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  1. They have sourced me a 3 door in silver with the exact same spec for the same price. Can't fault customer service. ** Thread closed ** Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Also noticed they have opened up the books for the R so lets start hunting again to see what I can find.
  3. Well looks like VW sold the car without informing the leasing company so deposit paid and no car to show for it, maybe it was meant to be!
  4. I have put an order in for a Golf GTI 245 Performance DSG7, after a lot of going back and forth I got offered an excellent deal for a 2 year lease which was quite a bit cheaper than a Golf R and it comes with a reversing camera! For anyone who is interested this is what I got. 6 + 23 months with maintenance for £275 Still love the Golf R but the difference in price with maintenance was around £100 a month which at this moment in time cannot be justified. Maybe in 2 years time
  5. Ah I think maybe they ordered it with a camera and then got a refund on the difference as it's now standard.
  6. I am very curious about this too specifically because on their website it says pre-current model
  7. I keep waiting for that "bargain" to arrive be it the Golf R or A35 and I thought I got it with the Golf R, just need someone to order a brand new golf R, change their mind and let me have it for cheap lol
  8. Will do, looked at so many cars even looked at the Seat Cupra Ateca yesterday but the Golf R is still better value for money.
  9. As much as I tempted by a bargain I am trying to be patient, speaking with some more leasing companies today and they reckon VW should be opening up orders next week, so will see what kind of prices I can get one for. Looking at the Mercedes AMG A35 Premium which is my second choice.
  10. Driven my wife's brand new Yaris a few times with a reversing camera and it certainly makes judging parking easier, also because of the 24 month commitment I want to make sure when I do get a Golf R I don't have any regrets!
  11. Weighing up the pro's and con's as I do not want to mess with a lease car or cause more problems if it's not fitted well etc.
  12. Got a response from leasehub which answers my questions. Hi Dale, It will come with the Lane Assist with Dynamic Light Assist. But unfortunately, wont come with the Rear View Camera or Keyless Entry.
  13. Fired off emails to a few leasing companies to see who can come back with proof that these have the same spec as WLTP cars which are shipping now.
  14. Can't fault them for customer service. Hi Dale, These cars are the first WLTP cars so if that change has happened they should indeed have that spec. I will send a note and get confirmation that the cars have those 2 updates as you state before we proceed. Regards Ian
  15. The plot thickens! https://www.nationalvehiclesolutions.co.uk/Volkswagen-Golf-2.0-TSI-310-R-3dr-AWD-DSG-Personal-Lease/73337