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    Older, and OCD. A Life long car & driving enthusiast. DSG fan from 2006. - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport 3dr // 2012 - VW Golf GTI 5dr // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr,
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  1. NRW

    New-ish Golf R Owner

    Hello & welcome here. Lovely looking R you have, and manual. Look forward to pics, posts and views re the new Car👍
  2. Dunno. Not sure what you seek to imply ? Did’nt notice you posting much. What could you possibly be getting at here? The possibilities are endless.
  3. Carwow and Autogefuel are usually quick..😀
  4. Sounds promising. Still that Face tho, and that Dash.
  5. These figures are frightening (but I’m Older Guy); you should be pleasantly pleased with an R running costs. Insurance of course can vary hugely depending on Age, record, NCB, and Location. NB. R golfs are popular with car theives too, so a bit extra Security makes sense. Guidance figures. Best Top Brand Tyres £100 a corner for 18”, Or under £150 for 19”. Servicing <£350 Major, <£200 Minor, DSG c.£200. (Haldex c.£120-130, many use Independent Garages). These figures don’t hurt so much....(but you’ll likely spend the money in any case on Modding😂)
  6. Hi @Luigi You really want to put something on your car that promotes the “R” badge a la Mk.8 R?? You might be in a small queue.😂😂
  7. Although a newer model, may I suggest you Have a read of the build Thread in here by our Norwegian pal @Booo You will find most of the things you’re interested in, and more besides.👍
  8. Suggest a careful check of the proposed fit. These are 235 :40 on 18 x 8.5J x ET45. 🙏 apologies to people sick of these pics.
  9. Same here, but if School Days had been this interesting and somuch fun, I’d be a Professor now😂
  10. Liking the Merc. In an R you can have fun in all weather and road conditions and not murder your tyres😂 have a look at this as a start. Some VERY Basic info to set you away - off the top of my head; The Mk7 had c. 300 bhp. Analogue instruments. Twin tone cloth seats Standard for a quick guide. Up to 2017. 3dr. 5dr. 6spd Manual or DSG. Wagon also joined in. Mk7.5 brought external bumper facelift, arguably looks more “aggressive” Virtual digital Instruments, dark coloured cloth seats as standard, 310 bhp, 7spd DSG, 6sp Manual, 3dr, 5dr and Wagon. These are seem as the easiest to tune. 2019 Mk7.5 GPF Filter (WLTP compliant) 300bhp , most with some additional features as standard, but check carefully!. (Reverse camera, keyless entry/go, lighting upgrades) 3dr phased out. Also Manual transmission. So Wagon and 5dr hatch till end production run. GPF fitted can make tuning much less straightforward Popular options, 19”Pretoria Alloys, DCC (dampers.) Dynaudio, Leather Seats, Panoramic roof, Nav and Infotainment upgrades, Heated screen etc. Some useful guides too to watch on “yoochoob” like Volkswizard. Get researching. Use the Search facility on here. Come back to ask questions when you’re stuck. They are Superb all rounders - but get a good drive in a few different types to help wet your whistle too. Good luck with the search😀 and I’m sure to have made some detail mistakes or slight inaccuracies....but you get the idea.
  11. They look really nice. Are they similarly good in use?
  12. This is the sort of Rot that was anticipated by some. Dangerous having total faith in a system easy to flaw by operatives. Mind you, maybe it’s a New way to a cleaner Haldex set up. 😂
  13. Haha Mike. They only stay Perfect till the first scratch, scrape, graze, bump, dent or ding. You can hold off obsessing till you have them. 😂😂😂
  14. Lapis. Spielbergs. DCC. 👍 You Scored with the DCC. Not standard fit, so good for you. Pretty well kitted out as standard anyway. Await your verdict on wheels. 😀
  15. Congratulations on the R, Dan. Love to hear More about what you ended up with. (I had a similar route, and am now just managing with the smallish boot size. My Parcel shelf is in long term storage. ). The R does just about anything and everything you ask of it, and always seems to keep a bit in reserve. I love mine, as do many others. There are only a few things to grumble about or look to alter, rectify by modding. Have fun learning how it will fit into your life. Hope it does All you need from it. 😀
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