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  1. Its bluetooth. you download the app to your smartphone. or better still download it to your tablet if you have one.
  2. Get it from where Dopper Says. its £60
  3. that was a month or two ago surely when they did that massive promo. or is there another promotion. Fair play though :-)
  4. Thats a good price if its pro. Credits are only needed if you do Pre Set Programming. Ie click that you want scandinavian rear lights for example If you change things as you would with VCDS its free. If you use it as intended its great. Let me know if you get it. James
  5. There are two main reasons why an engine would pump oil out of thebreather pipe: The engine is overfilled with oil. ... The engine blow-by is excessive. This hap- pens when the rings do not seal properly and the combustion pressure reaches the crankcase, forcing the oil out the breather pipe. another reason is the pipe is split or its split where it connects to the plastic pipe
  6. its from the breather hose ? thats oil mist. if you wipe it away how long before it comes back James
  7. I got mine from ebay. then you need to purchase the Pro Pack James
  8. Google Golf 7 OBDeleven and there are lists of things you can do safely or Golf 7.5 OBDeleven
  9. They say they took it to vw because nobody wants to fiddle with an potentially Blow up in your face device. Please take it to vw (not teaching you to suck eggs) its an airbag. we want you to survive and post/live another day
  10. Plz thank me with the face or cup or etc lol :p need ratings here ahaha
  11. Mine scared the Balls from me. I drove into a parking space too quickly with a hedge and it slammed on the brakes Making me look like an idiot to the person in the car next to me it appeared to them that i did an emergency stop in a parking space 😅
  12. You have not gone and done a "me" have you not assuming at all
  13. Should it be reset when the car is warm or does it not matter
  14. Hello hope you are all well. how big is the golf R line fuel tank im sure I saw its 50 or 55 litres Vw connect says it's full at 48 litres and won't go past that even though on my last fill I put 51 litres in with 50 miles left on the miles left thingy also I only have 1 usb port is that normal lol James
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