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  1. hi, help me please , I also made the mistake of resetting the steering wheel sensor (golf 7 2013) please tell me what you did? plss man

  2. My rear wiper makes horrid noises and its 9 months old. Maybe its due to give birth.
  3. I wonder if the offroad menu could encourage you to see how many degrees (angle) you can push the wheel angles lol. Or how fast you can go over rough terrain. Only if you have deep pockets of course hahha James
  4. Have i asked a stupid question ? was the how low comment referring to my question James
  5. Hello Can the Think Blue Trainer be enabled through the green screen menu. After enabling developer mode in the infotainment module Can think blue trainer be enabled on the 5G0035820A MIB1 Thanks James p.s 2015 1.4 tsi 122 Golf Match Blue motion tech
  6. I agree about the fact there are no rear footwell lights. and door strip lights in the rear. James
  7. You are lucky that they did not unplug the camera and put it on the passenger seat. I asked for mine to be left alone on the windscreen etc. I was told it was to do with data protection incase other customers names were mentioned etc. I think its incase they do what they have done to your car etc. James
  8. How do i find out the Oil type required for my GF's Car Am i allowed to show the vin so that somebody can find out ? James
  9. The Dry one from what i read from the link given above. has a hex plug at the bottom for draining but no fill plug so people are putting the new oil in through the breather tube or selector cover ? Usually its left for 120K KM's which is rather excessive for a fairly new designed box. Its oil afterall and it deteriorates over time and use. Are R's 4WD ? If so how often do you change the back axle oil ? James
  10. Hello Thankyou for your comments The VW website does not specify which type of DSG which is helpful. But You are right. DSG's are notoriously troublesome. then some are perfectly fine. James
  11. Hello everyone My Gf has just bought a 2015 1.4 120 SE TSI Is the dealership right that it does not need an oil and filter change on the DSG Gearbox. Thanks in advance James
  12. Do you happen to know what the part numbers were for the parts needed to upgrade to nav James
  13. Its bluetooth. you download the app to your smartphone. or better still download it to your tablet if you have one.
  14. Get it from where Dopper Says. its £60
  15. that was a month or two ago surely when they did that massive promo. or is there another promotion. Fair play though :-)
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