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  1. Yep, thats breathtaking and so lucky to have such a clear day that you could see miles and miles away🤩 Thanks for finding it out..
  2. Do you remember exact location? Or which pass it was?
  3. Wow.. What a fantastic view😍 where is exactly?
  4. Congrats on your "new" car🏆
  5. My baby looking all shiny after I finally gave her a wash🤪
  6. Hi Lmferreira, As Shug has pointed out, there is a change to the 2019 engine ( I think something to do with how the gas is sprayed ) pluss it has a gas particulate filter and thats why it has 300hp. I think if your planning on remaping and going stage 1-2, 2018 would be better. Don't take my word for it, I'm sure someone who is much more knowledgable in this field could give you a better answer. Good luck..
  7. Thanks, for finding it on the same site👍 I guess this is going to be on my "must have list"😊 I'll read the review..
  8. You have no reason to say sorry. All you've been is friendly and helpful. It was nice to know a little about yourself. We just draw a line on that and forget it😊 Those small suction pipes are so cute☺️ Im guessing you had to buy them separately. The Metrovac you mentioned, is it the one in the link below? https://shop.poleringskongen.no/produkt/6840/bilpleieutstyr/bilpleieutstyr/metro-vac-master-blaster-revolution-8-hk/998
  9. I apologise for poking my noise in your business and thanks for clearing about the messy mats🙈. I fully understand you about moving fort and back from the shed. I have the same problem when it comes to washing my R😂 Sounds like you have a really nice job😁. Going to different places and not working in a fixed place/office. Anyways, I'm sure you're happy to get it cleaned and you've done a damn good job too🙌 PS..I really liked that small suction pipe🤩
  10. Ohh😱 I would have never thought you would roll like that🙈 Maybe you would have cleaned the inside more often if you had a garage🤔 I have vacuum cleaner with a very looooooong pipe henging right beside the drivers side and its so easy to clean at once.
  11. So nice of you think of me but I already have them😎 It was the second thing I bought after the blackvue😊
  12. WOW🤩 What a transformation from before you started👍 I'm guess those floors mats couldn't have been so messy for very long🤭 Great job Rebecca🤙
  13. OMG😍 All that lovely fur to cuddle with🤪
  14. hahaha😂🤣😂 That so typical of a cat😅
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