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  1. I was looking at exactly the same set of BBS wheels for mine and it has to be silver. I already have black mirror caps but with current Cadiz its not an OCD problem for me as they match either!
  2. Gave it a quick wash but no time to do any polishing or wax.
  3. NJS

    Write off?

    I had a 66 plate and also while it was parked ( I was out of the country!) a road cleaning truck did rear bumper rear quarter pillar and rear door. Didn't look as bad as yours but it was repaired without question. I asked the VW repairers on first inspection if it was would be written of and they said unlikely. I hope it turns out OK for you.
  4. I guess you know the VW extended warranty is refundable pro-rata, less an admin fee of course. This may ease the pain a minor amount.
  5. Looks like my list of things to buy is getting longer!! I'm going to be so busy when the stuff arrives! Blue logos, dechrome for grille, caliper colours will all be ordered.
  6. Looks very good. Lapiz is a good colour and it seems a lot are ordering the MK8 in it as the colour choice is very limited on that model at the moment. I thought about an estate for their practicality but I already have another 'thing' to take stuff down the tip so went for the hatchback again. I am also waiting for better weather to post pics.
  7. NJS

    New to this forum.

    Thanks for all the welcome messages. In response to the performance of the WRX to the R they are rather different animals on many ways. The golf is quicker as it has more low range torque and more HP. The turbo lag of the WRX was huge but once you got it on boost it was great. The boxer engine is renowned for its sound. Permanent AWD is the thing I miss most as it allowed you to drift the car in control without electronics interfering. The comfort of the ride which was much better. Also try and get 2 spare wheels in the boot of the golf without folding down the seats. The resounding 'clang' the boot made me laugh whenever you closed it. The comment 'just like a golf' was always being made in jest whenever I closed it. All said I am very happy with the golf and I had a number of other versions of them before. Tuning may start once all this terrible COVID problem eases and also when the weather improves.
  8. NJS

    New to this forum.

    I thought it was about time to say hello to all you fellow 'R' owners. I have been looking on this site for a while but never introduced myself. I am currently on my second R. The first was a '66' plate mk7 hatchback in Lapis blue, and was pretty standard spec, I got that one in March 2019. In December 2020 I traded it in for another one. The one I have now is mk7.5, on a '20' plate, also in Lapis blue, but it has sunroof and leather. It was first registered by VW head office in Milton Keynes on 30th June 2020 so it is probably one of the last 7.5 hatchback versions registered but I don't really know. It has a lot more 'toys' than the last one as the 'standard' spec seemed to change a lot towards the end or the model run. Once the weather improves I will take some photo's but I may have to wash it first as the current snow flurries aren't as good a snow foam nor doing a good enough job of cleaning it.! Previous car was a Subaru Impreza WRX which was reliable, fun, and really heavy on fuel - 8 to 10mpg when driven hard and fast (within the speed limit of course) - so the Golf is a lot better. This forum is such a useful place to find out all the things I didn't realise I needed to know!! Seeing other members cars and thinking 'I should get one of those etc.' is great. I am already tapping into the knowledge here and hopefully , at some stage, I will be able to contribute some as well. Also, I never knew there were so many products available to keep a car clean.
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