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  1. £1200 - £2500 per week working from home ???? I wouldn’t get outta bed for that
  2. I like the new one the old ones a BOS
  3. There’s no point using a conditioner as new leather is sprayed not dyed, so the conditioner does not soak into the leather it’s just sits on the top. Best bet is use a a good cleaner ie Koch chemmie pol star And top with gtechniq l1.
  4. Welcome, that’s not a swirl though
  5. my lapiz dsg is still for sale if your interested we can discuss price but I’m in no rush to sell
  6. there’s a loverly blue one for sale in the classifieds 😉
  7. cheers mate, I’m sure I’ll hang about even if it’s not a vag car (if I’m allowed) that rs3 does look good though think I prefer the saloon
  8. no mate, as nippy as the golf is it just doesn’t excite me it’s all too safe dare I say boring ??
  9. not sure yet mate I’m tempted by a tt . Or a rs5
  10. You need to do as little contact as possible I would seal then use a wheel cleaner and rinse. Even with the best brushes they will eventually mark
  11. From the first quick look it looked like something I’d pull off my prick after 3 mins of fun. but will it leave a residue, I wouldn’t use it
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