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  1. Posted in Mk7 R readers rides but here's my stage 1 manual R. Recent Airtec fitting....
  2. Hi Mate, The graph looks really odd, there's a dip in the middle and then at the top end it goes a bit wavy. Tips look great all shiny. How'd you get them off?
  3. Huge cost really, when you look at the damage and considering the car is quite common parts should be readily available etc. Not taking anything away from the costs, I'm not a body repair guy, just surprised. If you saw the other car first, you'd expect the Golf to have a lot more damage than it has. Stood up really well to the impact.
  4. Bowen

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    Welcome to the club. Get some pictures up when you can.
  5. Bowen

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    Welcome to the club. Get some pictures up when you can.
  6. Bowen

    Not a great start

    Jheez that's not a great first impression. Hope it's all sorted and you can get around to enjoying it.
  7. Fitted an Airtec FMIC this weekend. The instructions seemed fairly easy, a mere 8 pages. Now I'm competent with a set of spanners but this took me a day. Unnecessary ammount of work by vw to hide the OEM FMIC. Some pretty brittle clips and hard tk reach screws but I got it on. Took it for a drive after fitting. Feels like it spools up quicker and more freely.
  8. I see it, upside down Mike Meyers/Halloween mask. Ha.
  9. Just ticked over 500 miles on the RTS clutch, judder is still there in first and reverse but its nothing to complain about compared to dailying the cupra with the Sachs organic. Now with 500 miles on the clutch it meant it was time to remap. Visited my local tuner who also mapped the Cupra, DMS Performance in Newport. It was a rather warm day and the unit/warehouse/garage was also very warm. Ambient temps were well over 30c. Left with a reasonable 350bhp/350lbs.ft, they did say to come back on a slightly cooler day and that an FMIC would help greatly. Naturally I order one and should be here this week, I went for an Airtec as I had one in my Megane which did the job well. The map makes such a night and day difference, power is linear and progressive with no noticeable increase in lag. Certainly feels quicker than 350bhp on cooler day.
  10. Forgot to add you can get the RTS clutch from awesome gti or progressive parts for the same money as Sachs.
  11. Thanks mate. ManualFriends! Can't be too many of us. I got a WG Motorparts short shifter, it's adjustable so you can change it from mega short to a bit shorter than OEM. I had a Sachs Organic in my Cupra. For day to day driving I found it just a bit to heavy in stop start traffic, on the very very odd occasion my wife drove the Cupra she just couldn't press the pedal down. The RTS had an OEM pedal feel. It judders in first gear until bedded in but after that it feels exactly like OEM. Work in Cardiff and live just outside. If you're close you can try the RTS clutch if you want? Is there a regions section? Could get a small meet together if there is appetite for it...
  12. Thanks appreciate the feedback. 😊
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    That's me i had a blue Megane RS250.
  14. Where to begin. Prior to the Golf R, I owned and loved my Renault Megane RS250. It was and is the best drivers car I have ever driven. I fettled with it pretty extensively, B14 Coilovers, FMIC, Decat, Recaro Pole Positions, sticky tyres, striped out and a remap of 310bhp. Just before winter 2018, I was just about to place the Megane in the garage on the trickle charger when I decided to sell. It was a car that needed to be used. The day after I listed it, a guy and his missus travelled down from Leeds with the asking price in cash. Quick, easy, stress free sale. Renault Megane RS250 CUP by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Rs250 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr I wanted a car that could be both practical to use everyday and to have a bit of poke. I knew the Cupra has pedigree after it stole the Nurburgring record from the Megane. So with a bit of research I knew I wanted a Cupra. I also wanted a manual (yes, that's right manual) as coming from such a driver focused car in to an auto/DSG would have been too much for me to take. The hunt began. Enter my Leon Cupra 280, Manual, Dynamic grey, Black pack with heated front buckets. Breathed on it a bit Collection day or near enough: 20181007_194805 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Then came some changes. In no particular order and not all have images: Turbo elbow Intake hose VWR Springs TRC Splitter Maxton designs spoiler extension Sachs Performance clutch DMS Performance remap 370bhp/368lbf Team Dynamics Possibly forgotten somethings.... IMG_20190209_131407_674 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190216_180449_814 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190217_144640_125 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr Even after fitting a dogbone mount and new tyres it still suffered with wheelhop in anything other than bone dry conditions. Plus the Golf R was always in the back of my mind... Step forward my white, manual, 5 door, R. Bought from Sinclair VW in Cardiff, service was fantastic. I managed to remove most engine bits from the Cupra to the R including the Team Dynamics Then most recently I added a KSB Splitter and Maxton spoiler extension. And that brings us to today. Mods so far: Panel Filter Turbo intake pipe Turbo Elbow Short shifter Clutch delay valve removed and pedal stop RTS Clutch VWR Springs Powerflex dogbone mount Team Dynamic 1.3s Res Delete Black badges and wing mirror covers KSB splitter Maxton spoiler Next, in no particular order: Remap Downpipe Intercooler Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.
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