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  1. Not going to apologise for the comment, taking pics when driving, especially after dropping off at a school... Sooner the new laws come into place to fine for this irresponsible behaviour the the better. J
  2. Ignore my response and do what Becky says, as will I in the future =o))
  3. Plenty of others will add to this I'm sure. Just for completeness of your routine - I would, and do, jet wash before the snow foam stage. J.
  4. RS3 coil packs £159 for 4, and VW plugs £73. I'm at 4 years / 31K in December and had been toying with a Stage1 tune where it's been recommended, not mandated, to have the latest coil packs and plugs changed. I've decided against the tune but will change plugs this service. As with @camelsac2002 I'd only change the coil packs if there was a problem, and then all four at the same time. ( I had this happen with my V5 Golf) J.
  5. Admiral multi car policy, Jumped 13% on last year. The Golf is £30 cheaper to insure than my wifes 1.25 ecoboost Fiesta! Crazy... Golf £350. 12yrsNCB/clean licence. J.
  6. Another LSG owner here, welcome. Those wheels....Bellissimo ❤️ Enjoy J.
  7. Interesting indeed, currently you're looking at a list of £1400 for the ECU/TCU pair, a 'minimum' 30% discount brings it below the £1k mark. The release mentions across the globe, fingers crossed the UK's included. I've been sitting , waiting a tune for nearly 12 months now, APR was the route I wanted to take but the delta between them and a good £650-£900 specialist was too much to swallow for essentially the same thing , a quality/safe* tune. It's got my attention and with the view of keeping the R for another 12 months , I'm scratching my chin right now. J. safe*, all caveats considered =o)
  8. Not and advert, mods please delete if deemed so. Read this being posted in other forums today , APR - Every price for every stage and option has changed across the globe.. https://www.goapr.com/blog/post/all_new_apr_software_pricing_/ I reached out to APR UK earlier and they confirmed are looking at it this evening, maybe worth watching this space if you're considering a map. J.
  9. I have a fond memory as a teenager whilst on holiday in Bournemouth. Mini blocked dad and Uncle in on an end parking space. Mini got bounced into what was a recess for a bench, created by 1.5inch Gas pipe railings... Perfect fit for the mini, around 6 inches front and rear. Didn't see owner return but I suspect they would have been a while in getting out . =o)))
  10. You had me at "plan was to keep the engine standard and just do a couple of minor cosmetic modifications........ 8 days later I was down at VAG Manchester". Thanks for sharing, enjoyed reading. J
  11. Hi, and welcome to the forum. I had a 2015 GTD, but it wasn't keyless so can't comment on your first point. 2, the ACC, yes, standard on GTD's, it would normally work. 3, CAR Play, If showing in the menu you've probably got MIB2, the later display and head unit that was introduced in 2015, it just needs enabling through VW or other {cough} sources. Plenty of discussion on this point, just use the search function in this forum. Enjoy J.
  12. That's the first time I've seen her name Becs, Happy birthday Christine! Still looking great 😍. J
  13. At stage 3, I'd seriously consider having the original tuner continue to look after the car given their knowledge of it. Romford-Croydon's not that much of a trek. Good luck in whichever route you take, sorry can't help with a local recommendation for you. J.
  14. Take a look through this thread J.
  15. I used the live traffic function in conjunction with a 3/4G wireless dongle whilst the Car-net subscption was active and free, it worked well. When the free Car-net subscription ended I moved to Waze and have never looked back. J.
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