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  1. Stunning shot 🤩 Have you used any editing software?
  2. Such a beautiful looking cat😍
  3. Glad to hear that you have Apollo to comfort you and take you mind off by focusing your attention on him😺 You never know, he might bring you a surprise just the cheer you up 🐭 🤗..
  4. I'm just lost for words Rebecca. My deepest sympathies to you and your family💝💐 So much sorrow and pain you have/are going through which so hard to fathom. I have a sense that you are a strong lady, but everyone has their limits. Just don't lose hope and start to have a negative out look for the future,, And it doesn't help a lot when we are getting bombarded by the media about all those that are dying and making our future so uncertain. Wish you comforting hugs❤️❤️❤️
  5. In essence you guys are running a bed and breakfast for the nneighbourhood cats😹 Good luck with your future plans.. There is nothing more giving, than helping those creatures live a better life🥰
  6. I can't even imagine what you've gone through losing all three in such a short time😔💝 The one visiting you is so beautiful 😍
  7. Lovely cats you have😻 So they're not only bringing the catch, but also their mates😹 They must be keeping you quite occupied🤗
  8. Hilarious read 😹😹
  9. She was, but I find all kitten cute😍 Love the words you've used to describe him.. Gave me a good laugh😹 I do remember you mentioning him as a good hunter.. Wasn't it hare also on his kill list?
  10. Thanks🥰 Nah, she looks and is very fit for a 15 human years.. But when she was a kitten, she had a belly that always came in the way, when she tried to jump up on the sofa and bounced back😂 And that's the way, she got that name.. He's so sweet😻 Cats are so strange and sometimes I have a hard time figuring them out what's really going on in there mind🥴 I don't know if your cats do this, after they have been out side and come in,, they are full of energy, and start to run around, climb all over the sofa and jump behind.. and have this wild look in there eyes😈
  11. Here she is😜 Her name is pronounce "Tjukken" when translated to English its "thick". But Tjukken is a slang word for describing someone or something that is large, big, fat or overweight.
  12. True, Just makes me wonder how is he is going to manage when calling for the cat.. The day Peter has learned the name and is calling out loud outside for the cat to come in the house and has some Hindu neighbours🙈 One of my cats name is "fat one" in Norwegian (No joke). And she is the one who usually goes missing once a year.. You should see how people stare at me, when I'm calling out for her in my neigh hood😅
  13. I'm guessing it could be Krishna🤔
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