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  1. I bought some from eBay but were £99 they are genuine mirrors overlaid, there ok not 100% but passable so some for that price should be good
  2. I’ve got a ring spot light cam had it a few years now I like it. Also have 360 degree hard wired cctv and Adt alarm police response. All stored on the cloud incase cameras get damaged etc images from last night and now
  3. lucky you I struggle to pull races or tlgp’s Must be the sound of my exhaust 😃
  4. That’s schofield for ya 🤭
  5. From what I understand, werapeanyarse.com get you to there shed knock you down on price add extra charges on for admin etc then pay the finance off and pay you the balance, they also charge you for them to pay you. Even dick Turpin wore a mask
  6. please see below, sorry about the tyres didn’t bother dressing them due to the weather. mine hasn’t got the pads in the rear
  7. Well to be honest the deal was too good to be true 18 plate gla for 9k 🤨 should have smelled a rat when they won it
  8. I’ll do front back and side it’s quite a bit lower than standard doesn’t look much but it is can tell on speed bumps etc
  9. could be but it’s definitely a turbo noise
  10. sorry I forgot I’ll do it in the morning for you what angle are you looking for
  11. Rob where did you get your black boot badge from if you don’t mind me asking, looks much better than the ones I’ve seen
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