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  1. Hi Richard, I'm in Coventry next week so could drop by with the car. Cant send you a PM on here for some reason. Can you drop me an email ? [email protected] Cheers
  2. Wow! High end stuff. Thanks for the suggestion 😀
  3. Hi all. Picked up my 7R a few weeks ago, which has suffered some cosmetic damage at the hands of the previous owner (they thought it was part of the styling) Can anyone recommend a trusted bodyshop in the east mids/ Leicestershire area? Any suggestions appreciated. Image of damage below 😟
  4. Hey, really enjoyed reading your detailing threads and photos! Is there a single great place to source your detailing gear (mitts, wax, polish etc) or is it a case of buying from individual suppliers? 

    Thanks :)

    1. Booth11


      Hi and thanks very much. :)  Glad you found the threads to be helpful and enjoyable. 

      I tend to source from a few places depending on what I’m buying, and who has what in stock.  There are some great detailing product websites that stock loads of brands and are good places to get the majority from.  In the first post of this thread there’s links to some of best sites so take a look at those. 


  5. Finally purchased a MK7 R, and now the fun job of getting it insured! Brightside are coming up cheapest on price comparison sites.. Anyone have experience with them ? they are about £150 cheaper than the next nearest. Standard MK7, 36 year old, 13 NCB, 10K miles, £600 excess, Leicester Postcode) LV, AA, Admiral and Elepahant are not as competitive, but i have heard of / used them in the past. Adrian Flux, declined to quote and their service was laughable 😤 I tried varying the start date of the policy, that made no difference. Any tips or experience appreciated !
  6. I'm pleased to say the seller realised i wasnt a complete numpty and trusted me to drive the car 3rd party. I didnt exactly drive it as vigorously as intended, but the test confirmed no mechanical issues or concerns whatsoever, with 8k on the clock it felt and smelt like a brand new car! Picking it up on Wednesday 😄 Now the fun job of getting full insurance sorted 😑
  7. Good points and I agree. Perhaps when the seller sees I'm not an absolute lunatic they'll feel more at ease letting me have a quick drive and feel, 3rd party 😁
  8. Thanks, although ageas advised me it's illegal to have 2 policies on the same vehicle simultaneously. Head scratch!
  9. Thanks mate, tried to log in, but isn't recognising my postcode 🤨
  10. Hi All, I'm viewing an R tomorrow and plan to test drive it. I'm covered 3rd party to drive other vehicles. The seller wont allow me to drive the car unless im fully comp, which my insurance company say means the seller adding me to their insurance for the day!? (Not gonna happen i think) Has anyone has this problem and know a good way around the issue? (the R is insured with the seller, so cant take out 1 day insurance) I'm travelling a long way and dont want to commit £20k+ without driving the car Thanks in advance 😀 Dave
  11. Cheers JH. I'm learning tons of good info on here, thanks to all so far. The search continues...and now considering upping the budget for a 7.5 🤔 Also, I've read a bit on here about WLTP rules changing affecting the later models. Was this a 7.5 change? Or is it a feature of some 7's too? Is there a definitive manufacture date? I understand it's a drop in power due to emissions regs, but are there any other buyers considerations?
  12. Indeed, I like to think I've got a keen eye for uneven panel gaps and colour mismatches 😁 Speaking of cosmetic imperfections, my local dealer has 10 or so spanking new 7.5's on the forecourt, and the level of prep is horrific- adhesive tack from protective covers left on collecting dirt, and looks like they've been cleaned with a brillo pad. Shocking.
  13. Cheers Dave, Yeah, I'm thinking DSG and leather are the minimum, although my neighbourhood is rife with speed bumps, so DCC might be wise. If App connect is carplay/android auto then I'd be fine with that.
  14. Thanks for the info Jenson, I had budgeted about £22k, although it seems I'd be looking at a bog standard 66 plate with low ish miles for that money (dealer) Looks like I'll need to save a few more pennies and pounce on the right one when it comes.
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