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  1. Cheers, love it so far! Exciting!! I like the look of the M135i, any plans for it?
  2. So I have given in to lockdown boredom and gone for the Revo ECU from midland VW. The results are great so far but I will definitely be contacting Rick at unicorn for the TCU tune as soon as I can get hold of him!
  3. Dyno day is definitely needed!! I have gone for the Revo map but will be contacting rick to get a tcu map ASAP!
  4. Do you have a 7.5r? I have called a few places and they are saying there’s no TCU maps for the mk7.5r out yet!
  5. Ahh okay, it looks like it’s between unicorn and mountune tbh. I’ve just got to decide where the TCU upgrade is coming from if I go with unicorn!
  6. I thought all would be similar if I’m honest but wanted to make sure there was no one miles ahead with customer reviews before biting the cherry! Unicorn is only an hour from me so I will give them a call today! Thanks for your help!
  7. I think Stage 1 is about the limit at the minute mainly due to insurance costs being 22🤣 I already have the BCS res-delete and like the sound so if I don’t need to don’t think I will be changing the exhaust. I have heard about unicorn, is it a plug in self tune or take the car to install map? I think the TCU upgrade is a must as well being DSG so will try to figure out the best option there as well! Do unicorn do a TCU option aswell? At the minute I think Revo is looking like the best option as I can get it done locally and have both map and TCU upgrade done together!
  8. Thanks for the reply, I have seen these and was very interested but just been put off by a couple of people saying that DIY maps are never as good! I think the TCU is a must as well so if they are doing this soon too it’s even more attractive! Out of curiosity what are the 0-60 times you’ve recorded? I think the average for stage 1 is around 3.7 seconds isn’t it?
  9. Hi, Im looking to remap my R 7.5 to stage 1. The car has a few mods including a chameleon grey wrap but its time for more power. What is the best stage 1 map out there for the price? I don't mind buying an air intake or downpipes etc. as long as the I can feel a decent upgrade in power/torque.
  10. Any idea what sizes of tips I should be looking for?
  11. Looks 👌🏻 What tips are they??
  12. Okay cheers 👌🏻
  13. Has anyone managed to completely change the stock exhaust tips on their golf? I’m having a resonator delete kit fitted but just don’t like the stock chrome tips and how they fade into the bumper!! I’ve been looking at some milltek ones but have been told it’s near impossible to get them fabricated onto the original system. Anyone had any success with this??
  14. How did you remove the badge? Did you have to remove the whole front bumper?
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