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    Older guy. A bit OCD about my car. Life long car enthusiast. Love driving. VAG owner since 2006. DSG Fan - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport dsg 3 dr 2006 // VW Golf GTI 2012 5dr dsg//. VW Golf R, 5dr dsg 2019.

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  1. Hi Jrw. I had to retire on health grounds a few years ago - treated self to a new GTI. P/ex’d This to get my R, with under 30k on it at 70 months. VW Dealer apparently had a fan screaming for it. I didnt want hassle of selling privately so happy for it to go to a Good new home. Still got over half I paid new for it. I will be be delighted to do the same with my R!!
  2. Smiles per annum count too.👍
  3. I’ve got loads of music on a USB stick which plugs in and works fine (don’t know what a flac file is tho) 👍
  4. NRW

    Back to VW

    Hi Lee. Hello & welcome. Congrats on your new car. Hope your ownership has started well and gets even better. They really are fantastic drives. The forum will supplement your new R very well too. - great R owners, happy to help and share. Great reads too to help you get the most from your R and it’s DSG. Have fun.
  5. Old Far* for me. 😂too A separate branch might be needed:- VWROC (fOG) 😂
  6. Maybe one of us was driving too fast / not fast enough?
  7. Rear Bumper / Dirt Shelf / Muck Collector. This seems to annoy many R owners. It does seem Bad - but I always found on my GTI the back end of the car quickly covered in sprat after any damp road driving. Annoying. Now carrying a Bottle of Chemical Guys Waterless Wash and Microfibre cloth to remove the muck from my Bumper which also has clear film protector in place. No muck. No scratches. For the next couple of hours anyway.
  8. Yes, agree. We should all know by now...But was Water ever Wetter or Colder when you get soaked?
  9. A new one on me. I cannot remember ever seeing/hearing of this car. Not sure of equivalent in UK/Europe. Ok,goddit now after Google help. Vauxhall Viva in English..😀
  10. Hi Joe. Welcome and good car choice. Hope you enjoy learning your R. Share pics and specs when you can please. Loads of great stuff on here to enjoy and help you get the best out of your R. Owners on here are great, helpful, friendly and happy to share their knowledge. I hope you continue to Love your R. Niggles seem small, and few. Phew!
  11. A Fiesta ST with a VW DSG would be Fun. I think we’d have one.
  12. Hi Lewman. Nice Fiesta. Great cars/any engine. Amazing chassis - witness how well regarded the ST models are.. my Lovely wife got on of the last in June 17. A gem.😀
  13. NRW

    Hello :-)

    Hi Stu. Welcome, and great choice for your next car. An R Just ticks SO many boxes, and an Estate even more. Pretty sure you’ll like it,much to enjoy and nowt much to disappoint. Sure you’ll enjoy the Forum too, lots of helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable R enthusiasts.. just ask! Tons of great stuff to read too, when your not exercising your R Estate. Fun starts soon.
  14. Similar tho not as severe - mine often “clunks” when reversing out of our garage onto the drive - especially if the car hasn’t been driven for a few days. Used to it, GTI did this too - with a Proper handbrake! Irritating, agreed.
  15. It’s a while since I remember last seeing a Cortina Estate - probably now regarded a Classic😀. Modern equivalent apparently 3 series BM.
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