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  1. Not posted in her before. Not necessarily done in a day but over a week. Painted my brake calipers Refurbed and changed the colour of my wheels On the car Received my Littco turbo Fitted my MST intake Being manual, the knob can be floppy. So I fitted the 42Draft designs bushing kit. Busy few days.
  2. Nice mate and thanks for the compliment. Something so right about a standard R. I even like the chrome.
  3. Lockdown purchases and changes. Started with painting the calipers: Then the wheels, which I wasn't sure about at first but they are growing on me: The this arrived from Dan at Littco L380X: Hopefully have this fitted and mapped when Corona is over.
  4. Not much to update really, gave the Golf a lockdown wash like most people have. I did do some retail therapy and picked up an MST intake system, yet to test it as well "lockdown". Looking for a hybrid turbo supplier but they are all on lockdown too.
  5. Saw you posted on a FB group and it was great to see people lose their minds over your R, yet there's a well documented build thread here. Good to see forums still have a place. Keep the updates coming.
  6. Been really busy with work and being a dad to a 7 month old, so the Golf has taken a bit of a back seat. I did have to go to Anglesey in late Feb so I stopped for a quick photo in Snowdonia. On the drive back from North to South Wales, the rattle I mentioned above returned. Only this time I was able to make it happen almost on command. It seems the rattle or knock, comes from the front passenger side wheel when going through standing water. The rattle/knock starts and then when the wheel area drys out the knock stops?! It's odd, really odd and although I thought it was a loose exhaust clamp, it's clearly not. There's no other effect other than hearing a knock, engine has power, steering is responsive and no sooner does the knock start it stops. This only happens in very wet weather?! Other news, I took the Golf to DMS in South Wales who remapped the car in stock form just to see how the decat and FMIC is helping. Cant recall the exact figures but 360bhp, since fitting the decat and FMIC I have lost some mid range but gained at the top end. Engine temps are 20c lower too. At this point I was going to go stage 2 but I want to ensure reliability, so currently looking for an IS38 hybrid turbo. I have been in touch with Littco about an L380X and Venom turbos as they also supply a ballbearing IS38. That's it for now.
  7. Another drive to North Wales with work. Weather was awful most of the way but it stop raining/snowing as I drove through Snowdonia.
  8. Nice mate. Where in Wales are you from? Few of us on here now, need a meet.....
  9. Hi Mate, Standard clutch started slipping before mapping so I changed it out for a performance clutch before going stage 1. Preventative messaure with manuals. I've got a build thread on here if you want to find out more. These pics were taken on a road trip between South and North Wales.
  10. WTAF! What and how did that happen, regardless gutted for you mate.
  11. No messing here, straight in to the mods. Sounds like you have a good garage too, R daily and an ED30 for fun. Keep it up man.
  12. Thanks for the comments. Hope everyone had a great Christmas? Rattle turned out to be a loose exhaust clamp. Tightened and sorted.
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