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  1. Hey @PocketRocket nice runs! You can switch from 0-100 km/h to 0-60 mp/h in the settings of your dragy. Then it will adjust the time accordingly.
  2. Dont forget to let GeorgeBMS create a custom map 6 for ya If you get a JB4
  3. my car only has a jb4 and a CTS turbo inlet. A BCS powervalve res delete is following soon!
  4. jb4 map 6 modified by GeorgeBMS 0-60mph - 3.71s Actually i was quite surprised how fast my car is with only JB4. For only around 500 euro it's a great bang for the buck. I didn't do many runs, i still hope to improve the time. Didn't have enough room for 1/4 mile yet.
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