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    Older, and OCD. A Life long car & driving enthusiast. DSG fan from 2006. - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport 3dr // 2012 - VW Golf GTI 5dr // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr,
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  1. Impressive figures you managed there. Interesting that the mark up on your pt.Ex likely to be £2, 2.5k or more. Ta for sharing. 👍
  2. Do you know something secret? Like to share your find with others?
  3. NRW

    R to C43

    I can see why too. Thanks for this. Enjoyed it. Useful to me as a Wagon may be my next purchase. Still to be decided, plenty time. Enjoy that Sound.
  4. Me neither. It’s been a thing to Look Out for for a while....indeed I’ve insisted on a Spacesaver & Jack kit be Thrown in for free on buying Lovely Wife’s last 2 Fiestas Now one to remember about with a MK8 Hatch, wait see on the Wagon but I’d guess the same. Saves weight for Emissions Testing. VW Costs too😂
  5. There always a solution😀. I started to ponder, perhaps, Run-Flat Tyres as such....but then remembered how atrociously some BMWs reportedly ride with theses fitted.
  6. The HK looks very nice and is sure to be a great bit of kit. But No Spacesaver imho is a retrograde step. It appears to be how VW found the extra boot capacity in the Mk8 R (374L) over the Mk7.5R, with spare wheel. I knew somewhere there’d be a catch. I was hoping for a bigger boot space in the Mk8R.😀
  7. Both sides of expectation beautifully captured. Sage views on both parts imho. Well have to wait see. Can VW pull out a Rabbit again with the Wagon like they have with the Hatch? impatience is no friend here. 😀
  8. Hello and welcome with that stunning Tiguan R. One helluva capable car. Nosed at one fron a distance at last VW Dealer visit. Mightily imposing. Hope you are enjoying it. 😀
  9. ...or maybe, Martin, buying a GTI CS😂
  10. Just had an increased valuation from WBAC. Up £330. 😂
  11. Me also very interested to hear about the C43 Wagon in real life use. 👍
  12. The time you used to spend on this unenviable task can now be spent elsewhere. Decisions, decisions.😂
  13. Hi Gavin and welcome here. Plenty to interest and inspire for you. 👍
  14. haha. The signs are there from the start..... a Mini Cabriolet.... AMG C63S.... 3 door??
  15. Reading this thread thru, there seems more concern over the Bonnet Release Cable 😂 A notable case of ETTO indeed.
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