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    Older, and OCD. DSG fan from 2006. - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport 3dr // 2012 - VW Golf GTI 5dr // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr,
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  1. A Snide MOT is the answer for many. Enter The murky underworld of the Motor Trade.
  2. Saw this first on Golfgti forum. Ta to @2007GTI. Fitcamx dashcam. https://fitcamx.com/collections/volkswagen/products/fitcamx-dash-cam-for-volkswagen-golf-mk8-gte- gtd-gti-r also on Amaz£n, https://amzn.eu/d/0g5mdamT Looks interesting for for the cable averse.
  3. I convinced me back in 2012 when ordering a new GTI that the AG Lifeshine was worth the spend. In the VW Dealership Showroom I was able to touch the panels of a car with and without Lifeshine. The treated car was much, much smoother to the touch, and to my eyes looked brighter, deeper, clearer…just better, haha.. That got me! Did the same when negotiating my R order and purchase in 2018. I also now understand that it is one way in which the Salesperson can make some bonus money, so fair enough, as I am always well looked after at Pulman Durham VW. Next car may be taken to a local Detailer for treatment/ ceramic coating….I have yet to research and decide, but I will. In the same way that I will carefully select the spec for our next. After all, the next one may well be the last ICE we buy, and needs to last for many years
  4. Lucky Son! Must be the Best possible solution for the both of you. 😀
  5. ….Makes it even more important that your next purchase will keep you happy and entertained for a good few years!
  6. NRW


    A lot to be very happy with there @Martin2 The £ figures much impress, owning from new…..nice. A truly golden spell. Hope the next owner enjoys a well looked after, smart & attractive R.
  7. 7.5 gets facelift lights / bumpers, body styling. More aggressive look? 7sp. DSG. Digital dash. 310ps. Better, bigger Nav screen. Apple CarPlay. Dark Grey seats standard. Haldex Service c £160. Get them to do it before sale and insist on gauze clean too. It can block and lead to poor pump working and failure. DSG service a bargaining point too if you’re fussy, tho technically not yet due. Which of them do you prefer to drive/ be in?
  8. A CTEK charger will help keep your battery in top condition if your R stands unused for long periods. Check out Tanya for both AGM and EFB. About £140 and under. The AA will fit for you for around £255 and £230 respectively. I’ve done the searching recently. My 19 plate R has yet to pass 10k miles and is still on the factory fit non AGM battery. When I replace I’ll go AGM. But you get a long guarantee with either. Hope you get sorted soon.
  9. @Gary Miller OEM Pretorias are £1036 each. https://volkswagenpartsuk.co.uk/parts/19-pretoria-alloy-wheel-grey-metallic/ CM Replicas appear good value, but ofcourse NOT OEM. But you can get a set for less than 1 OEM. Alloy. Or T-Roc Pretorias can sometimes be had at a decent price for 4. I try to keep note of these such things that appear on. WROC for my own reference come the dreaded time…..
  10. If you are claustrophobic/ similar then a Pano roof might relieve the cabin darkness. So you’ll have it problems or not. Knock you out. To me they were fab in the 80’s. Before Aircon let alone Climate. Haha. If I were buying a used wagon. Get the things that I want that can’t be retro fitted - DCC? Dynaudio? Leather if you prefer. Big Wheels / Tyres are endlessly available to suit your taste. Don’t buy, pay for stuff you don’t want need. If you can go for a Mk7.5 facelift. 7 speed DSG, digital dash, better Nav are things you won’t regret paying for with your hard earned money. All Good wishes from me for a good find and purchase. Recently stated in the press - Wagons “are in a class of one.”
  11. Your R20 is a stunner @KatieH Grenadilla IS the New Black.
  12. WOW. Be hard to passs this sort of discount by. Astonishing.
  13. DRIVE the DEAL now selling….
  14. They look Beautiful. Can’t argue. Suit an R sooo well. Are you doing the Dynamic Centre Caps too @Gaz-R
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