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  1. Mines 5dr, not 3.....but I think We are All a bit spoilt with our R cars, be they 7 or 7.5. @Msportsman is clearly demonstrating that with a carefully maintained car, thoughtfully modified in several key areas - you need to spend an extra £20 -25k , to equal or eclipse it. And even then, there ain’t a long list of alternative companions. I think We chose well👍
  2. VW tell you things that aren’t True????....Heaven forbid.
  3. Super summary Toshy. Great to hear the high regard you hold for your R - especially following the others you have previously owned. I think I’m gonna have to find a way to keep mine forever..🤔
  4. They look dear atm, so a lower price and a Special offer will be nice.
  5. The New Tyres to the Rear arises from accidents/litigation in USA where a front drive vehicle “aquaplaned” when negotiating a bend on a wet road, losing grip to the rear and spinning. Personally I have always put New on the front on a front drive car, but admittedly don’t run my tyres down to the legal limit. How much this applies on an R is debatable, especially considering 4 motion..and there have been instances where tyre outlets have fitted an R with All-seasons on one axle and summers on the other. Also the guidance is from Tyre manufacturers - tyres with most tread to the rear- who may not be neutral when selling new tyres. There are several very interesting Tests etc done by Jonathan Benson on Yoochoob - “Tyre Reviews”. Lots on different types of tyres as well as best ultimate performance. But explain first to your other half that you are watching Tyre Reviews into the small hours!
  6. Yep. Long awaited. Lots will be interested to hear about how the 4S performs over the 4 on 18” alloys.
  7. They are only recently available in 4S. My humour. Sorry. Think the price is putting Early Adopters off. 😀
  8. Now that’s a real Tiguan sized Arch Gap😂 (i thought mine was bad)
  9. Cheers for this. . I think we’re waiting for the first feedback from any early adopters😀
  10. On give & take roads an R is very capable. Yep. Punches above its weight, even in standard tune! Stage 1 punches harder still 😂 I fell for Audi hype a good while back. A Great disappointment- but the S & RS models have an irresistible attraction and aura for petrol fans. Audi Locally would have to do a lot to get my custom again - and that ain’t gonna happen. Rs4 avant nice but oh, so dear. 😳
  11. Audi driver will be saying - left a Golf R standing this morning - couldn’t keep up.😂
  12. Am I the only one who can't take his eyes off the 'saggy' leather drivers seat? If it's like that on a new car what's it going to look like after 6 months? Some people just have very boney backsides. ..... pis of R Leather frequently look frightening too.
  13. Some of the Valuation sites offer the facility for a detailed evaluation, to take account of extras. Both thee and me know that Leather, Pretorias, and DCC are sought after options that folk will pay more for. Might be worth going well into it. But it’s what somebody will actually pay that you want. 😀
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