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  1. I got a good deal on the Mountune M52 intake. It comes with the silicone hose to tidy up, really pleased with it.
  2. Mines a 19 plate mate and yes I have DCC.
  3. Agree pal, I owned a mk3 RS before my R and find it absolutely fine. Refined and quiet running dcc 19’s and on conti’s.
  4. Can someone recommend an reputable installer in the Suffolk area as i want to get mine done. Had it on RS it’s a good piece of kit.
  5. Agreed, I’ve chopped my MK3 RS in about a month ago for an R. I do miss it’s presence on the drive for sure. The R is different animal, more refined and a less entertaining to drive compared with the RS. I do miss the more direct steering too but..... The R i feel I’ve come up to date now, DSG I’m still getting used to where I feel I have to drop it a gear or two when taken a corner but on the whole a more comfortable car to drive compared to the RS as the ride was too choppy for me.
  6. Thinking about this upgrade myself, what sort of money am I looking at with the same set if you don’t mind me asking mate?
  7. Love my pano roof, let’s plenty of light in and wouldn’t be without it. The only thing that bugs me is that I think I need to wrap the rest of the roof to match the black..
  8. Hi guys, 11 wks on an yesterday picked up this little beauty. Come from MK3 Focus RS but have to say I’m impressed. 9 options in all Lapiz paint, black door mirrors, Spielbergs, pan roof, Vienna leather, DCC, climate screen & black oettinger spoiler.
  9. Mines will be done as soon as I get it. I have it on my current car from new. It’s so much easier to clean and maintain. Yeah on the face of it it’s a fair wad of money but it’s well worth it. Recommend Gtechniq its done a great job protecting mine. The finish is still glass like 3 years on.
  10. Thanks guys I’m feeling the love and looking forward to bouncing some ideas of you guys. Reading stuff all the time whilst I wait for delivery day. Leaning towards APR stage 1 (dunno which mode within that to go just yet I’m not a redline thrasher but enjoy midrange pull) and possible exhaust change to make it a bit more throaty and burble more. I got to get the car first though!! Cheers, Adz
  11. Thanks Pete, Newbie mistake for me there lol! I’ll be doing some looking around as I want a little more attitude from the exhaust. I’ve found the only way to hear the exhausts is comparing through meets tbh as vids don’t do them justice going on past experiences as they will all have a different tone. Looking for a nice burble and growl sound. 👍🏻
  12. Thanks Grant, yeah stage 1 seems to be a pretty painless way of gaining power without the need for intercoolers unrated this and that. A lot of talk of JB4 boxes but seems the APR is the better bang for the buck. Defo thinking of the res delete as that’s an easy mod for under £200 from what I’ve seen and change out the back box for some bigger tail pipes. Adz
  13. Adz Phillips

    VW R virgin

    Hi everyone, I’m Adz, 48 from Suffolk and refuse to grow up. Been a member for a few weeks now. Chopping in my M400 MK3 Focus RS, love the car but it’s time for a change due to me losing my job early next year so my plans to go to a M3 of M4 competition spec are shelved for the moment. Took a Golf R out about a month ago on the fly and was very impressed with it. Wasn’t expecting that so with that slapped a grand down on 3rd April expecting a 16 wk lead time. Currently scheduled for build W/c 13th May so getting super excited! Will enjoy the car and get some miles under it before I start a few a few mods, stage 1 and exhaust system first ( Golf is too quiet I need a little burbling and aggression coming from it. Before all that il be getting it ceramic coated and Ghost security. Spec ordered Lapiz blue, pan roof, Spielbergs, Vienna seats, DCC, Dynaudio, climate screen, black wing mirror covers, Oettinger spoiler. Couldn’t justify £3k for the Akro exhaust so will look at other options. Look forward to bouncing ideas off you guys soon. Adz
  14. I would chase that up as I ordered mine 3rd April and my build date is w/c 13th May. I would suspect the dealer is dragging its heals with order placing. For ref I ordered; Lapiz blue, Spielberg wheels, Vienna seats, Pan roof, Climate windscreen, DCC, Dynaudio, Black wing mirrors, Oettinger spoiler. Good luck!
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