after a month of ownership I’ve only been at home to enjoy it for approx. 10 days, as I work abroad a lot of the time.