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  1. R 4 life

    Digital or analogue dash

    The 7.5 digital dash looks cheap and a step back from what’s available in the polo,there have already been threads on here regarding problems with the earlier 7.5 display such as map not enlarging,don’t want to be going to the dealer all the time for firmware updates either.the centre console looks better on 7.5
  2. R 4 life

    Digital or analogue dash

    https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-digital-dash-is-the-only-thing-that-infuriates-me-about-my-golf-gti/ interesting article regarding digital dash.
  3. Most parking bays and garages are way too small as cars are now a lot wider than they were 10 or 20 years ago,need bigger parking bays like in America,if I had anything bigger than a golf I would hate parking it in certain places,next golf may be even wider,the guy in video looks like a mug so does his kid.
  4. R 4 life

    mk8 golf

    I think the mark 7 r will look better than the 8,the new focus and fiesta look terrible with lights lower down.
  5. R 4 life

    Digital or analogue dash

    I prefer the look of the analogue dials more driver focused and look well crafted,digital look too flat and will get pixelated and fade in time.
  6. R 4 life

    Selling my R..What next?

    M2 comp good car to go for if u can deal with rear wheels in snow
  7. R 4 life

    Supermarket Wankers

    A lot of envious haters out there,who get satisfaction out of damaging things they will never have or jus careless ppl in there own world not considerate enough to be careful of other people’s property,these people are scum.