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  1. Those look really nice👌 Was it 53,90 for a pair?
  2. Picked it on the Monday 04.03.19 and very happy with my choice..
  3. So we all agree or at least most of us, that best thing to do with a new R is to follow the guidelines in the owners handbook. I'm just wondering, driving between 3-4k rpm and once in a while you hit 5k overtaking. Is that consider pushing it hard?
  4. I started to suspect this to be true after what the car dealer told me about his colleague did to his new car, pluss he told me the car was ready to be driven as I wish. When he handed over the keys, the car had already 34km on.
  5. here's a interesting video I came across. Any thoughts??
  6. Before I left the car dealer, I asked him if I had to take any precaution. He told me a few years ago, a salesman that works at VW had bought a Golf GTI and the first thing he did was to see how fast the car went. He than told me the car was good to drive as I like but just don't crash it. Later i the evening I spoke to my neighbour and was told me I should run in the motor a few hundred km before accelerating. I started to be in doubt and thought who better to ask than you all. My first drive, I avoided breaking hard, drove for a while before accelerating, no launching. I accelerated while overtaking and driving in and on the motorway. I guess, I’ll be driving in "comfort" mode the next 1000km before hitting the pedal😂 Thank you everyone for giving me your insight and advices 🙏
  7. Hi Blower, Thank you replying so quickly & appreciate the good advise you've given me 😊 I drove the car for a while (15 minutes) before accelerating (maksimum 150km/h). I got so carried away while driving on the motorway. I've never driven a car with so much power.. I'll keep in mind the all that you have mentioned above. Thanks again 😊
  8. Hi all, I just picked up my new Golf R yesterday and was wondering If i need to take any precaution to the new engine? Ive been driving it on "Race" mode and pretty much enjoying the sheer speed while getting to know how the car handles. I appreciate all advices. thanks..
  9. Hi sam, Mine was also build in November and shipped from Germany on the 15th of February and it has already arrived at the dealer on the 21th. I'll be picking it tomorrow.
  10. Maybe this Friday (22th), Sarpsborg Norway.
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