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    A dark R wagon!

    Looks very, very Well mate. Nice. Other drivers - or at least those that use their mirrors - will likely slow to law abiding speeds when you are around - thinking you an Unmarked Car😂 Moses and the Red Sea....
  2. I emailed Pulman VW Durham today to book my R in for Second Service. Likely to be done at under 6000 miles! A return call resulted. All done, quite straightforward - Pulman are offering Courtesy Cars, but for me this is no use, so instead we will be permitted to wait on the premesis while the service is carried out. Booked in before the car’s second birthday. Great. Pulman Service Advisor, Delsa, pointed out that my VW Service Plan, bought when new, expires after this service - so agreed with her it makes sense to start up a new Plan from here for the next say, 3 years. I have had such before and it works a treat. Best bit. When summarising the works required, to be included in the Plan - Delsa quickly pointed out that at Year 3 I will need a service, a Brake Fluid change.....AND a Haldex Service for the 4 motion transmission. What a Star. Really Clued up and on the pulse. Brilliant. We also worked a DSG Service into the Plan for year 4. So Year 3,4 and 5 Service, Haldex x 1, Brake Fluid x 2 and a DSG Service to be included, with MOTs too. All done. Monthly payments will see to it all, so peace of mind for me, and all costs calculated at the prices that apply today. I am very aware that many Owners do not have good service from their local main dealer, so It’s Great to find that some main dealers have such knowledgeable staff as Delsa. Well done Pulman👏
  3. Hi & welcome with your lovely R. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. Great man logic. Be grateful you don’t live in an upstairs Flat, or apartment block😂
  5. Hi & welcome here. Not a great start to life with an R but well spotted. Hope the repair goes well and without any issues🤞 Please update.
  6. In a similar place myself Chris. I expect there are many R owners with Requirements very similar to yours. The general drive of the new 8R seems a step up from the 7.5. That appeals, as mine still thrills! Im not changing anytime soon, but when I do the 8R, or 8R Wagon demands close and careful consideration. I’m lucky to have a good Main Dealer, like the VW badge and classless public image, and find the size handy for my use. It fits my requirements quite well. I keep an eye on lots of things R and R related and a new White 8R discounted to £33680, doesn’t seem beyond reach (but the Dash and Front remain). 😀 Familiarity, good deals, and an improved standard spec. might further sweeten the pill.
  7. Several houses near us have had to have their Twin garage doors removed and replaced by a massive single item, so that today’s wider vehicles can be kept undercover. 🙄
  8. Must say Rebecca that even tho Memory Seat is only available with Leather seat option, as on Mk7.5, I would buy it again. Really convenient to live with. 😀
  9. Tiny consolation is that as a Factory fit option, it Remains covered by VW Extended Warranty..... I did say tiny. 😂
  10. Aye, it doesn’t add up. I heard some reviewer comment that the Bonnet Gas Strut was no longer used so as to give better protection (less potential injury ) to a pedestrian in a collision. 🤔
  11. If there’s sufficient dissatisfaction about the omission - maybe Racing Line or some such will develop a suitable strut?😀
  12. Yes, thank you. I was leaning that way 😀. I’ll get it booked in.
  13. Servicing Question Please. My R (much loved) will reach its Second birthday on 28.3.21. I have a Service Plan in Place for the first 3 services with Pulman Vw Durham - supplying dealer, who I find very good. Awkward question; My First service was cancelled due to Lockdown last year. So it did not go ahead in March, and was not done until 24.8.20 at 4380 miles. The current mileage due to restrictions is only 5281, so by the end of this month not likely to be more than 5500 miles. Less than 1200 miles since last serviced. Do I get it done at the end of March or leave it until August and then get the Third service & MOT done on or around the 28. March 2022. The neatness of the Service History is at stake here 😂. Does it matter? Has OCD got the upper hand with me? Views and opinions welcome please.
  14. I thought it might have a power upgrade, to make a GTI the most powerful Golf, above the R. Wrong!
  15. https://www.evo.co.uk/volkswagen/golf-gti-clubsport/203562/volkswagen-golf-gti-clubsport-45-revealed-special-edition?_mout=1&utm_campaign=evo_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter Another to add to the mix?
  16. A New Car in 4 days......🤔
  17. Can’t wait to see the Cheap Lease deals he refers to.....👍
  18. NRW

    Nostalgia trip

    My 1970’s Summer holiday gaffer used to get me to wash/vac his car on Friday afternoons. He was a Volvo fan then, New every 2 years. His Method employed hose along with buckets of Fairy Liquid/ Sponge/ and a Chamois that started out crusty, before a soaking. Refused to buy Shampoo as it always got pilfered by staff members. He had a bust up with Volvo Garage as the paint on a red-brown car faded badly, went Matt and was speckled with rusty spots. They settled on a 50:50 divide on a. Complete respray prior to p.ex on his replacement. Fairy liquid best kept for Dishes & pans 😂 Later, Also had a Bud who let his Van get So filthy, the new-at-the time Power Washer failed to make much impression. I recall he used dilute Ariel washing powder which shifted much of the filth......but the paint never really recovered. I bite my tongue when out locally and see hideous things being done by locals washing/cleaning their cars, .....but only because I so hate being Advised by passers-by when I’m mucking about. Not that that’s happened for a while😂
  19. And....did it live up to expectations?
  20. NRW

    Write off?

    Good result for you. Hope it is returned as near as dammit Perfect. 😀
  21. 2 Weeks! Mrs Penguins car will have the paint washed off it by then😂
  22. Not suspension. - but don’t forget mate that Top Tyres can significantly alter the way an R drives and feels👍
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