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  1. I should get the Fix-86 in next month money-permitting - I'm sure I'll be up for a public viewing then... at the moment i'm proud of myself for the progress... it's a hell of a lot better, but I know it's not finished. Only having used BT for audio on headphones and rental cars, I'd never really noticed how crap it was.. but as soon as you've got any sort of decent system it's just so obvious. Really nasty. Makes everything sound like low-bitrate mp3. Of course my 2015 MIB1 has the crappy old media port which doesn't seem to do much at all with my phone... so if I want to use my phone as source, I'll have to go MIB2 eventually and switch the port out for a proper USB.
  2. Right. Keeping my stuff together in this thread despite it not being mine. Stealth enclosure for the subwoofer arrived on Friday - I'll get a proper photo tonight of it in place... bearing in mind it's a "one-size-fits-all" whether your 4motion or not, I wasn't expecting it to be absolutely perfect and it took a bit of convincing to slot in above the wheel arch... I need to add a little strip of carpet just to cover a gap where the fibreglass is visible (so I assume it's not sitting quite as designed), but it sits very securely and doesn't extrude into the boot space too much. I think I'd better put a grille on the speaker though, otherwise it's going to end up with a can of beans going through it after a supermarket trip. πŸ˜‚ Soundwise. Ho-ly mo-ly. πŸ€ͺ I almost thought I'd wasted my money when I was first testing on Saturday. Didn't have CDs handy so I was just playing Bluetooth from my phone to make sure connections were working and the sub was doing hardly anything no matter how high the HU was set... bass boost on the amp up full, all input gains and outputs set to full... started to think some wiring must be dodgy, but popped upstairs and grabbed one of the old Dubstep Allstars CDs, whacked it in and 350watts RMS straight to the boot nearly demolished the f*cking building. Set off two car alarms when the first sub-bassline kicked in.πŸ˜… (turns out my phone volume was at 20% - the curse of dodgy Bluetooth controls again - have to maintain two volumes!) Have turned it down to slightly less terrifying level now, but I can see I need to get a Fix-86 in there ASAP though... the sounds just seems... unpredictable. Depending on the tune and style (I'm guessing how it's bottom-end was mixed down) it can go from "Eh, yeah, well, it's definitely doing something" to "I can't see out of the back window because everything is shaaakkiiinnnnggg" - there's obviously still a fair old trough AND a spike somewhere in the low-end (right around the lowest bass note in Foxy Brown - Oh Yeah which basically turns my car into a Weapon of Mass Destructionafness at the moment) Door speakers though. I'm quietly impressed again. They're not stunning, but now they're low-passed, they sound absolutely fine even at high volumes and there's NO breaking up of the sound (you could feel the mids and the door cards in front of them wanting to tap out as soon as a heavy kick-drum or bassline hit them before). Still need to Fix the sound out to get a proper picture of them, but I can't see the effort to replace the tweeters would be worth it.... will probably save the money on the component pairs and just get four really good mids at some point. Plus I tried to get down the A Pillar for my dashcam install yesterday and ended up routing round the door frame because it was such a pain to unclip and I didn't trust myself not to mess it up... tempted to just avoid going in there. I think the Alpine is probably off the menu now. I'm confident I can get this to a pretty great standard with a few minor add-ons and tweaks here and there... MAYBE MIB2/2.5 eventually just to get round my annoying Bluetooth issues, but after doing side-by-side compares of CD, SD and Bluetooth this weekend I really need to get away from my BT habit. πŸ˜ͺ
