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  1. Thanks for posting this videos, 🙏😊 At least I have an idea how they should look😎 And the bodykit from Maxton is completely Identical to mine.. This was spot on👌🤠
  2. I'll surely ask him.. He is also a car enthusiast, so never know he could help me out with sway bar😉 Haha😂
  3. Just spoke to the garage from whom I bought my Bolawheels, and he told me to come over and he'll take some measurements with my 18" and find the best size.. So that is taken care of🤟 Appreciate the advice and help🙏😉
  4. I understand you well and it surely makes sense😉 I've been in contact with only one supplier, but I try the ones you've mentioned. I don't mind to have it imported but the totally price isn't worth it.. Thanks for the help mate😊
  5. Hi Dave😊, thanks for the quick answer, Is 8mm and 12mm the standard people are using? I just want my tyres to come out and if those measurements work perfect and that's what I'll go with.. If you have a few pictures, that would be great help😊 The only time I feel it understeer is when I'm exhilarating around a long swing and have either break or lit my foot for the gas paddle.. I've never thought about a doggone and to tell you the truth, I don't know how it really works🙈
  6. Hi all🤪,, 2 quick questions,,. What is the best size or what is the common size for hubcentric wheel spacers used on front and back on the 18", for my mk7,5 ?? I don't want the tyres to stick out but "flow" inline with car body. My 2nd question is; I've had the sway bar on my wish list for a long time but I can't find a seller here in Norway that sells only for the back part with Tuv papers. The only ones I can get is a kit (front and back) from HMS which costs around 6500,-kroner or from eibach which is around 7700,-kroner, pluss fitting them will cost around 3000,-kroner.. I don't drive so fast/hard around swings. So my question is, is it worth it? Is it one of those add ons I need to have? I would rather use that money on some other upgrades like a downpipe or a cat back.. What are your thoughts?? Thanks😊
  7. A little late, Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss 😢❤️ It's never easy letting go of our beloved pets. Likes someone mentioned, how they manage to creep into our hearts..
  8. Managed to get a shot of Muffins, who doesn't like me posting pictures of her on the internett🤪
  9. Sending my warm get well wishes❤️ Hopefully she get through this & come back stronger ✨💪
  10. Love that look on his/her face😜 It reminds me form a movie.. I think it was "man in black"🤪 (PS.. Love the nose pin🤙😎)
  11. Lovely looking doggi he is😍 what's his name??
  12. OMG😍 What a lovely fellow❤️
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