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  1. That nardo grey audi with black touches looks mint! Ive seen a few people mention Caffeine & Machine, what is it.. a bit like Ace Cafe?
  2. 4WD is great for the bendy roads, fills you with confidence so you can push a bit! My previous car was RWD and it was fun but also had a bit of fear in the back of my mind the back kicking out at the wrong time. Like with that Mustang I wasnt able to push as far as the car could go
  3. Also breather pipe; Carefully wiggle breather hose off bit by bit whilst squeezing side clips and lifting at angles. It wont come out by brute force pulling straight up. And you dont need a screwdriver to lever up like a few people have said before
  4. An hour on sunday replacing these 3 parts. Not as difficult as some other people seemed to have changing.... just use lube and it does in easy! lol My tips - removing battery is a must, use elbow attachments for sockets, USE GREASE ON JOINING PARTS, pay attention to washers existing and new, careful of bolts falling down engine bay take out one at a time and dont rush Results: Nice suble woosh noises from turbo now, nothing over the top which is perfect Small reduction in turbo lag No noticable top end power Car feels more punchy mid range
  5. Adding to @Rich_D point engine oil from the breather pipe seeps into the air intake anyway so dont need to worry about small amounts of contamination from an oiled filter
  6. A few things that stop me being completely impressed with it: GEARBOX - Biggest niggle for me. In manual mode I wish it was fully manual. It downshifts itself when slowing. Shifts up at redline. This is my first auto I dont feel in control and really lets the experience down! Sunroof - Wish it opened more and placed further forward Suspension - In race mode i wish it was stiffer. Feels a bit wallowy Seats - Bit uncomfortable on lower back, leather isnt as soft as I would like. I would prefet electric too instead of a lever here, knob there, handle under lol
  7. Wow awesome! My car doesnt have think blue, Ive heard of it though. Mine hovers around 24-28.... 32-34 on motorway 36 if im paying attention but never above
  8. My favorite this year was that Toyota GT4586! Really cool to see it running too I thought it might be one of those builds where they stuff an engine into a car but doesnt really work
  9. Just an update, the light was off yesterday evening when I started it. It seems to have fixed itself! Be interesting to know processes the car goes through when the battery is disconnected etc... Im assuming now it takes a few days or hours to take baseline readings for the ACC before switching on
  10. Ill have a poke around again this evening but I dont think it will be as simple as that unforunately, theres an orange light on the dash
  11. Yep ive tried the LHS buttons on the steering wheel, it says ACC deactivated when I press anything. I was hoping there was a reset sequence or something
  12. I disconnected and reconnected the battery on my car while working on the airbox When re connected i had a few errors but these self celared in a few mins. The adaptive cruise control still isnt working after about a 30min drive. Has anyone else had this problem? Previously no issue with it
  13. Pretty disapointed with the black caliper look on a black car so i did mine blue to suit the blue light and dial details I did the rear too but not happy with them yet (WIP) so Ill re do them. I think they need a trim or flat plate painted blue with an R sticker to match front
  14. What do you use your car for, Is it a daily commuter or used less frequently? Bare in mind fuel consumption isnt great already and at a stage 2 you'll have plenty of power but the car will drink loads! My personal opinion is stage 1 livens the car up enough for daily driving and makes it more fun than standard. Stage 2 you'll have a hard time finding open roads/safe situations to let the car stretch its legs fully
  15. That OEM spring/jubilee clamp thing is a menace right! Taking mine off the plyers slipped and it somehow shot up almost to 1st floor bedroom height
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