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  1. This was one I got https://www7.innovativecomputers.xyz/claim/ytvtcl-comp/index-2o-gb-assa-k.html?region=Surrey&td=sogecablemedia.com&brand=Apple&model=iPhone&cep=IgtfNeote5MWCSrBQe5XvbwlCO94y26KCTLZ0ITcYxVV2KjcaBtdrpo6HaDhMdS4paZ627H_NsA-SGJHbqHP3qqBjZwd9giALPfK5q6SrJIXqeyHbAVseavG0cqS0uMPIjOuutJF8k4QcHk-BBHCkaa_Fxy4XVuDCUedN-TAbqpssh7UtRNZc01xBuyA0737l_s--OfXj6_37UOfHUuebcsEJU3dSxiD1W6um-7rS98FRFYG7F52QB4phiYDMhrpqmAMJu2JXM9oyvacepZDtXUbORwS_XWL22wYh_Yaslzj12anvX12jcibskYullX8vSeTFqsD5IFGN0geL6HduQ&lptoken=15c1638403ba80c7365f&2=1179&3=1179-d69be57z&1=6713189511838302310#
  2. Had a 2007 335d a few years ago, just an Evolve map and it was circa 340hp and 550lb's torque Great car, effortless cruising, and would return around 45mpg on the motorway
  3. Age 16 in a Massey Furguson 575 tractor, emergency stop was a joke as top speed was around 15mph from memory!!
  4. What’s going on with your front camber? Guessing you don’t have any adjustability
  5. Nice how much is the racingline kit?
  6. Posted on Twitter last night by London Fire Brigade
  7. Totally agree with this, some really strange price tags nowadays. Same on autotrader, however I assume people do that so when buyers sort vehicles by price you can get closer to the top by using a bizarre number. Interesting to hear that you got bugger all off list anyway!
  8. Agreed, but interested in fact and what people have actually achieved
  9. I’ve been looking for a 7R that is sub £19k for a while, there’s lots around. I’ve noticed that some approved used VW car adverts have the clicky button to ‘make offer’ has anyone done this and if so what did you manage to reduce the asking price by? Or alternatively if you’ve negotiated to buy a car advertised at say £19,950 what if anything did you get off? thanks in advance
  10. I would replace, don't penny pinch on a part that protects your engine
  11. I wouldn’t say he’s taking advantage as it’s personal choice whether you buy a ticket or not!
  12. One of my previous motors (bmw 335d) had plastic wings, never had any rust issues! Don’t know why more manufacturers don’t adopt the idea
  13. Yep stick with APR proven
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