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  1. Hello & welcome. Great choice, great warranty too. Lots on here to interest and learn from. Help available whenever you’re stuck or unsure. Will be good to hear of your R adventures and modifications. 😀
  2. Bugger. Damn shame. NSF every time.☹️
  3. Is that not usually the Mercs and BMWs that are abandoned on sliproads and sideroads in ice and snow?
  4. NRW

    Midland VW

    There are many more options for servicing now than of yore. My dealer will pick up and return my car. Or you can book it in and wait while the work is done, using their on site cafe facilities. Or make a day of it, go am, use a courtesy car and have a. Nice lunch out, shopping trip, visit nice place. Use their pick up drop off service. Lots of options to explore. Learn how to use Bluetooth phone connection in your car too will save you all sorts of aggro in the future.
  5. NRW

    What is AWG?

    Well done Nathan. It sounds like all you have now left to do is enjoy driving and owning your new R. The unexpected costs of R ownership add over another £1000+ to the bill. Worth it tho. And as much peace of mind as you can have.😀👍
  6. NRW

    Midland VW

    Not reasonable for them to refuse to do the work. This is Grown Up World. Things go wrong. For me personally , if I have an appointment for some bod to come to me, all agreed & arranged, I’d start getting jittery at 30 minutes, would ring them after 45 minutes late. Covversely, if I was late for somebody I’d ring to advise within 30 minutes, but would certainly NOT expect cancellation, let alone if I’d driven for 1 hour + to get there. Different if you’d turned up at 10am without contacting to advise of late running, full of hell insisting they did the work. Just me tho.👍 Call to Service Manager personally in order I feel to resolve this mess. Good luck, hope it sorts ok.
  7. NRW


    Hi Ben. Welcome. Great car choice. Estate/Combi/Wagon a great option for multiple box ticking. Hope you enjoy learning & driving it. Tons of good helpful stuff on here. And great help & advice when you need it from other friendly enthusiast R owners. life just gets better!😀
  8. I’ve pondered this. Left it alone for others to respond. Then come back to it after thought. I am a DSG fan but try to keep an open mind. Only you can decide Chris how important it is to be in charge of your car gear changes. A dyed in the wool Manual Guy will not change to DSG. The satisfaction of achieving the perfect up or down change at exactly the right moment is a big personal matter. Can you live without that? Can you live without making every gear change? I cannot say try both and then decide, as full familiarisation with the way DSG works takes a long while. And if you’re not used to it then the novelty factor will just get in the way. You need to have a loan R for six months, try that request on your Dealer. Use paddles to change up/down with DSG. Or the Gear lever or combination; of both for lightning fast changes All possible, but you don’t have a manual lever and clutch under your control. Will you miss it too much? Your call now, my friend.
  9. NRW

    What is AWG?

    Sincerely hope nobody was hurt in the break in. Still a terrible trauma and ordeal even if the Car remained with you. Hope you are all unharmed and well now.
  10. NRW

    What is AWG?

    Meanwhile, try this.
  11. NRW

    What is AWG?

    Auto Watch Ghost. google it. YouTube search it. about £400 fitted. 😀👍
  12. That looks beautiful. Well done for your efforts. Pleased to hear that other owners area bit OCD too😂. Tons to learn, like and enjoy with a new R. I Bet those around you won’t get much chat other than R stuff. Lots on here to like and help you get the best from your car. And help if you are unsure or stuck. Keep on enjoying and smiling!😀
  13. NRW

    Considering a Mk7.5

    Not ridiculous at all, Steve imo. I’m not far behind you. Remember, you’re a long time dead. Treat yourself well. Only one life etc...... R Owners on here range from early Twenties to over Seventies. And that’s just those who disclose. 😀
  14. Had an Apple Watch bought for me as a gift earlier this year. Fits into my life way better than I’d ever thought possible. Not for everyone I know, but the weight (or lack of it) makes a difference after regular Man watches. Pleased I kept an open mind.😀
  15. Great pic of a really nice looking car. Car sits well on the Oz rims too. That Repair will destroy the looks. Hope you can get it sorted quickly. Stay safe .
  16. 😱 even to just an owner driver with no mechanical qualifications, this does not look like an expert, professional repair to an alloy wheel. I know that’s probably NOT what you wanted to hear. Clearly not Cadiz - so presumably ? 19”?. If I we’re in your shoes my friend, I d be looking for replacement wheel at least, or wheels. Others way better qualified than me will advise better, if salvage is feasible I’m certain. Good luck. 🤞
  17. So if in or around London it’s Diary not Watch then. 😂😂😂
  18. NRW

    Considering a Mk7.5

    300ps, 4 wd and DSG. You Don’t need to ponder too long, just dig deep and keep smiling. Every day. 😀
  19. NRW


    Wow. What a car. Lovely. Congratulations on the purchase. Nowt much will be passing you on your favourite B roads, or any other roads either. Have fun and enjoy your R. Cheers.
  20. NRW


    Brilliant. Congratulations. Looks really well. Hope you got your best deal too. You can try to learn all the features in advance - but driving it will be best, ever.
  21. It does play on your mind,but don’t obsess or you’ll never go anywhere or do anything. Stay at home,holed up. But a plane might crash in your house. (Done this routine myself) AWG an option - but Thief will be Very unhappy with you. Tracker....who will give chase?? Do you want your trashed car back?? I personally (wheelchair user etc) sometimes feel very vulnerable - if some Big Tw*t came and walloped me I could do little to stop the theft. Wife on the other hand....OMG.. no real concern for her safety and stubborn to say the least. Would be outraged at the thought of theft of husbands treasured R. I hope she would judge the Danger quickly and just hand over the keys under menace. I think the Best you can do is Take reasonable steps to keep car and self safe. Enjoy your car and watch out for your wife. Or drive a Shed.
  22. This looks very interesting. Better than the usual vague Bong and symbol that gives you a real Jolt when driving. Thank you for the Link and the feedback. Stay safe .👍
  23. Looks promising. Maybe best to ask @Kidohif he can please, give any feedback on how they were to live with after Removal. Other members might also chip in too. Good luck. 👍
  24. Serious comment. Not a joke. I’d heard from Mechanic that low weather temperatures as we ve now got can contribute to unusual messages from tpm sensors. Advised toCheck, reset then monitor. Might be a legend tho to shut me up.
  25. Can you find the link to the image. Tips are very distinctive feature of the R. Some think a bit ott for a 4 cyl 2 litre Turbo car, and standard chrome tips Not to everyone’s taste admittedly, some preferring to paint gloss/ Matt/ satin black, or go for aftermarket replacement back boxes/ systems. I would be interested please to view the pic for curiosity if you can locate it. 👍
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