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  1. Have a closer look @Tonser https://cplay2air.com/
  2. I heard about these gadgets through the chat on here. I was happy to let others try and test first, reluctant to shell out around £100. I later bought a used item in the Classifieds from @PEHZY thanks Stu!👍 for £55. It is literally plug and play after pairing iphone and device. Device sits in the cubby afore the gear lever plugged into the usb socket. Each time you get into the car iphone connects and CarPlay is accessible via the screen. Waze, Google Maps etc. Take it for granted in no time at all. Highly recommended. Helps keep up with the Mk8’s features😂 Link is to th
  3. Have to say that unless I had bought 19”Pretorias as a factory fitted option - as I did - I’d be very put off by the price of The Genuine articles. CM Alloys are very reasonably priced, well regarded and come in different sizes and colours to. Dark grey TRoc R Pretorias are a clever alternative too, and worth a look. Unless you are totally set on Pretorias, there are loads of 18” and 19” aftermarket wheels that suit the R so well…..and make the cost of Pretorias look outrageous.
  4. Parting with a treasure could not have been easy - your R was a lovely looker, and “optimally developed” in performance and handling. Bet it was a real treat to drive? Its good to hear of Members who are able to take full advantage of the remarkable market circumstances for used cars we currently experience. Helps sweeten the loss just a little. Good luck with your GTI👍
  5. Keep us all up to date @camelsac2002 - does a new BEE EMM actually have an Indicator Stalk fitted?
  6. Ta for sharing these gems @R_wannabe_owner . This should help some, self included, to think strategically about next car purchases. I recently read in the motoring press that “Performance Models” may not get the limiters, to begin with at least. Partly explains the R branding by VW, Cupra with Seat…. Those who tend to dither and dawdle better get their Mk8;R order placed now, so as to avoid these measures😂
  7. Sorry for sounding all parental,headteacher, Sergeant Major there😂 not my intention. Please accept my apology -my eagerness to find out the detail got the better of my writing manners. They look good. Good job and small price. The tips can become a chore, as many find. I’m not having issues with mine as I’m GPF model, but I’m aware that many suffer, and indeed I let my last car get a bit too Mucky before acting. One to file away for me, but there’ll be lots of owners who maybe inherited a car with neglected tips likely to follow your lead. Subtle, smart but still slightly aggressive🤔
  8. Can we have the full story please? Sick of polishing? Easy to remove, refit. (Think mine are welded in). Interested to see how they wear. Look really good tho, whatever😀
  9. Hello and welcome to another far away member. I recall YT vids about the model you have - decent spec. Nice. Pics always welcome. How are you finding your R? DYou have plans for it? Look forward to your posts and news. 😀
  10. NRW

    Golf R

    Agree. Finances permitting ofcourse. Boring, safe self prefers the peace of mind given by keeping a warranty in place too. All irrelevant tho for some - who plan to tune and modify their car. Still good to start out with a sound one!
  11. Wow. Tips came up very well. Worth the effort. Whole car Pops now. Lovely. 👏
  12. They look amazing. Brave you for fitting. Admire the aggressive attitude they add, (even if I’d shy away from fitting.)😀
  13. NRW

    Golf R

    And that’s before the cars that have been tuned, hammered, then returned to standard and passed off as a straight car. 😀
  14. I know there are Far better made/performing machines available over but as @Peter Wynne says above - good value can be found via the online outlet shop. I got an entry K2 Compact for a nephew for £40 recently. Does all the light stuff easily like foaming and rinsing off your car.
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