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    Older, and OCD. DSG fan from 2006. - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport 3dr // 2012 - VW Golf GTI 5dr // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr,
    Every Day is a bonus.

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  1. start with this maybe. Trawl thru other recent vids and look on the Tyrereviews website for what you’re after. May be laboursome.
  2. Pics not showing. Please re-send @gazza5
  3. haha……and the Face on them if/when you are a little “assertive” in your road positioning😂
  4. Dashcam footage of totally dangerous/aggressive driving often sent to local Police for consideration I understand a high percentage lead to action and prosecution. seems they use this more a d more instead of Police cars. I do not have a dash cam fitted. But I am actively considering 😁
  5. NRW

    It's time

    R looked great in the pics. Hope you got a Fat price for it. Good luck, til the next time🙏
  6. Aye. It only takes once. Imho there comes a point where owning something so Nickable just becomes more hassle and aggro than it’s worth.
  7. I’ve tried to keep my Performance VWs out of sight, garaged, when not in active use. Out of sight….etc. Will continue for the meantime, but when I’m forced down the route of an EV and accompanying Wall Charger…..the garage might be put to alternative use and the EV live on the drive. 😀
  8. Haha. Yep. Certainly The pick of the bunch.
  9. To me this makes as much sense as Blacked out headlights. But as we say ETTO. I said to my brother owner of the above you can’t teach stupid.
  10. Haha, exactly. We are spoilt having such a capable R! It’s very difficult knowing where to go after one. I think for different reasons, both a GTI and an R are great all rounders, Goldilocks sweet spots. Not that I’m a Fanatic you understand😂 Maybe 2 is the answer.
  11. Even House buying is not without risks, in the short term😂 Really you are hoping the Car market continues as it is now. Your call on that gamble is as good as any. Don’t forget about VAT @ 20% to the government. Thats £8333 on your projected £50000 spend. So R20 loses that before you drive off the forecourt. Good luck, whatever you decide to do, but I’d guess a few others mAybe with deeper pockets have already looked at this. 🫤
  12. That’s what I thought until I saw this whilst browsing thru the week. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/new/golf/golf-dimensions.html
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