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  1. Is there much difference in changing the steel frame to a alloy one ? If so what would the benefit be apart from a few kg in weight ?
  2. Buy either and buy 2 sets for 3 quid not a massive problem if the scum bags nick them. I hate thieves with a passion they deserve to have their hands cut off
  3. I know of dk tuning all I’ll say is check there reviews, if it was my money I’d pay the extra and go unicorn
  4. Have a look at the rear anti roll bar to see if it’s been changed a upgraded 24mm + will make the back end feel loose. I’ve had mine oversteer (standard arb) but it was very wet and I provoked it I wanted to see if it would 🤪
  5. Gtechniq interior cleaner or bilt hamber apc etc will do just read dilution ratios and get a interior brush (auto finesse) do a great one. Get some cheap mircofibre towels and some warm water and you will be supprised the amount of crap that comes out a interior even if it looks clean
  6. I’m supprised no one has mentioned race glaze
  7. I use gtechniq i1 antibacterial it stinks a bit but works well, then seal with fabric sealant
  8. If it’s shiny it’s dirty, oil of your hands etc. No point conditioning new leather as it won’t soak in as new leather is sprayed just needs a good clean and something to seal ie gtechniq l1 etc. if you are using conditioner this is probably why it’s shiny
  9. Fukmeitsdamo


    I wouldn’t think so as your only turning things on & off
  10. As above on the 7 hatch they come off easily. I had mine professionally powder coated and after a spirted drive the pc bubbled and looked shit. Had it stripped off and then the tips polished up again as there stainless steel
  11. Fukmeitsdamo


    that’s what I used mine for I didn’t need the pro version
  12. I need to adjust mine as they seem a bit low surely they should be electric 🤨
  13. Fukmeitsdamo


    yes I think that’s correct what are you looking to do with a odb11
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