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  1. Always excited to see an update in here and you never disappoint.
  2. Was offered an R600 at an incredibly reasonable price and it included the coolant reroute pipe which in my opinion is a must. Fitted, took the photo and then had some lunch and haven't driven it since fitting so can't comment on it other than it looks good.
  3. Thanks. 8x18 et45 Spacers: 15mm rear 10mm front
  4. Sorry missed these comments. Yeah, rate them. They feel more compliant than my hatch did on VWR springs. Almost OEM feeling. Only factory tint AFAIK. Another pic, because why not.
  5. In short, no. The most obvious difference between this one and the Airtec gen 1 I had on my Golf R hatch, is that this one comes with silicone intercooler hoses. The gen 1 intercooler was a bare intercooler. I've not taken it out the box to be honest.
  6. Sounds good, upload a photo when you have it done? Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.
  7. Sorry if I've missed it but what version splitter is it? Maxton have a few. Happy with the quality of it?
  8. Thought I'd add the most recent pictures which show the wrapping of the roof bars and grill a bit better. Also Airtec Gen2 Intercooler turned up.
  9. Recently had the roof rails and grill bar wrapped gloss black. I also swapped out the CF wing mirror covers for gloss black ones as I just wanted that sleeper'ish OEM+ look. Only photo I have was a recent family trip to the park. Got a few parts building up before fitting the L380X sometime soon, hopefully.
  10. No but thanks. Regards
  11. Took some photos recently.
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