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  1. Yeah, it behaved itself for an evening after the battery switch so I cleared everything when I got home that night... they all came back up the morning after (although the battery was now pleasantly green) and it became less intermittent over next few days. I have a feeling the battery was probably causing issues of its own so glad I replaced it as it hadn't improved its charge over two journeys of ~200 miles, but the sensor was definitely knackered too. New battery was £133 from Tayna - https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/varta/e39/ I have heard the sensors can get waterlogged due to not entirely clever hub design which screws up the readings temporarily (or can warp and knacker them entirely)... does your wife's car stand outside? Could be that it just needed time to dry out. Either way - that's the first place I'd look if you get a reappearance of the Christmas Tree lights... you really wouldn't want her without ABS or ESP at a critical moment. 🤕
  2. Little bump on this one as the issues appear to be sorted now. Battery was definitely on its way out, so I've swapped it out with a new AGM one (garage are happy to reimburse on the receipt since VW wanted £££ to fit what I suspected would be another EFB one) Anyway - after the usual battery swap ecu fart all my warnings went away after a short drive about... ACC was working perfectly and crept me home through the City traffic barely having to use my feet. Cleared the VCDS faults when I got home - everything looked rosy. 😁 Got in the morning after, stepped on it to turn right out of my street and everything flashed on again... ESP even decided to relieve me of my throttle for what seemed like an eternity (probably a split second 😂) just as I was crossing the oncoming traffic. 😥 Did a little more investigation on the ODB and it looks like there's a faulty ABS sensor on one of the rear wheels which is spitting out bad data and taking everything with it. Took it to the seemingly excellent chaps at Kwikas Motor Engineers, a VW specialist just round the corner from home, they diagnosed the same, replaced the sensor and it's now been behaving for about 200 miles, so I think we've cracked it. 155 for the sensor and fitting in total didn't seem terrible at London rates and I've squared the cost away with the dealer so I'll not be out of pocket long. Now I have a little more confidence she's not about to leave me in the lurch at a critical moment she feels MAGNIFICENT. I'm excited all over again. 😁
  3. Fitted a new battery (Varta AGM 70ah) - entirely failed to connect my 12V backup after my cunning plan to use a jump-pack turned out to be about as good as one of Baldrick's when it's grip pinged off ground just as I disconnected the battery. 🤦‍♂️ HAD to take her for a night time cruise round the City and Aldgate to clear the ensuing ecu brainfart then. Such a chore. 😁
  4. Thanks all! Looks like I've got a slightly bigger job ahead than I was originally bargaining for... still, it'll keep me out of trouble. 😁
  5. I've managed to confuse myself so much I've forgotten the reg of my own car now. It's a 15 plate, not a 65. 😂
  6. I've managed to confuse myself. My car is a 65 plate R with Discover Nav. I'm trying to work out what MIB platform it is so I can plan upgrades (bigger screen, speaker replacements to start with) - I think this is MIB 1 because of the gloss surround on the screen and one of the SD card slots being used for the Nav, but the Voice button is throwing me. I've probably misread a thread or two, but I thought the voice button indicated MIB2?
  7. Hey - just wondering with the reversing camera - did you have to get specifically PAL? Or is that something that can be switched through coding/config? Most I'm seeing seem to specify that they're NTSC. What's the quality of the emblem like? Price difference compared to genuine VW part is astounding. 😵
  8. Admiral did me a really competitive quote. I'm a sensible R-driving age (mid 30s) but I haven't owned a car since moving to central London 11 years ago so no no claims (but also no points or accidents I guess 😊) - 780 didn't sting too much. Especially since the last time I insured a car I was early 20s with some points and I had 1400 a year to pay for a 140bhp Celica 😩
  9. I would've snapped up a White Silver if I'd had the money in time while they were available on lease - sold well they could fetch a premium but I doubt you'd see it part-exchanging or selling to a dealer. I would've happily paid an extra 500 for the right colour though...
  10. Yep, definitely - tbh I'll be hoping whatever it turns out to be is covered by the dealer warranty. I wouldn't be too mad at a dead battery on a 5 year old car that's done a lot of sitting - the first owner only put 9970 miles on it in that time, so it's probably the most abused component on the car at this point. 😂
  11. Picked up my R yesterday - 2015, Lapiz 3 door with 10K on the clock. The dealer took it to VW for a major service before I picked it up and left an advisory that the battery was low (most likely as it's been sitting at the dealer)... all was fine yesterday, did about a 150 mile drive and experienced no problems. Today I drove it another 150ish miles and halfway down the M4 allllll the warning lights came on - ACC/Front Assist disabled, ESP disabled, Park assist disabled.. all showing problems. Drive modes/DCC didn't seem to be affected. Stopped at the first services I saw and killed the engine, restarted... warnings all came back. Did it a few more times and they went away... everything worked for about 10 miles then it all happened again. I'm home now - just started it again and everything looks alright. From some quick Googling it sounds like it could be low voltage from the battery... but do you guys with far more experience than me of this car have any other ideas? Could it be something bigger/worse? Little bit of a crash to earth on day two if I'm honest 😥
  12. Thank you for that! Exactly the sort of thing I was after!
  13. Thought I'd say hello 🙋‍♂️ - been lurking the boards as a guest for about 2 years getting ready to pull the trigger and finally found my ride today so I thought it was high time to register and say hello. Had been weighing up leasing etc but I'm someone that tends to fall in love with my cars and I can see myself keeping this for a long time (hopefully the last petrol car I ever buy and stays with me for life tbh) so figured a mint used example would be the best bet. Finally found a 2015 Lapiz Blue with DCC, Pan Roof, Dynaudio, Leather and under 10k on the clock and have most likely paid through the nose for it, but it was shockingly hard finding one with everything I wanted so here we are. Even ended up with a reversing camera, which I refused to make a "must" but am secretly quite excited about. 😂 It seems to have been very well looked after and the dealer are going to take it to VW for a service before I pick it up (last service was only 300 miles but nearly a year ago) Was thinking probably an idea to take it to my local dealer for a haldex (and dsg?) service once I take delivery too as I assume VW won't bother given the low miles. Any surefire bits I should have checked out on a low mileage, but still 3 year old R? Anyway. Hello! You've all no idea how helpful you've been already tbh, but I'm sure I'll have more questions...
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