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  1. In jest oh I’m pleased to hear that Rebecca. I could hardly sleep last night for worrying😁
  2. Similar with me. I took out the Swervice a plan at Order to me, then took out another via the dealership. Think I’ll be cancelling this at MOT & Service & Haldex time and taking out the All In if it’s still around. I do like the security of a decent warranty in place when any failures ar very costly to repair.
  3. The Owner collection visit to the garage should be the sequel. ”It just aquaplaned” is an oft cried excuse, imo. 😂
  4. I thought it looked like a smiling Gunslinger! might just be me tho.
  5. Gorgeous. What a beaut. 23 is a massive age, wow. Miss the presence of a Cat, after always having for 30+ years. Our dog hardly tolerates her shadow about the house, so introducing a cat would be , er…, challenging shall we say. .
  6. Gorgeous. More details please.
  7. Check these out too. Rear Seat covers highly recommended. https://rhinoukbootlinersltd.co.uk/volkswagen-383-c.asp
  8. They seem to hold value very well. We can understand why! Personally I have a soft spot for a GTI. Much less performance than an R, and 245ps enough with FWD. But still appeals as a long term ownership proposition, especially to me as it has a slightly bigger boot than an R. 😀
  9. Wagons grow on you. Has to be better than an SUV.
  10. …High Performance Estates? An R? M340i? RS4 / 6, Merc CLA45, C43 / 63, E63 AMG not worth consideration (once you’re over a certain age, maybe?? Not even for all that collected emotional baggage??) 😂
  11. yes. Good point. I remember well. I had almost (!) got over it. Haha
  12. Read all about it when it first appeared on here. A fan. Great value for a standard tune car. I’m hopefully having some of this after March when mine hits 3yo. If still available🤞 TBH I have to re read it each time, haha, and then do the calculations one by one. Under £8 per week!! Is just sooooo good. Appeals greatly to my tightwad tendencies.
  13. Tough day for you Chris, saying farewell to a much loved car. I think the past couple of years have upset many routines and patterns of living and working - we’ve Always had a Her car and an Our Car, haha - but it seems nearly a crime for such vehicles to be standing dormant for much of each week. CTEK connection is the high spot some weeks. I have yet to hit 7k miles on my 19 reg R (!) and 17 plate ST3 yet to hit 16k. Easily the best combination we’ve had but can’t see replacing both. Any action here is masked , postponed, at present by the daft car market situation with the high pri
  14. like a Dirty Protest from your R?
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