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  1. I think they’re having a laugh with the price. Given the standard fit hassle.
  2. Looks fantastic. Spotless. Screen colour shows. Black Caps. Lovely. (mine is very similar) But yours still looks great with my bias removed.😀
  3. Whatever solution you decide on, please, please ensure you agree it first with your spouse/partner/significant other, in the interests of domestic harmony. 😬
  4. How many 68 OPFs are there around? I waited from mid May 18 to March19 for a Factory Order car. I thought they'd dried up. 😬
  5. Douglas Secretly works for a Car Cleaning product supplier. 😀
  6. The Owner will think he/she is Top Dog - like we all do!.
  7. You’re in for a real Treat learning how to get the best out of a DSG sport transmission. 😀 fun on the way soon.
  8. NRW

    Don't hang about

    Who’s a lucky guy, to own this fine pair of Golfs. R looks great, Spielberg Reps get the nod from me. After your Tune you’ll have Mk 5 and 7 nicely optimised. Briefly, I’m guessing? Super Ed30 and 3dr R. Well done! Forum is great. Loaded with good stuff and good Owners too. They can help you from re inventing wheels...😂
  9. That sounds a fantastic Retirement Plan. I hope it unfolds for you just as you’d like it to.👍
  10. Lovely. Big boy Cats can go from cuddly creature to killing machine just by passing through the Cat Flap! We had all sorts brought in to us - butterflies, bumble bees, frogs, birds, mice, voles, and rabbits (all dead and alive).😱 I recall many years ago a Big boy cat from next door used to like sleeping on the bonnet of a neighbours Mercedes. Scratches cost a Machine Polish! 😂 I Miss the presence of a Cat’s personality around the house, but Dog time for us now. Always wanted one when our circumstances permitted. Love our Dog but she’s a lot of work. Not a starter dog. Cats are So independent in comparison. Wouldn’t rule out a Rescue at some time ahead. 🙏
  11. Oh what an absolute Beaut he is. Gorgeous. Big personality too? What a treasure to have around. Great pic. Lucky you.
  12. Good mileage! Wow, I wish. Looks sharp as a razor with the Spielbergs. Lovely. Comes with Huge Enjoyment as standard kit too. Excellent.
  13. It might depend upon how the WLTP car has been Run In 😂
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