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  1. The Cars and Coffee event in aid of Clic Sargent is next Sunday at The Junction (formerly Junction One) in Antrim next Sunday if anyone has free time between 12 and 3pm. https://m.facebook.com/events/548660152440461?view=permalink&id=561843321122144
  2. Cars and Coffee at 'The Junction' There's a Cars and Coffee day being organised for charity at 'The Junction' Outlet Centre in Antrim on Sunday 26th January from 13.30-16.30. It's being organised by the BMWNI Club but it's open to all. Would be a good opportunity to set up a few R's on display. Good chance to meet up with a few other owners from the forum. Any interest?
  3. Everyone seems to be away on holidays on this forum! Be good to get a meet arranged somewhere, wasn't a lot of enthusiasm last time but maybe with the days starting to lengthen after Christmas we can whip up a bit of support!
  4. Think we'll put a "Cancelled due to lack of interest" sticker on this one. 🙄🙄🙄
  5. What about Sunday 19th May at 2.00pm for a meet up? To make it easier for travelling we could use the Northbound Applegreen Services at Castlebellingham on the M1 just south of Dundalk. Anyone interested?
  6. I'm in Antrim and a few others from Dublin area. Maybe a meet at one of the Applegreen services on the M1 near Dundalk sometime. April weekends are all tied up for me but May is relatively free. Whaddyathink guys? Any suggestions?
  7. Will see how much interest there is, maybe try to arrange something coming into the Spring. 👍
  8. Are there any groups in the North or South of Ireland that meet up? Be good to see a few R's in the one spot, mite get a few ideas!
  9. Unfortunately living in Northern Ireland BP Ultimate is the only "premium" fuel available. Shell isn't available here and Tesco don't sell their Momentum fuel here only the standard stuff so it's a case of BP Ultimate or ordinary petrol.
  10. Ta for that, currently run BP Ultimate in my car anyway but wasn't sure what the general opinion was. 👍
  11. Probably one of those questions that's easy if you know the answer but should I use standard petrol in the Golf R or one of the premium fuels like BP Ultimate? Picking the car up from the dealers on Monday morning and will doubtless have to put fuel in to get home! Its a 2016 model.
  12. Eugene

    New car for me!

    Hi People, New to the site and waiting to collect my (new to me) 2016 Golf R on Monday/Tuesday. Been driving a Vrs Octavia for the last couple of years so def looking forward to the upgrade. Its a blue estate with 16k on it will post up a few pics when I get it. Am gonna have a look thru the boards and will doubtless have a few questions to ask over the next few weeks! 👍
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