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  1. my lapiz dsg is still for sale if your interested we can discuss price but I’m in no rush to sell
  2. there’s a loverly blue one for sale in the classifieds 😉
  3. cheers mate, I’m sure I’ll hang about even if it’s not a vag car (if I’m allowed) that rs3 does look good though think I prefer the saloon
  4. no mate, as nippy as the golf is it just doesn’t excite me it’s all too safe dare I say boring ??
  5. not sure yet mate I’m tempted by a tt . Or a rs5
  6. You need to do as little contact as possible I would seal then use a wheel cleaner and rinse. Even with the best brushes they will eventually mark
  7. From the first quick look it looked like something I’d pull off my prick after 3 mins of fun. but will it leave a residue, I wouldn’t use it
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 15 minutes

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Well time has come to sell my R. It’s currently on 34895 miles but will increase slightly. • 2015 - 65 plate ( private plate not inc) • lapiz blue • full black leather in mint condition • sat nav • paddle extensions • forge turbo inlet pipe and elbow •034 lower dog bone mount • Vag sport res delete fitted by Vag Manchester - I still have the res if required. • exhaust flaps coded open • rear lights coded via obd11 • Emanuelle design lowering springs (standards available if required) • full VW history • haldex serviced a few thousand miles ago. • new bonnet catch and cable as the last one snapped - common fault • carbon mirror covers not so good bits. • few stone chips to the front this happens a lot on the lapiz blue • small car park ding in drivers door im looking at offers around £18,200. There is still finance on the car and buyer would need to pay them direct before I let the car go. Any balance to be paid directly to me via bank transfer or cash Email is probably the best way to contact me due to being at work.


    Wolverhampton - GB

  9. To me from that picture it looks like the paint has failed ???? If so they will need a refurb. It doesn’t look like a fall out remover will shift that for what I can see
  10. I’ve had a few samples of the sams stuff me too wasn’t impressed the best one I think was the wheel soap the rest was crap imo
  11. Wax planet 8 below works well and beat bh in tests done by Jon (forensic detailing) on you tube
  12. I’ve used torco in the passed it seems to make exhaust note deeper and does seem to run better but may be placebo effect not used any in the r yet
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