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  1. Yes that is definitely a good idea assuming you have a disposable income!!
  2. For some reason a quick glance at the CM website and i can't find any information regarding manufacturing process, quality, approval, etc. Ordinarily this would be top priority for a company selling aftermarket, or OEM quality products. Why not look at a manufacturer with a long proven track record of quality and motorsport application, for example OZ, or Team Dynamics that are generally cheaper. They might not offer replica VW, but there are some pretty decent wheels to choose from. I wouldn't fancy cornering at 60mph+ knowing I've taken a punt on some cheap wheels...
  3. I’ve always tried to incorporate mods into the negotiation of a new policy, that way you will achieve a more competitive quote. When adding mods to an existing policy you have no negotiating power, it’s likely you will also be hit with admin fees or whatever else they fancy throwing at you
  4. Definitely ultima with a V8
  5. They probably didn’t even contemplate a car coming from behind and were just focused on what was ahead No injuries or damage, forget it
  6. Possibly something to do with size availability of titanium tube?
  7. Haha, made me laugh some of that content
  8. Interested why not start a separate thread on this
  9. Looks much better where did you get this done?
  10. Similar to some Mercedes, I’m sure my friends A45 is like that It must be cheaper to incorporate fake tips into the bumper, it probably protects the exhaust / engine manifold from minor rear end shunts too
  11. You don’t say where you are, however I would speak to MD Autobahn (Horley) about the Racingline kit, or Regal Autosport (Southampton) about APR or other options, or MRC (Banbury)......
  12. You sure there is sufficient water supply going into the machine
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