  3. I'm guessing he didn't need any extra equipment to fit the springs, because the guy's an absolute tool.
  4. Nicely done! Not sure how much of it is an old VWives tale, but common advice is to reactivate them once in a while in case they cease up and need replacing if you ever want to change back for sale or whateverπŸ‘
  5. I'm forever mistaking that badge... it's too close to the Real one! Gave someone the impressed look and thumbs up the other day in a car park thinking they were in one of the first Tiguan R's... they looked confused and drove off, then I spied the sneaky 'line' hidden in the badge. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Got a road trip up to the Lake District for a couple of nights camping next weekend... figured it was a good time to put a dashcam in. After convincing myself with some online reviews I managed to resist the temptation of the BlackVue after a few expensive months and have gone with the Viafo A129 front and rear. Been told my sub enclosure is arriving tomorrow, so looking forward to another weekend with all the trim panels off as I fit that and hardwire the cams 😎
  7. Not sure, but it sounds like maybe you unplugged the wrong thing if the valves are still working. I'd lean to doing it via the software... just so much cleaner and can be set back in a few clicks when you need to give your Gran a lift. Honestly, aside from jobs like this, an OBDEleven Pro is one of the best investments you'll make... even if it's just to read fault codes before you take it in somewhere and get hit with Β£100 for them plugging their scanner in
  8. Used to do their Jap days back when I had a Toyota... love Castle Combe, especially the in the sun 😎 Just be careful around and about the circuit - Wiltshire police do not f*ck around. I'd be up for coming along and having a nose about... not that my R has much to show off yet!
  9. Kept it quiet until I was trusted. πŸ˜‚ I think it's difficult to argue even if it goes that way... we've given you lot so much stick over the years for finishing higher in the league... I've got to give credit where it's due this last couple of years. We'll be back though Plus, this could really work out as the first time since I was 12 that Arsenal win European silverware... only to get trumped a few days later!
  10. Not if things go well at the end of the month, for sure! I'm a Gooner, but struggle to not respect what your mob are doing at the moment... as bitter as it tastes. We're the ones needing the masks at the moment. πŸ˜‚
  11. The mask is an official part of the Spurs kit AFAIK.
  12. Maybe ordered a different way, but my code came in an e-mail from Voltas IT LLC.
  13. Yeah, the time-correction will probably be more-or-less identical between the Dynaudio, Helix and Audison DSPs because they're all designed around the Golf cabin (and that's often the difference between good and great sounding systems) - you're not going to get into problems there unless you start moving your speakers and seats around* and I really doubt the differences in the eq between the three will be very discernible once you've factored all the other noises around you into account. Whichever way you go, I have a feeling you'll be enjoying your tunes 😎 *or, like, swap the standard seats with big leather wingbacks that bounce the sound around like satellite dishes that none of them will be expecting. 😬πŸ€ͺ (add that to the you'll never notice it once you're driving pileπŸ˜‚)
  14. ^^ in reality the difference will be small and probably lost in road noise and the bark from your exhaust. Both sets of speakers will sound a lot better than the stock ones now the signal's being improved by the Helix DSP. I'm probably being slightly too perfectionist, but if you can't be perfectionist when you're discussing someone else's car on an Internet forum, where can you be?
  15. Bit to take into account here before I say "just buy the Audison speakers because they're supposed to be lovely" It'd be good to get a look at what the Helix DSP is doing... if it's 'fixing' the sound so it's flat, then on paper I'd probably lean to the Audison speakers (because the Primas seem to get slightly better reports than the Match speakers) But I'm not sure that's all the Helix will be doing... if I've understood what I've read around the forums correctly (and definitely correct me here because I've not touched one), you use a dongle to code the DSP to a preset for your car rather than getting access to all the settings or using a reference track to calibrate it automatically? As much as anything, the preset will be for time-correction to suit the speaker positions in your car (so will be helpful no matter what speakers you use), but those presets also mean you're not getting any control over its EQ or crossovers... it may well be that the Helix still eq's the output signal a little so it's perfectly suited to the capabilities of the Match speakers, since it's expected to be used with them as part of a pack. That way if you plug and play with all their kit and tap in the right code, it'll always sound as good as possible without the need for the end-user to do much fiddly EQing and playing with crossover points to get the best from their speakers. It's probably not much off flat because the speakers are pretty nice, but I bet it's tweaked a bit to get the absolute best bang for buck. If I was making something like the Dynaudio or Helix packs, I'd definitely do that. Different mids will also perform best with a slightly different crossover point for the high-pass filter, which I'm guessing is hard set too (like the LPF for the sub will be perfect for the Helix sub). So without putting the Helix through an osc and seeing what it's really outputting, the nerd in me would lean to the Helix speakers just for simplicity's sake. If I could get a look at the signal coming out of the Helix and it was more-or-less flat, I'd say take a punt on the Audisons.
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