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  1. https://www.racingline.com/mqb-wheels-braking
  2. Shame there was never an update on this, I’m sure a few of us were curious of the outcome
  3. Interesting, does this log include oil pressure ?
  4. Some nice upgrades, especially with the addition of AST’s. What is your engine / gearbox setup and how did you get on amongst the other cars that day?
  5. Doesn’t the alarm go off if jacked up when locked? It does on my 18yr old mini!
  6. Fun as a weekend toy if you can find a good one now, great on track. I once owned an 8MR340, really good car but the 4,500 mile service intervals annoyed me in the end. Would eat brake pads, tyres, etc. and clutch was swapped out for an exedy twin plate. Attracted the wrong attention everywhere too and made the neighbours windows rattle! For a quick start you had to be very brutal, I would imagine against a DSG launch it would stand no chance nowadays
  7. Sell it to me - Actually it doesn’t have enough doors, nice car though. If you don’t need the rear seats I would go for the TTRS tomorrow!
  8. I do it quite regularly it’s spot the ball for the mid week or weekly car. Quite good fun for a coupe of quid a go, if you don’t win but get close you get cash credit for next time
  9. Front right camber looks poop for some reason
  10. Nice collection of cars in your garage 😎
  11. So when you jump out of the RS3 and into the golf (or vice versa) for a drive, what are the most significant differences you immediately notice when driving ?
  12. Bloody nice. Just out of interest can you get two kids in the back?!!
  13. All depends on whether it’s been launched and driving style. As noted above you can get a decent clutch for circa £1k
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