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    Older. A bit OCD about my car, and other things I’m told. Life long car fan. Love driving. VAG owner from 2006. DSG Fan - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport dsg 3 dr, 2006 // VW Golf GTI 5dr dsg, 2012 // VW Golf R 5dr dsg, 2019. Try to enjoy every day.

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  1. NRW


    Hello & welcome to R ownership. Classy looking car you have there, another DPB to admire. Hope you ou are driving it and learning it to the max. Great help advice and endless info on here too to make it all even better. Enjoy it all. 👍
  2. All looks fantastic. Photo friendly drive and fence panels give a very attractive backdrop to display your beautiful R to best effect. Lovely. And well done too.😀
  3. I’m no expert here. From reading, Eibach ,VWR, are popular and ?emmanuel? But as you say, mixed reviews. @goodbadboy May have comments to help. Shout out for help with the best value Spring modification kit for good compromise between, lower ride height, oem level ride comfort. Might be a tough call. But it starts getting £expensive to do more major suspension changes, coil overs , Bilstein and Ohlins....all super bits of kit, but maybe OTT? I follow your search with interest.👍
  4. Worth a run over to Whitehaven to these guys with such keen deals. Stored contact details.Cheers.
  5. NRW


    Hello ACKRS. Great choice in an R. Hatch or wagon. My Brief response. Not exhaustive. They all look good to me 😂 Both tick lots of boxes, hatch a little more agile, quicker - do you need the added versatility of the wagon boot space? Performance vs practicality....both a very quick cars and very easy and forgiving to drive. R is very easy to live with, a regular car if you want for everyday duties, or a seriously quick super hot hatch when you’re in that mood. Makes you feel like a good driver too,so very flattering. 7 a great option, 7.5 brings Digital dash and 7 speed dsg box. Revised interior trim too - dark colour cloth in 7.5 or optional (UK) perforated Leather or 2 tone Leather. (7th gear gives very relaxed Top, with fuel economy benefits). In either 6 or 7 speed guise, the DSG gearbox is a revelation, paddle shifting plus different settings - normal, sport, manual. Your wife is sure to like it for ease and joy in use. Expensive if it breaks so get and keep up a warranty. You'll know what things are Must haves for your own requirements, budget and circumstances. Pretorias look lovely, but can be a bit fragile, prone to buckling, cracking for some owners on here. So avoid potholes diligently. Not sure if the spec. Packages in your location, but the more you can secure the better ! but they’re all pretty well equipped. Big music, dynamic chassis control, panoramic roof ,19” alloys, Leather are popular fittings. Good luck with your search
  6. And you’ll have a guarantee that you will never be able to say you are bored when driving your R. Excellent.
  7. NRW

    Golf R 6 > Golf R 7.5

    welcome or welcome back Bob. Great choice and a fine looking R you have there. Spielbergs look great too. Hope you have lots of fun learning your R - quite a few changes from your earlier R (very nice too!). Five year warranty is a great choice too, totally worry free R ownership p...oh what a fantastic time lies ahead. Have fun.
  8. If the standard ride height bothers you, seeing pics on here of other Rs that have been lowered can just make matters worse. Agree the height can look odd. But lowering Can have its issues too - ride quality, occasional bottoming etc. So if you ar thinking about changing, say, the springs, then you may wish to read up on here - ask for advice from those who have done it before taking the plunge. Good luck..
  9. Paddles/gear lever/ combination options to try out for different situation or mood. See what you think.... It can take a while to work your way through a load of different permutations/ settings. 😀
  10. Yep. Looks standard. Looks crap when you can see the tops of the tyres in the arches, like I can on mine with Pretorias. Decent spring lowering kit massively improves the looks, imo. Won’t personally be doing it tho - makes getting in/out harder. 😫☹️
  11. NRW

    Gogs tcr

    Hi & welcome. Great car choice, great collection of Golfs too. Await with interest your considered feedback on the TCR in light of this.
  12. Did they mean 20mmdrop over standard Golf model???? Possibility.🤨
  13. Good luck with the a learning of your New R. Great that handover went well, special day! Get driving it above all. Enjoy it all, have fun and feedback when you can drag yourself out/ drag yourself away from it. 😀
  14. Thanks for the Researched feedback. Useful, cheers. Need to tread cautiously I think. 👍
  15. NRW

    New R Owner

    Hi james, welcome here and to R ownership. Great choice of car and very impressive spec too! Looks really Lovely. I too regret not keeping my last car, GTI id owned and cherished from new - 7 years and under 30k miles..but it went to a new good home. Had R since March and love it. Lots to like and little to be niggled about. There are a couple of things missed from GTI but you may/may not suss these for yourself (underseat storage boxes, solid doors and hatch, playfulness, eagerness of chassis) What says you? Pretty sure you'll be blown away by the performance and kit in your R,and you'll find lots to enjoy on here when your not in or near your car. Great advice, help and guidance always available from frieldly enthusiastic R owners. Enjoy learning your Whatever.
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