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    Older guy. A bit OCD about my car. Life long car enthusiast. Love driving. VAG owner since 2006. DSG Fan - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport dsg 3 dr 2006 // VW Golf GTI 2012 5dr dsg//. VW Golf R, 5dr dsg 2019.

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  1. Thanks Charlie. Let us know what you find out. Car does look very well with most options fitted. Will watch this space!
  2. Yes. The very same as appeared in the Advert I clocked and reacted to.
  3. NRW


    Not 100% sure,but I think the 7.5 has the fancy dash as standard. Best for you to decide what package works best for you then go for it. Whatever you choose it should be loads of fun with an R badge on it. Good luck.
  4. Peter Cooper VW Hedge End, Southampton was on email chat that I had. 👍
  5. NRW


    Hi Paul. Good start that you’ve sussed this venue out already. You’ll find masses of helpful info here and questions get reliable responses from Owners who Already Know. Hope you refine your requirements and get what you want in the end. Most owners really love and enjoy there Golf R. ( can’t resist, be aware that Mk7.5 facelift cars from 2017 on have the very Dark Grey seat fabric, and slightly revised Front/ bumpers/ bodysuit and electronic virtual cockpit instruments) The row goes on re DSG / Manual, 3dr / 5dr, 18” Cadiz/ 19” Pretorias, Cloth / Leather,....DCC, DYNaudio , Rear Camera, Panoramic roof all must haves for some too. Can be bewildering to start with! Just shout out, and help will come. All the best of luck with your R search. cheers. 😀
  6. I half expected the 380ps to be a Typo.. I didn’t investigate further, but a sales guy called Barry Aitken responded to my enquiries. 👍
  7. I stumbled across this t’other day when looking through available used R’s and thought it may be of interest/ help to “Just about to” buyers deep down South. I hope the link works ok. https://usedcars.volkswagen.co.uk/en/used-cars/volkswagen/golf/20-tsi-r-4motion-380ps-dsg-5dr-pcr-s3bzz54 The advert that caught my eye was for an Golf R on 19 plate with 380 ps - apparently with D Welt Warranty. I checked for a misprint but was advised that although this specific vehicle had sold, they could do the same tune to other cars and give warranty on car and Tune. Sounds too god to be true to this wary goat. Might be Worth a look for somebodies in the locality. Happy Days.😀
  8. But Charlie, this might mean that the Owners next car, or car after that is an R. They are working on it, maybe?😀
  9. Sad to say, but Even the Latest newest 7 speeders still seem to have the odd tantrum, holding on to first gear in D Normal mode, and not changing up until nearing the Red line. My oh my did I turn pedestrian’s heads in village traffic yesterday afternoon.... but they wouldn’t have thought I was having a mid life crisis, oh no... 😂
  10. NRW

    New to me 2017 R

    Hi mate. Congratulations on your choice and purchase. Let the fun begin and hope you love here too. Lots to enjoy. 👍
  11. I’d like to think not..... but then I couldn’t drive round in an RS Foces, or be-winged A45...
  12. Maybe the Clear Film on flebay is your best shot. I think the VW part is over £40 (£109 dealer fit) and your Film will get hammered by GSDs and will likely need periodic replacement. .... the joys of Dog ownership that presents us with such problems to solve....(we’ve only a Schnoodle, Min. schnauzer/ Poodle cross - a Diva too, but travels seated, harnessed). 👍
  13. NRW


    Hi. You'll already know how good it is here already! A tuned R in Dubai sounds very appealing. Have fun. 👍
  14. NRW

    Hi guys.

    Hi Sham. Good purchase choice. An R and an Alfa Spyder sounds pretty cool. The Alfa might have an easy life this year tho. you might get a lot from the Guides How To’s section if new to DSG. I’ve had DSG since 2006 and still learning (and I don’t think I’m a total plank). Haha. They’re popular, VW has sold 23 million worldwide. DSG is a wonder in regular usage - nearly all things to all drivers! Days off can’t come sooon enough. cheers. 🍺
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