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  1. I also picked up a second hand Scorpion, resonated and valved CatBack with Miltek tips. The resonated section was a bit mullered so I bought a new one which was surprisingly reasonably priced. To complete the exhaust I went for a scorpion decat. Performance seems increased, spools up quicker and more repsonsive. Sound is ideal for what I wanted, not to in your face loud but with the valves open and WOT, it sounds great.
  2. Had Royal Steering Wheels retrim my wheel last week. Went for full black alcantara with yellow stitching to lift the cabin and give it some colour. My wife driving.... Risky I know.
  3. New exhaust looks spot on. Perfect OEM+ look.
  4. Yeah, that's crazy. Love it mate.
  5. Wow. This is going to be something. I believe I live near you and James, South Wales Valleys?
  6. Looks great mate. Fond of watching James video's on youtube, sure I've seen your R on there.
  7. Great build. Leyo catch can easy fit?
  8. Posted in Mk7 R readers rides but here's my stage 1 manual R. Recent Airtec fitting....
  9. Hi Mate, The graph looks really odd, there's a dip in the middle and then at the top end it goes a bit wavy. Tips look great all shiny. How'd you get them off?
  10. Huge cost really, when you look at the damage and considering the car is quite common parts should be readily available etc. Not taking anything away from the costs, I'm not a body repair guy, just surprised. If you saw the other car first, you'd expect the Golf to have a lot more damage than it has. Stood up really well to the impact.
  11. Bowen

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    Welcome to the club. Get some pictures up when you can.
  12. Bowen

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    Welcome to the club. Get some pictures up when you can.
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