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    Older, and OCD. A Life long car & driving enthusiast. DSG fan from 2006. - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport 3dr // 2012 - VW Golf GTI 5dr // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr,
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  1. Agree, the tops of Tyres never look great..😀
  2. Wow. Serious. Your car even seem to look more taught! Sound like the changes are really worthwhile too. Good result..
  3. NRW

    Hand waxing.

    Just can’t keep a good man down, Camelsac! Back to Waxing your R already. Amazing. There’ll be no stopping you with a Polishing machine - Detail Therapy!👍👏
  4. Due a Haldex Service now then!
  5. After reading all about Haldex issues in here (yikes!) I’ll get mine done every other year. Starting at year Two service. I may have covered 9k miles by then. Others will do it more frequently.
  6. You can always extend the Manufacturer Warranty a year at a time.
  7. Yep, makes best sense in your circumstances. Other Wagons you mention all have their own appeal....but the R Wagon package is beyond equal For the outlay. It even ticks the Heart and Head box.
  8. My View. 19” look better on an R. No bigger tho. Few things give you such a sickening thud in the stomach than hitting a pothole or speed bump too hard. Without DCC, as I am, the ride on Continentals can be very firm and far from quiet. 18” give better ride, comfort , cheaper tyres etc with more compliance over,say, unfamiliar bumpy roads. But you’d still be a little quicker over your fave roads on 19”. Might be just psychological advantage tho, because honestly, how often do you really push your tyres to their limits on public roads. I don’t. Not so far. Get both. Best of all worlds. I had to reign myself in to avoid buying a third set of wheels/ tyres😂
  9. Don’t listen to anybody that tries to tell you that Wagons are for those with lots of emotional baggage. Never. Just run. 😂
  10. I’ll never look the same again at an R Wagon 90% Tints or “Privacy” glass again, knowing what Ive learned on here. Social Distancing from these might be around a while for me yet. 😱😂😂
  11. If Lmferriera had said at the outset, that he was an Undertaker or a Paramedic, or otherwise in need of a massive, additional Cooler cargo space beyond that of the hatch, then he would have been advised to closely consider the Wagon as an option ti purchase. He didn’t. So he wasn’t. Haapy to reconsider tho, in light of further information being available 😂😂😂
  12. A very Nice place to be, with Winter Tyres! 😀. Or newer All Season tyres eg. Michelin Cross climate.
  13. @DustyBones - From memory., up to 10 yr, up to 100k. Not beyond.. I think my last continuous/extended VW “warranty” ended up being through Allianz. Wise move to have it in place😀
  14. You are right lmferreira. You’ll be happy in your R. In the end You, and you alone, choose which you buy from the cars you have found. Buy the 310 if the extra power is important for you. Buy the 300 for a Newer car. You'll be happy with your choice, it will make you smile driving it, looking at it and owning it. You may even think that yours is special, because you know it better than anybody else. Now you have done your research and thinking, the next best thing for you is to get yourself behind the wheel of your own R. Please tell us about it when you can make the time to write,👍
  15. Couple of recent pics please Booo, or Lmferreira will be starting to think 300 WLTP Cars are much less desirable. Don’t be shy now. 😂
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