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  1. Thanks all. quick question, what is the proper procedure for bedding in new discs and pads. And for how long do you do this. is it a matter of not driving to hard into corners and standing on the brakes all the time. ‘Or as your braking lift of and then on, to try and keep less heat building up. please correct me on this, don’t want to wast more money buying new parts and not driving accordingly. cheers.
  2. “A nearly new car with low miles might mean the first owner was the VW dealer you bought the car from or it was a car on VW’s own fleet. If so, then it may have had a number of ‘enthusiastic’ drivers using it, and there’s a good chance the brakes weren't bedded in properly” My thoughts also. The Clubsport Brakes look great, are they much more expensive than the standard ones? would have been surprised if everyone had the same sort of issues. So I did have an idea something wasn’t right. I just want the car performing the way it is supposed to. Brilliant to drive otherwise. Thanks all for replying
  3. I got the car 3 months old, with 1000 miles. It has been the same since then, perhaps the first owner didn’t bed them in correctly. Its a chunk of change for new genuine parts £££! Is best advice to replace with genuine, don’t go to eurocarparts or like. i can fit them no problem, just spent a day taking them all apart to check and clean them. Nothing obviously wrong looking with them. Would definitely be interested in your new brakes, but I think as I am in Ireland, it might be a bit too far. Lol. thanks anyway
  4. Well, I haven’t tried that, Don’t really want to turn off that bit of kit! you feel that they are smoother when its on. Not so much when turned off? whats your experience with yours.
  5. Thanks, I was thinking the discs could be warped. Could I try cross drilled discs as a alternative. Keep them cooler. Or do you suggest I change them for standard genuine ones. Also, I am mybe not describing it the best. It isn’t really that bad, but I can definitely notice it isn’t smooth. I’m quit sensitive to any roughness like this. I have a 206 diesel, and the brakes are very smooth on it. It’s not a great comparison I know Lol. anyway I appreciate the advice.
  6. hi, I just wanted to ask others experience and advice on the standard front brakes on the golf r. mine is a 2018 7.5. does anyone else think that the standard setup is not adequate enough for this car. I only have 3000 miles on my car now, but I have noticed if I am braking hard, the brake feel is very rough, and it vibrates up though the whole car and the steering column. It’s not bad but definitely noticeable. I have been reading others have upgraded the brakes for beefier ones. Which probably should have been fitted to a car with this performance from new. i was considering changing the brakes with standard new ones, just thinking mine mybe had a issue, but is probably a wast of money, as this is the way they perform from new. so if anyone else can let me know there experience, and if they feel the same sort of harshness with brakes, and if they done anything with them. cheers.
  7. Hi, I really feel for you. I work for a small body shop myself. And when cars like this come in, i really just treat them like their mine. Do the work like it’s my own car I’m Repairing. To think there are companies out their like this one, giving the rest of us a bad name is very concerning. If this happened with my car I don’t know what I would do. I am lucky I can do most things myself, But I know others have no choice but to put their trust in firms to work on their car, you should expect to have a professional service done. Hope you get it sorted one way or another.
  8. Yes, sounds good. Let me know when suits you.
  9. Hi I just joined. ‘Would certainly be interested in attending a meet someday. I’m up in the north.
  10. Thanks, yes I have been reading that the clutch is a bit rubbish for this car/engine. a lot of folks seem to have upgraded the clutch and associated parts for reliability. i haven’t, and won’t be doing any launches in the car that’s for sure. I try to drive carefully, only using the power and speed when it’s safe to do so. Hopefully it will behave itself if I don’t abuse it.
  11. Hi, first time posting here, seems to be the place to come for everything ‘R’ related Having just recently bought my first golf r, it’s a 2018 7.5 manual, with only 2000 miles. Basically like new. I have just started to notice that something seems not quite right with my clutch operation. went for a blast in the car the other night, and after a few miles I noticed the clutch engagement was extremely light, it really took me by surprise how light it was to engage. The car still drove and changed gears fine, I didn’t notice anything else, so I just ignored it. But then when I stopped at filling station to top up the fuel. Whenever I set off again, I immediately noticed the clutch engagement was very heavy, and when I changed from 1st to 2nd I got quite a clunking sensation, almost as if I was going to stall. I drove on for a few more miles anyway. The the clutch was still heavy, it was possible getting a bit lighter again. it changed gears ok and no other issues with the way it drove. I hadn’t noticed this when I collected my car from the dealership, or on the journey home with it. I bought it in England and drove it home here to Ireland, so a long enough journey to notice if anything was not quite right with it. So I’m asking has anyone else had something similar to what I am ‘trying’ to describe. Is it just one of those things that sometimes happens with the car, or If there is possibly an underlying issue to resolve. Or something simple like bleeding the clutch system, mybe not done correctly in the factory. I’m just not sure if it’s something I should be concerned about. anyway, I hope some of you with a lot of experience with these cars could let me know what you think. thanks.
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