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    Older, and OCD. A Life long car & driving enthusiast. DSG fan from 2006. - Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 Sport 3dr // 2012 - VW Golf GTI 5dr // 2019 VW Golf R 5dr,
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  1. Looks Stunning. Great choice of mods, imho. A fantastic car!
  2. Maybe For the Very Brave and/or very skilled - check out YT for guides on How to Remove Bird Poo using a Heatgun. It sounds ludicrous at first, but watch and be amazed. Or Terrified.
  3. Beyond me. I saw Lasthumangarage (Mark) do this mod to his GTI a couple of months back…..but wasn’t sure if it was also for an R in. UK etc. Interesting tho, as many find it most irritating.
  4. Lovely indeed. Hi Matt and welcome. Hope you are soon a smitten owner. Pretorias (genuine?), Mirror caps, Pano roof?…..anything else lurking in your spec? Lots of great stuff on here that is sure to interest you. Care, maintenance, tuning etc etc. Have fun with it!👌
  5. Using genuine VW Parts…… ……upgraded suspension parts….……exhausts…… surely there has to be cover in such circumstances. Parts aint exactly budget basement prices, or 🤞quality. Ill prepare to be disappointed.
  6. Haha. Naked Spare sidewall too😂😂 Nitpicking best reserved for any small children😂
  7. Very nicely! Looking great. What A lovely R.
  8. NRW


    My apologies Greg, and friends in USA too. …all UK cars would be better🙏
  9. NRW


    A bit time spent in here gets you to know all you need imho. And likely a whole load more you don’t. waiting for VW TOget WLTP Aporoval meant a 10 month wait for my R. So I got clued up about it whilst waiting😂
  10. NRW


    As per @Booth11 says…all registered from 2019 (maybe some before) are GPF, 300PS, “cleaner” cars.
  11. Minutes can matter, could make the difference…..for the sake of a fine and 3 points. Just Do it. And worry about the consequences later.
  12. Boot it., in the absence of road workers. Take the Ambulance Reg, and get them to back you up in the Magistrates’ Court. Some Ambulance drivers are pretty switched on. Some Magistrates too.
  13. A savvy suggestion in the current climate, and likely best advice. R prices are very firm, which is only great for Sellers…..but they will fall, so a big drop is to be expected.
  14. I try to remember to use ACC in 20 and 30 zones. Average speed zones. It took me a while to get used to ACC, being a Control Freak. But now a fan, not least because the accuracy it gives when setting speeds.
  15. Hi Richard and welcome. An R is a great thing to follow a GTI, so good to hear you’re enjoying it. There is just loads on here that will be of help and interest to you - to get the best from and give best care to your R. Folk are always generous passing on tips and tricks and good deals too. Hope you have a long and happy time with your R
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