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  1. Hello & welcome. You did it the best way - view then join. I thought you had to own an R before you’d be permitted to join🤭 How are you liking your R?
  2. NRW

    New owner R MK7

    Hello & welcome. Look forward to pics of your Black R😀
  3. The Prices of these😳😳😂😂
  4. Configurator says £1500 available now👍
  5. NRW

    New here

    Hello & welcome. Look forward to your posts😀
  6. NRW


    Nice. Hello & Welcome. Can tell it’s new to you from the pic. You’ve Not yet adjusted to the R turning circle😂😂
  7. NRW


    ^^. well captured @gregozedobe The ACC drives wearing heavy Safety Workboots . V-e-r-y De-lib-er-ate-ly braking and accelerating. ☹️
  8. Wow. What a lot you’ve had done Lewman. Great attention to detail. A car anybody would be proud to have imho. Hope you’re well enough soon to get some serious enjoyment from it😀 Ps when the chat turns to how the preferred sidwall appearance of low profile tyres, I know we’re on a similar wavelength 🤣
  9. I’m asking not telling here NRW. £325 is much a nicer bill to settle. I’m happy with that. 😀
  10. A dealership can often refuse to clean the strainer. Or require a further £100 odd to do this and fit a Seal kit. That’s the point I’m making and questioning the additional £ cost likely required for this.
  11. Yes, the add the Technician’s time for removing the old, replacing with the new, disposal of the old and training needed, protective gear involved….use of tools, provision of safe working environment and conditions….. I’ve not had to replace a Haldex, but would expet such an event to be £600 or more at a dealership.
  12. Thank you for this Dean. All Noted. So <c.£500 to replace, all done and finished at a VAG specialist, and a lump more at a Dealer?
  13. As @SpursMadDave suggests…..and When the safety concerns start shouting……,time to sigh and dig deep Into your wallet. Pay a pro for a pro job.
  14. yes, we all have our personal favourites - Black for me-but I must say after wanting an R, waiting for an R, getting it and looking at So many belonging to others - an R looks great whatever the colour. Hope more alternatives are given for the Mk8before too long, but not if that’ll upset VWs output!😀
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