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    Older, but no Bus Pass yet. A bit OCD about my car, and other things I’m told. Life long car fan. Love driving. VAG owner from 2006. DSG Fan - 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport dsg 3 dr, // 2012 W Golf GTI 5dr dsg, // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr dsg,
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  1. Hello & welcome. The forum makes R ownership even better, imho.😀
  2. NRW

    New Member - Hello!

    Badgeskns.com USA. A bit dearer, and post takes longer. 😀
  3. That should be quite a Tool, yes. Big tho. Maybe one to buy after a year or so, “ex management car” ?😀
  4. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/volkswagen-arteon-r-2020-hot-saloon-will-be-joined-shooting-brake Bigger brother R has 329 bhp as expected.😀
  5. NRW


    Hi Callum. Welcome here with your lovely looking R. I cringe at the Insurance you must pay, but OMG, will you be the envy of your mates. Good to hear you’re enjoying it. Lots of help and advice on here when you need it. Look forward to your posts.
  6. NRW

    New Member - Hello!

    Hi J. Welcome & great choice. The Wagons are a really great all rounder. Very underrated. Look forward to hearing of your exploits.
  7. A 360 or 370bho Performance Pack with Factory Warranty backing might encourage movement from the Fence sitters?
  8. These are amazing. Saved this reference, thanks. Impressive, even if expensive. Worth it tho, imho.👍 Never thought I’d be enthusing about wheellbolts😂
  9. So, If I’m in doubt about Oil change intervals I’ll get a Henry Vacuum..😂
  10. Do people really spend their own money on a £100k Estate car?? Company money maybe. Not any folk that I know. 😀
  11. I’ll do less than 4500 miles in my cars first year. yearl. The Oil will be changed when first service is done at age 12 months. A yearly Oil is a minimum requirement for a high performance turbo engine in my books. 😀
  12. In your searching for overlays etc Booo, you may also wish to browse ezmds.co Ul based. Happy searching.👍
  13. NRW

    End of the line

    Fingers crossed for you Jeff that the perpetrators of this crime are caught and brought to justice. Would be but a very small consolation for you, after your ordeal.🤞
  14. A very sweet deal you managed to find there. Well done! Sooo much better and on your wallet when you can plan your tyre change. Top brand tyres at prices you can live with. Happy driving on them.
  15. I can appreciate and admire the Type R in many respects. And Honda for being so bold and uncompromising with it. I’m sure it’s a delight to drive too, when you’re in the mood. But I could not own one. R fits my bill nicely.
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