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  1. Living in congested London with terrible road surfaces this is mine: Rarely over 4000
  2. Did you pay for a valet? If so it is justifiable to complain as drinks holders are always the first things that need attention so they probably didnt do the job For the exterior it looks like they didnt treat the other plastic trims so im guessing it wasnt included in their paint correction, all they focused on was the painted surfaces? A good detailer would have picked up these bits FOC, probably worth mentioning to them and see what you get
  3. Its supposed to stick over the original suede pieces but I didnt like the look so I removed the suede and sanded back the insert plastic base, trimmed the carbon around the edges and glued the 2 pieces together and finally fit so it was flush with the stick. Bit of a faff but looks better
  4. Heres mine with the Leyo rings Carbon insert for gear stick and new surround as existing was scratched (Ali Express) Changed the white footwell LED for blue (ebay) Metal trims for door handles as current had scratches when I bought (Ali Express) Automatic LHS metal footrest (ebay) Paddle shift extensions (Ali Express but not recommended as there is more play than I would expect from more expensive versions) The best thing for the interior though is keeping it clean and a nice air freshner. To me it feels like a warm welcome every time I open the door, take a seat and drive
  5. Mines pretty consistant in town and motorway 102-107C It does take a while to warm up while driving normally
  6. I LOVE a dirty diesel.... Had an Alfa Brera diesel mapped and sports cat a long time ago but still remember it clearly . So much torque on diesel cars I genuinely miss the car, any gear any RPM put your foot down and you get a wave of acceleration. Especially loved it on the motorway it hardly drank fuel and other times when twats were up my ass i could cloud them in black smoke 🤣
  7. Bumping up this thread, ive had the 3 blink indicator and one day it just stopped working! I did have a notification on the dash saying to change my key battery but id be suprised if this effected it.... Ill check the car info settings and report back if its a simple setting switched off (hopefully)
  8. If you're planning on using the car on weekends AND have nice roads to drive why limit yourself to a choice between a DSG or manual...... How about no Golf and buy a drivers focused manual car from the get go? For the same price there are lots of options To answer your question more specifically I have a DSG and its great, the manual transmission doesnt have a great feel to it.
  9. Nice little car history - I really liked the Megane!
  10. Thanks Ive just done a bit of reading on the top mounts, sounds like a common-ish issue Could have been caused by garage loosening/tightening the top mount with an impact gun. Ill start looking for new top mounts
  11. I had eibach springs fitted and now have this annoying noise at low speeds too! Its not the lower control arm bushes Ive greased them. Its more a knock than squeak. I also thought it might be the brake line knocking agaisnt the level sensor but ive padded the area and noise still persists Bit annoying if it is the top mount the cars done 45k they shouldnt be going now
  12. Have you had tracking and allignment done? If provided when you bought car have one carried out yourself Whilst on the ramp ask the tech if there is evidence of the car being in a rear end accident Good luck it sounds a bit sketchy unfortunately. If there is evidence and issues take it back to the seller. Get this inspected sooner rather than later
  13. Id remove the snow grate from standard air box (very easy job) Open up the standard airbox blanking plate to the RHS of front grill Turbo technics elbow inlet pipe Possibly change the standard panel filter for a 'performance' foam item although I dont believe the OEM filter to be a restriction... its pretty large actually! Then drive it for a few months with the stage 1 and see how you feel. Theres still plenty you can do to get more power/response after that
  14. Im running 10mm on the rear only On the Prets it could probably go 15mm rear and 10mm front without extending past the arch/being obvious I also painted the spacers sides black to suit the OEM look
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