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  1. I'm on my second year of extended warrantee, £277 with £100 excess - no claims as of yet, thankfully. A leak on front strut was picked up during January oil change but it wasn't bad enough for VW to authorise the £504 work to replace. Service advisor suggested it probably will be around June/July, so with the £100 excess and repair- 2yrs have worked out at a cost of approx £150. I originlly purchased the plan to protect against , what at the time, seemed an inevitable water pump failure. Hindsight would have had me purchase the plan again, and if I do still own the car in January I'll be renewing for sure. J.
  2. Stunning Becs, no anxt with the DA polishers on new paint? - of course not =o) J
  3. As a daily driver the S3 looks a much nicer place to be, having said that on the occasional spirited drive it would suggest the Golf wins hands down. With regards to the base level cars reviewed, as a minimum I'd have to go with a leather interior on the Golf and the DCC equivalent on the S3 before entertaining either. At that point I'm not sure which route I'd take.. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing what drivetrain tech comes on the 8Y RS3. J.
  4. Great effort and good job! J.
  5. Jens0n

    Audi Rs3

    Thanks both, I did register on the Audi-Sport net site, not much chat about the 8Y yet, I'll take a look at the RS3OC site. As to FB, I was a member of one of the GolfR groups for a few weeks and quickly got bored of the daily 'how loud' and 'how fast my car goes in Mexico' posts. =o( J.
  6. Jens0n

    Audi Rs3

    Time for me to start planing my next move and and likely to be getting on the waiting list for the new RS3 when released later this year. Any of you RS3 folk active on other forums that could recommend? ideally the mirror image of here ;o) Thanks in advance J.
  7. This time last year hotels were booked - my 5 day trip was all scheduled and I was ready for the off. Roll on a year and I've had to reschedule bookings a few times with chosen accommodations in anticipation of things opening up. With latest advice seemingly opening up Scotland on 26th April, Everything is now booked for 29th April through 4th May. I've not been before but taken advice from friends and family on routes and beauty spots to take in. It's not so much a hoon around trip, more of an enjoy the view. Particularly looking forward to the West Coast, a meal in Badachro and Caves in Durness. Stopovers are booked in Lewiston (Loch Ness), Isle of Skye and Edinburgh. Keeping fingers crossed that covid relaxations happens as planned. J.
  8. Sad news indeed. RIP Sabine
  9. Had a pure white 8R pass me this weekend, have to say it looked absolutely stunning..... Never, and I mean never, doing black again so white has my vote. J.
  10. If you're coming to London, let us know reg number a few days prior and we'll get you the leave alone list ;o)
  11. Nooooo, a sad day =o(. Hat's off to you for that final clean though Becky, she looks awesome! J.
  12. I'm disappointed having to take advantage of this offer again, 13 months and 4500 miles since the last time =o( Pothole damage, I've picked up a sidewall damage, only a small bulge but needs replacing, and as a result going in for 2x PS4s replacements. Currently I have 6mm tread all around but reticent to replace just the one tyre so going to do a pair and keep the good one as a 'just incase' 5h*t happens, but the Costco deal eases the £pain. J.
  13. Also having Prets Just a quick note on the wheels. Every six months I rotate wheels and use the opportunity, whilst off, to do a thorough clean, seal and polish with Poor Boys wheel sealant. Thereafter, maintenance washes are almost contact free, Jetting down followed by a quick wipe with a wheel mitt to get into the fiddly crevice behind the spokes, leaving the wheels looking like new J.
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