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  1. So got the new back box fitted today, wasn’t too bad except that it started raining out of nowhere as soon as the exhaust was off, typical! The welds do seem to have been “beefed up” a bit and one of the exhaust pipes wasn’t round so was a pain to get the final tip to fit but I’m just glad that the old one is off because it was really sounding horrendous. I was told that they have run a golf r with a pops and bangs remap and revised the back box since mine was installed which hopefully means this one should last on a normal car no problem, whether it does or not we will have to wait and see. I did think about getting a standard exhaust but the current option was quicker and I think the standard one would be too quiet for me after having a non res catback since I’ve bought it. I hope the exhaust just lasts now tbh regardless of guarantee, I wasn’t the original owner of the exhaust and if you look at their terms and conditions the warranty is only applicable to them which was a surprise to me and something to be aware of. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out if any good deals on any valved non res cat back comes along I’ll be keen, but at the minute I do like the way the milltek looks with black oval tips and haven’t seen anything similar and I won’t be doing anything else until the weather is atleast a bit better. Cheers for all your replies lads!
  2. Another Valleys boy then! Thanks for for the tips, I’ll fit the milltek for the minute but will definitely take a look at the Remus and Power Valve options 👍
  3. Ahh I’m from Aberdare but I live down Southampton now so not often home. Where abouts are you?? What exhausts do most people recommend for the golf? I haven’t got the original so I’m probably just going to hope that this revised box is better and get it fitted as soon as I can.
  4. So thanks everyone for the replies, not good that you’ve had similar experiences. Woke up to an email this morning stating that they were replacing the back box FOC, they ask in return that I remove any negative posts on social media or forums, I said I would remove the review on their FB page as soon as the back box had arrived and I had ensured that it was the correct one. Had an email later this afternoon to say that they have sent the exhaust and it is due for delivery tomorrow so fingers crossed. Just hoping the current one isn’t to much of a pig to get off and that it is dry at some point over the weekend!
  5. Cheers for the reply, sorry to hear you had the same, what did you end up doing with the vxr? Seen that some of the Audi boys have had the same issue with their tfsi engined cars but couldn’t find anything on the 7r. Currently seeing if consumer rights 2015 and a pic on their Facebook will do anything, it’s ridiculous considering the cost these things are going for.
  6. Hi Ladies/Gents, Not signed up before but I have used this forum for advice in the past. I don’t want to be seen to just be joining a forum to slate a company but has anyone else had the welds go on their Milltek back box? Below is the state of mine (valved non res) been on the car 22,000 miles and 3 years so really shocked by this, Milltek aren’t willing to replace either since I’m the second owner although I have the original invoice, all been offered is a discount on a replacement which I think is a bit shocking. Any thoughts or has anyone had the same issue?
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