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  1. I’ve put 3 ties on. Two around the plastic connector and one though the front panel to keep it in place - just to be sure
  2. Dave how do you get this on I don’t have the option on my screen
  3. So just got home £410 lighter to fit Ed springs and fixed that bastard bonnet with new catch and cables. Going to fit cable ties now. One is not a happy bunny
  4. Will be the first thing I do when I get it back
  5. I’ve got this problem at the moment what a bastard garage been on it 3 hours so far only went in to have my ed springs fitted
  6. I’ve just applied for my cat b competition licence and hopefully doing my ARDS at silverstone in August
  7. Nissan GT-R vspec 0-60 2.9 seconds and didn’t give up until I did at just over 190 mph. The mid range was awesome.
  8. Yeah agree with that I was expecting it to be filthy
  9. Mom the 3rd owner and I don’t drive it like I’ve stole it so unsure
  10. Had mine serviced today and to be fair it’s not as bad as I expected at 29k and first time serviced. I think it was £90 well spent
  11. They may say because it’s lowered it’s put extra stress on the cvs and it’s wear n tear where about are you in the midlands
  12. Just has a quick google the drive shafts are around £400 😳
  13. Not too sure but I would expect the part to be £100-£150 and about £80 in labour but only at a wild guess
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