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  1. Saw this car on autotrader for a few weeks dropped from 35k to 27k with no buyers, now being raffled again for £100 a ticket. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy0czMKmit8
  2. Could look ok with a decent body kit https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.motor1.com/news/370622/2021-vw-golf-gte-spy/amp/
  3. Yeh the video was misleading, the golf r will be back in a year or 2 as a mk 8.
  4. I thought they were keeping the gti and r in America but this guy thinks the r may be discontinued, hopefully only in America.
  5. The tech denied deleting my dashcam footage and the few videos that saved under incident recording showed the tech near the test route on bushey mill lane but he was still a few roads away from test route,as my car was only in for a health check there was no need for a test drive and I was not told about any test drive even when I got my keys back,I managed to get my next service for free which is only a minor service but I would need to go to anuva citygate to have it done.
  6. I acknowledge it but I also acknowledge this tech is already looking outdated compared to other digital displays already in use in other cars let alone in 10 years time
  7. As he bought the car from Vw it would have come with a 1 year das welt warranty which would be voided on any parts he’s modified to reach stage 2 including the remap he did mention this in one of his videos
  8. I think analogue dials have been standard in cars since cars were mainstream and to have the last golf with analogue dials is a cool thing to have as with the manual gearbox, a lot of new cars focus and mini’s still opt for analogue dials as with the bmw m2,I think in 10 years these digital displays will look quite dated with lcd screens and tech always upgrading but I think the analogue dials will still look good in 10 years also will not have any pixelation,analogue dials also will not need software upgrades,but the Audi digital dials do look quite good.
  9. If I were to buy another golf r and I could check the amount of launch controls done,I would be more inclined to buy a car with 20 launches rather than 100,I don’t think a handful of launches would harm car but with a remap and more power being put through engine could cause more stress than an unmolested vehicle,considering he’s already voided warranty on car hopefully the owner won’t have problems in future,llf has also done a recent video on same car where he took it for a spirited drive,it’s ok if it’s your car but if I went to a dealership and saw them using lc on a vehicle I was looking to buy,I would personally not buy the car.
  10. Still ragging the raffle car
  11. Had this happen on my r,got loads of white polystyrene bits in back footwell,initially I thought mice had been chewing parts of the seat,it was the filling from bolster coming out and I could feel the metal frame in bolster which is what’s in pic,took to Vw they said £1,200 for new chair or to fix they offered to do it for £600 with goodwill but I declined and left as is,I’m not fat and i’m careful geting in and out but still happened
  12. Richard eagell a top manager for citygate Watford still wants me to take car to Ruislip for his top techs to look at after it was driven at speed over speed humps but I declined as I have an extended warranty and can take it to a closer vw if u need to,also after leaving bad google reviews and contacting Vw executive office I don’t trust him or his techs to deal with my car,it was in for a health check,there was no need to test drive it and delete my dash cam footage or to make me wait over 3hrs,even if they offer a free service I just had a major service done and don’t want to take car back to one of his garages I just told them I want an internal investigation carried out to get the tech into trouble for what he did,maybe next time he will think twice before abusing customer vehicles.
  13. Thnx for advice,I talked to Richard eagell today who is a manager for all the citygate’s he just said he can’t make the tech admit to deleting my video files but he did believe what I was telling him and he said there is no system in place to monitor how long a car is on a test drive for,I told him car was only in for a health check but he said service rep told him I said I had suspension problems going over speed humps which I never told him and was not on the job card,he said I can take car to Ruislip citygate where he has his top techs but I don’t really want to take it bk in to garage unless I notice a problem and I have a warranty which would cover most things, I wrote a bad google review and in future I will be going to Lancaster Vw St Albans for any work needed on car.
  14. Received an e mail today from Richard eagell head of citygate,and was told car was taken for test drive to check suspension which I had not been told about,when I arrived at citygate Watford I was told only a health check would be done,I mentioned a clicking from front tyre when handing my keys to them and was told there was no mention of this on the job sheet and they would not be looking for this,when picking my car up they told me they checked hubs when car was on ramp for stones and everything seemed ok,I was at the the garage for over 3hrs and was not told about any test drive,the car was also driven fast enough over speed humps to cause my dash cam to record as it thought there was a driving collision detected,Richard also said that the tech denied deleting my motion detection files yet I have no motion detection files on my camera now from last Tuesday any anything before this date has also been deleted,I had a feeling that they would be covering for there techs and lying through there teeth and this is what there doing.
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