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  1. Turns out a great way to disable Stop/Start by the backdoor is to install a dashcam with auto-switchon and a low voltage sensor and not use the car very much. My battery's now handily always just below the Stop/Start threshold when I start it. 😎
  2. I managed this in a Golf 5 door Zipcar a few years back. You'll be fine!
  3. And then replace it again after Stop/Start abuses it in the same way. These cars should've been shipped with AGMs and you have to do some coding even for a like-for-like battery replacement anyway.
  4. Yep, never seen anyone make this work. From all I've read, you need to upgrade both units if you have MIB1 and the smaller screen (I do too). From the link that MDLBC posted:
  5. I've gone for Carbon badges on my Lapiz 3 door with matching wing mirrors. Bit in two minds still tbh... love the mirrors, but from afar it can seem like the badges have just faded from black as they're not quite big enough to make the carbon weave obvious.
  6. Yeah, I think it's probably an underspoken point that interiors have got a lot quieter, especially in the more premium marques... manufacturers do stuff like Soundaktors to bring the engagement back in their performance models, but any real petrolhead is going to want to turn that off and hear the real sound of their engine... which now needs to be x-times louder because the cabin is so well insulated. Sticking a piezo mic on the tailpipes and routing the sound through a hidden speaker in the rear of the car would possibly be a better starting point than creating a whole different noise on top with a Soundaktor.
  7. Really torn on this. Living in the middle of the city, this is a genuine issue though. My balcony is about 50m set back from one of the busier and slower sections of Commercial Rd (A13) and no matter what the time of day, you never have to wait more than 10 minutes before someone runs through revving the shit out of their pop/bang map or, worse, *launching* from a pedestrian crossing. The car maps and pipes have got more extreme in the last 10 years, but bikes have always been the real offenders... I can't remember the last night my dog didn't have at least one barking fit because of some dickhead on a motorbike making more noise than the New Year's Eve fireworks. 3am in a residential area. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG. All anyone's thinking about is just how tiny the penis being compensated for really is. 15 years ago the fart cans and cherry bombs on the scallies' Saxos and Novas were loud, but at least they were predictable... they were a bit annoying, but they didn't make old women and pets jump out of their skin... some of the more extreme pop/bang maps today are about as antisocial as car modification gets and tbh, I really wouldn't mind some of them getting taught a lesson. An A45 launched next to me at some lights a couple of weeks ago (in a 30 limit on the A4 through Marylebone 🙄)... it sounded nothing like a healthy car and quite a lot like an Ack-Ack from WW2 in dire need of maintenance. Growing up, the only cars that made noises like that were the ones were the exhaust had fallen off and there's two lads in there looking pleased with themselves for making a brand new Mercedes do it.
  8. You might be able to argue with an advisory sticker that you'd given anyone stupid enough to ignore it fair warning, but yeah, I think this would probably backfire in 2019. 😕 And before you got a robber, you'd most likely end up tagging your wife/kids when they nip out to grab whatever they've just left in the cabin and forget to disarm the thing. 🤕
  9. All my cars have instantly been girls, but this one felt much more boyish to me when I picked it up... more grunt and less pretty... but then when it really came through for me that first time, I found myself tapping the console saying "Good girl!" I think she's a bit of a tomboy. Loves KD Lang and her trusty German army coat, but goes like a demon when she's had a couple of pints.
  10. Have you checked it charges at all? Assuming you mean where the ashtray would normally go, I thought that USB port was data only, no charging.
  11. All that talk about leather and tailpipes... it all makes sense now!
  12. Post in the Members Rides section got me curious... how do you gender your car? I'm a boy and despite having bigger balls than me, my R is definitely a girl.
  13. Looks like a beaut! Makes me want to create a poll about car genders though... purely in the interests of anthropology of course.
  14. For the interests of the thread the Varta AGM batteries are exactly the same, made in the same factory and just branded Varta instead of Bosch - I found these everso slightly cheaper: https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/varta/e39/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7tXOhYXk4gIViUHTCh3sUQD3EAQYASABEgItXPD_BwE
  15. That's rough Dave - was it the usual issue after hitting a big bump/pothole? 😕
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