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  1. Yes, you are correct, the front bumper isn't wrapped.. The reason I wanted to buy the bonnet bra was, yesterday I had my windscreen damaged and I might have to get a new one if it cracks more with the temperature getting colder.. I read somewhere that the bonnet bra would help to protect the windscreen also..
  2. I was planning to do that, but its won't look good because of the carbon wrap.. The carbon wrapping isn't smooth and I won't manage to get rid of the small air pockets because of the rugged design of the carbon and I'll end up with white spots, I think..
  3. I read the above thread,,. Maybe the stone chipping won't be so visible with the carbon wrap I have on.. I just have bad memories how it looked before I wrapped it.. My car looked liked it had been through a stone storm🙈
  4. I'm so glad that I made a post here before buying it🙌 I really treasure all your opinions 🥰 Bonnet is already wrapped, want to protect the wrap😂😂 What is PPF?
  5. Hey, I've searched the nett for Hood bra and found a few, but I'm unsure about the quality. I would appreciate If anyone by chance is using one or knows were I should buy one from. Here is the one I found; https://auto-bra.de/gb/vw/29-hood-bra-for-vw-golf-7-mk7-sportsvan-sv-4260303992242.html#/2-colour-carbon_black Thanks
  6. Funny that you mentioned it.. I was at the car dealership and was thinking of getting the new GTI as a daily.. But now, I'm thinking of trading my R for the new one🙈 The only thing I don't like about the new MK8 is the backend and lights.. And the interior was really good.. The one I saw was a GTE..
  7. I'll try, but the weather has been really shity lately.. I'll have to give her a good scrub before taking some shots..🙈
  8. To tell you the truth, I've not had the time to see how others have reacted a part from a few days ago, when I was driving on the highway, and this one dude, started to blinking his head lights.. He overtook me and started to blink with his signal lights and at first, I thought there was something wrong with my car. Later when I saw around the car and found nothing wrong, I thought it must be the wrap or just my R😁😂
  9. OMG.. You guys are good at spending my money huh 😅😂 My original plan was to only wrap the styling kit and get the hood repainted.. Wanted it to pop out from the rest of the black.. But my friend who was doing the wrapping, he started messing with my head about wrapping the hood and started playing with different designs and it was going to be much cheaper than getting it repainted. So I went with it and ended up wrapping half the car😂🤣 I payed only for the material which was around 450 sterling pounds,, Like I wrote to him, I haven't thought about the R badge, and it might be my next mod, if I end up keeping my R..
  10. Thanks Greg🙌😁 I haven't thought about the R badges 😟 But that could be my next upgrade, If I end up keeping the car😎 I'm thinking of trading my R for the new one🙃 I feel in love with the new MK8 interior and the smell of a new car😂
  11. Thanks buddy🙌 I'm still alive😂🙌
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