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  1. NRW

    Rare indeed!

    Rarity may see that they remain of value. Just look at some of the Tosh that people tout about as collector/classic cars. I don’t think Ive ever seen an R convertible. I’m too old, fat, regular and thin of hair to fancy myself in one tho. 😂
  2. I missed out on the 6 R, being about £4/5k short in 2012.😂 I came across this whilst browsing......Wow.....more Rare than a Clean Haldex filter, never mind Rocking Horse outputs. Stunning, imho. What odes Anybody else think? Any Members with same or similar?
  3. Update. Not what I anticipated. Told the Nephew soon after arranging it, sent pic of Insurance Certificate as proof, cover from 1 -8 August. Wait to hear from him. Nephew rang earlier this week. He’s been on difficult shifts for a few weeks. Back to normal now but tired. Working Mon to Sat this week, so not able to take up the offer. Must have been the thought of driving My car with Me in in that did for it.😂
  4. NRW

    Proud new R owner

    Hi & welcome with your Loaded R. Well bought. Pleased to hear you are delighted and enjoying the drive. May your Smiles long continue. 👍
  5. Sorry. Totally. Misread it. Serves me right, trying to look as soon as parked up. Haha😀
  6. There should be a special little Tool in the Boot for it. 👍
  7. Thanks Joe. It’s rare to hear of failures on so new a car, properly serviced. Everybody knows and (some) accept that if you’re tuning the engine Output by large amounts, then component failure becomes more likely. Fair enough. But standard....! VW are supposed to have sold over 23 million DSG transmissions worldwide, so occasional failures might happen? Good luck with it tho.
  8. Joe that’s a terrible thing to happen. VW have to sort this for you, ffs. Full replacement gearbox, courtesy car and bunch of flowers for your partner/ you. Wow, really lucky you spotted it. Really unlucky for it to happen. Please let us of developments and know how this progresses. Hope it gets sorted out for you as quickly and painlessly as possible.👍
  9. It must be WLTP compliant if it was registered March 2019. It will have the particulate filter. But yes as Dave says, check to be 100%. Slightly detuned in this form from the preceding 310PS model, and as yet, there are fewer Tuning options easily and readily available. The only thing you get over the 310 is clean exhaust tips, requiring much less attention and elbow grease.... oh and some exhaust rumblings in Race mode. But not Loud DSG “farts”. Still lovely to drive and own tho, imho.😀
  10. Great pic! Thank you for sharing. At first glance I thought the rear wheels were lifted off the ground due to the ferocity of the Braking🤣🤣🤣
  11. Assume you don’t have/use a scan tool? I’d be getting it scanned for fault by Dealer/Independent you normally use. Might be easy fix, might not, but it’s unlikely to heal.😀
  12. Selecting Race mode will also increase the idle speed.😀
  13. NRW

    Anyone know this car

    You’ll be in for a Treat! Let us know how you get on. 👍
  14. NRW


    Standard spec R s are damn decent value cars. . The options are many but could easily add £5k and much more. There are always a few Loaded cars For sale with ambitious prices. On your search You may wish to ponder that Prets were an Option just under £1k. Leather £1.5k+ Owners will want to get back as much of this as they can! So you decide the premium you’ll pay for Leather. You could buy a set of Replica Alloys (Or aftermarket) and Top tyres for under £1200.00. Plenty info on here and YT to help you on what to look out for/ what can go wrong with an R. Happy hunting😀
  15. VW recommends at 80k miles. I suspect members may bring that forward by 40 or 50k miles or more. I will, 3-4 years. 😀
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