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  1. Switch on your drivers side, by the seat bolster on the A pillar ;o)
  2. Jens0n

    What was?

    1983 - Escort 1300E, it's upside down for a reason.... Oops
  3. Jens0n

    What was?

    Thanks for sharing - what a Car! My father had one of these for a couple of years, very quick in it's day and recall endless traffic light races. Especially recall how he/we loved spanking the Jags of the day away from lights. Overdrive in 3rd and 4th, it was effectively a six speed box. Oh and recall it needed a new Camshaft ( @NRW confirming 16VOHC) at one point which done per the manual was engine out job ... not dad.. There was a £hooky fix of drilling a hole in it's nose, underneath the badge and extracting/inserting through there! J.
  4. Having fitted the Pedalbox last Friday and driven around 100 or so miles , I have to say the jury is still out. A little history - MY last RRS suffered from what's known as the Suicide pause, which was slightly different in as much as after coming to stop and wanting to (cough) blend quickly onto a roundabout for example, it would be stuck in 2nd gear and take moment to engage drive - consider the problem to be twice that of the delay the R has and you can imagine the heart stopping moments that causes in a bigger wagon when you've got something coming at you quicker than originally thought.😳 It was this similar, but not the same, driver experience of the DSG box that I wanted to eliminate with the PB. Good news is that PB definitely eliminates this experience, no question! I installed the PB and set initially at Standard Sports mode, hated it.. For me the throttle was far to sensitive and the box didn't know which gear it wanted to select, continually hunting up and down depending on the throttle input..pulling away from standstill was to aggressive, no matter how light footed I was the first lurch forward was horrid and turned the car into a catapault for the first car length of pull away. Sports mode, for me was far to aggressive. Sadly much of my driving is done in start stop urban 30/50 limits. It only took about 30 miles of driving before changing to City mode, which I think is better, and maybe as the profile indicates, more suited to my typical environment. In City mode the car's still a little jerky on pull away, no matter how sensitive I am with the throttle, and start stop driving isn't as silky as is without the PB. Like I said jury is still out and will have made up my mind before the end of this weekend - It's the delta between the silky smooth pull away with out PB and a mode that I can find with PB that'll not have you, for example, spill a hand held 7/8 full cup of water when you breath on the throttle from a stop. Welcome any shared experience in this respect. J.
  5. Jens0n

    Newbie :-)

    Yay, another LSG =o) Welcome.
  6. Jens0n

    Three data sim

    Not when I took up the offer earlier this year, no purchase required. J
  7. Jens0n

    Three data sim

    Iirc - When you register the sim to the network it will receive a text with a code that you’ll need to validate on the 3 website. So you’ll need the sim in a device that can read sms messages. How this helps. J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Careful of speed on these smart motorways. Friend if mine, not me - honest, caught at 52 in a 50 and ended up taking the speed awareness course vs points. Yep you read right 52 in a 50! J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Lol, want a small turning circle, get a London taxi [emoji6] And Sorry to hear about your issues with Prets, understandably not a fan. J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jens0n


    What others have said, look to get a price with drive the deal/ carwow etc.. and use that as a starting price. If it’s a car they have in stock vs a factory order they’ll be looking to shift, regardless of how they position an argument to you - new car sales aren’t strong at the moment. Good luck with the purchase. J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hey Tammy, this has been a question asked in various forms a number of times and you’ll get many a different response. From experience, I came from a mk7 GTD with 18’ Bridgestones from new and now have a mk7 R with PZeros. The Bridgestones On 18’s were harsh teeth rattlers in comparison with the smoother PZeros on 19’s. Saying that, I suspect that DCC makes a subtle difference [emoji85] A few would say that the Prets are fragile and made of butter and to stay away. I don’t buy into that popycock argument[emoji3061]. Being a new wagon you might have Spielberg’s anyway so not an topic need consider if so. 18’s vs 19’s cosmetically, going to get shot down in[emoji91] here but 19’s all the way. Not sitting on the fence on this one [emoji6] Good luck in landing what you like and want. J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Personally, I'd walk away. 3 owners in three years doesn't sit well with my paranoia. Have to ask the question why and unless I had qualified information as to the genuine reasons for sale. If I was persuaded otherwise, I'd be looking for at least a years Manufacture warranty with the car. Not sure when the car was registered but here in the UK it's typically 3yrs from 1st registration date. Good luck in your quest. J.
  13. Jens0n


    Not long now then = o) Also came from a MK7 GTD - Welcome and Enjoy! J.
  14. So following the comments in the thread, thx Rebecca/all, I've confirmed with my insurer Admiral that the pedal box is OK and they've changed my policy to reflect as of Monday for a simple admin charge of £19.50. Looking forward to installing on Monday and anticipating it's going to be as good as you most mention. J.
  15. np, glad you got the dongle sorted ;o) you and I are going to have to get a room if it carries on like this 🤢 I'm an early MY17 car with MiB2, not the facelift so therein part of the difference. Yes Pocketworld does require a subscription, the database is updated monthly albeit I guess with very small changes. I went down the POIbase option as though the interface, loading SD card and updating Nav was ,imo, a little easier although nothing much in it. I use waze in my daily driver and it pick's up static speed camera's, I've not come across mobile cameras in year or so I've been using, although in fairness I'm aware of most of the 'sneaky spots' on my route(s) and typically in med/traffic with little or no chance of doing anything silly. It's the weekend driving and road trips with the R that I think Waze will serve it's purpose with the audible sound alerts, hence enabling Appconnect to have Waze on the headunit. J.
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