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  1. No, sorry I'm South East. Thought (was sure) with the pro you didn't need the genuine VW card to load maps. Maybe someone else in the Midlands can help? If not, my offer to have you post a standard SD card out to me and I'll load with files and return still stands. J.
  2. adding after rereading thread, the format you mention above is file format for MIB1, I know this coming from a 2015 GTD with Nav.
  3. I might be able to help, long story 66 plate not pro, bu99ered my Nav card on same/similar update. Went to dealer, coerced them to lend me an SD Nav card from new car that could copy content and return to them. Did so, copied content inserted into media and it recognised and updated no problem. Caveat , I don't have pro media MIB2 and do need my VW card permanently plugged in. I still have the SD card contents on my mac and if wanted to post me an SD Card I'll gladly load up and post back.. iirc it's around 27GB of files. Let me know if can help. J.
  4. Currently running Stage 4+, I took mine off and the car dynoed an additional +0.65BHP at the wheels. A nice little gain, although have to admit , day to day driving it's not a nice place to be now, seriously considering putting them back on. J.
  5. Thanks Rebecca, like you said in that case a no brainer.. Been in touch with OBDeleven customer support and received response ref 2nd generation "we are planning that devices will be available in the first half of August." I'll be ordering pro version soon as in stock. J.
  6. Not looking to hijack ,thread nor make it a VCDS vs OBD11 =o) Could you good people give me an idea on the cost of OBD apps that are going to enable me to: Switch off Soundaktor, Change the comfort blink to 4 cycles Fan speed showing in auto. Enable off road display Heated Seat memory Full rear brake lights. I’ve used VCDS lite in the past and it’s time for me to have a device with access to long coding. I can easily source VCDS new from US for $199 (approx £160). Aware that OBD pro or ultimate {available soon} is + credit costs for apps, I’m equally happy with either, just curious on the ongoing costs of OBD11 Thx J.
  7. Jens0n

    cutting compound

    +1 for Dodo juice lime prime. Maybe by hand as a starting point. J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yay, another LSG ! =o) Welcome and enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Like Rebecca, first tactic - empty my washer bottle. then mixture of : Frustrating them a little also buy mixing the speed up a bit, motorways/ dual carriageways outside lane overtake only couple of mph faster than car on my inside, pull over and accelerate so they're left hanging in outside lane. By then if they're just habitual tailgaters and haven't woken up to the fact they've pi%%ed me off I'l just let them pass. J.
  10. Hi All, I'm about to pull the trigger on APR Stg1 ECU and TCU tune and noticed that APR had posted they were offering a discount on software a the Performance German day this weekend gone. From APR UK Facebook page: "We will be at Performance German Day this Saturday and will have a discount sale on software. Anybody wishing to book in for the offer please see us at the Awesome stand, if you are interested in having software booked in at your local dealer, we will assist in the booking and will talk to your dealer on your behalf." Did anyone at the show catch what the discount was? and/or have you seen APR run UK promotions in the past? I'm keen to know to gauge if worth while waiting for the next promotion to come along. Thanks in advance J.
  11. Didn’t care much for the look of the TCR in the photos but seeing it in the flesh,, Darn.. it’s one good looking car. Good luck in your choice, you’ll not be disappointed with either am sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Had a day of borrowing a good mates CLS63 AMG. Off to play Golf, I had another mate, who’s a police officer sat besides me. Having said that did give it a little {cough} blast up an on ramp to the M25. Maximum grin factor and a licence looser without question. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I'm a fan of the Weathertech custom fit mats. They're a non slip rubber mat with lip to capture any spills. I can't vouch for the estate version but I have, and have had, a couple for both my 5 door MKVII's (there's a version for upper and lower floor position) https://www.weathertecheurope.com/uk/volkswagen/2016/golf-estate/cargo-liner/ link to estate version. J.
  14. I paid to have voice activated on my 15GTD which was MIB1. Iirc was around £120 of money well spent given my poor reading sight and the dangerous distraction of programming satnav/navigating phone book contacts whilst on the move. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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