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  1. Oh hell. You could’ve Wel done without that little extra. Seems to be a regular thing. Good to hear you’re being kind to yourself! 😀. Keep moving on and the bad times will be replaced by good and better. Nothing lasts forever. Talk to your mates, pals who’ll be keen to do anything they can for you. Regular Treats to self will help. Take it easy 👍
  2. Sorry the guy left. Forum is super helpful, often used as a shortcut. Super supportive too. Learning a new car can take Time, effort and mistakes. A bit like Life really..... Speed Limiter sets Limits. Moderator = VWROC Speed Limiter My school day today.😀
  3. Haha. I remember LJKS! His Scirocco. Liked Hondas too.. Wow. Im also a fan of DSG, and think the latest the best all round yet. Hope the smiles keep on and on for you. 👍
  4. Mild Winter. Could always go out early and late....to be totally perverse. After getting the Set from Jona I think we only had a couple of days of snow worth mentioning. This winter tho....it had better!
  5. Location influences things. Last winter seemed very mild up here, but the one before saw closures to “main routes” like (honestly) A696 and A69. No Dave I’ve never got stuck, but the keenness to have the best tyre performance in the Winter is the driving force. Keeps the Pretorias from getting covered in nasty stuff too! A bit of man maths creeps in as well.
  6. Great choice Penguin, very carefully and thoughtfully considered👍👏. I would have thought the Tyre thing a bit “anoraky” a few years ago, but not now😂 especially when recognising the poor performance in wet, snow of Summer tyres in Winter temperatures. Also obsession with YT Tyre Reviews - gives decent fact based analysis and advice, should be more widely watched, imho. Agree Penguin that the recent developments in Alll Season tyres are amazing...much of Summer Tyres good things combined with most of Winter Tyres. Amazing. Should be more than enough for many drivers in the UK, except for the most Isolated, harsh climates. I’ll be Sticking with my set of Summer/ Winter tyres now for a while...till I need to change. For the future tho, maybe when a Wagon is our sole transport, All Season (Cross Climate) will be a very nice option. (Retirement changes priorities and outlook. If the weather and roads are so poor...just stay in😂. Not that I can get far anyway in snow in a wheelchair😂) Let’s know about the new Michelin’s on real world usage please.
  7. Often My Lovely wife is my Speed limiter😂
  8. Reading the Manual might help you too. 😀
  9. You won’t exceed the set speed unless you use the throttle. If you have to brake, the brakes work. Then you press Resume. Car speeds up when needed, brakes for you when needed. Far mor useful than a Set limit. Try it out for yourself and revisit your post after doing so. You might like it.😀
  10. If you set Acc to the prevailing speed limit, 30 or 40 how will you exceed this other than by pressing the throttle. Takes a bit getting used to at first for Control Freaks. Personally I Cant see why I would need to set the Speed Limiter........maybe in a 20 zone? I have never used this function.
  11. Life will be So much simpler when we are all Binary state.
  12. NRW

    Q5<Golf R

    Great to hear you’ve managed to replace the Q5 with something you are much happier and comfortable with. 👍
  13. What a terrifying thought Dave - a modern transmission like a DSG Gearbox, with all its technical complexities, should last the lifetime of the vehicle with the correct maintenance. We can argue about the lifespan, but between at least 12 and 15 shouldn’t be unreasonable to expect, before Major work is needed. And I think this is erring on the early side. I am talking about a standard ‘box and engine.😀
  14. Hello & welcome with your lovely LSG R. You’ve had some belters then in the past! You’re sure to find lots to like/love in an R after a GTI. No more wheel spin from rest! A little less playful perhaps but oh,oh how solid it attaches to the road whatever the weather. It flatters all drivers. Takes a while to learn it I found even after a GTI....and I’m still learning, smiling ...and enjoying. Hope you enjoy the R and the forum too. There’s shed loads of useful stuff on here, much R related , And help from Members is invaluable when you are puzzled, stuck or just undecided. Look forward to your view on your R, your pics and posts. Ps. Did you go Manual or DSG
  15. You’ll be amused with the helpful cornering lights ! It’s a well mannered car, the R.😀
  16. Hi Mel. It’s hard to say if your car has the Auto Folding Mirror capability as equipment varies between markets. Are you able to fold the Mirrors manually - by using the switch on the Drivers door? If so, then it may be possible to “unlock” the feature - your dealer may be able to do this for a Fee., or yourself using a Diagnostic/Scan tool such as OBD 11 or VCDS. These are devices you can buy which allow you to access your vehicles electronic systems to find/remedy faults and alter how features operate. Your dealer will have similar devices, but will likely change you a fee for each usage. Many owners purchase such a device so they can readily and easily check on many aspects of their vehicle, without paying a fee each time. I am not sufficiently confident in my own abilities to do this for myself on my car, but it may be something you look into further. 😀
  17. NRW

    my new toy, 6R

    Hello. Lovely 6 R. Keep it fit. 👍
  18. NRW

    S3 Launched

    The Hatch looks very extrovertly styled to me, only way for it to be meaner and more angry would be teeth😂
  19. NRW


    Outstanding. What brilliant news. So pleased for you. Go canny mate, every day counts! Best thing I’ve heard for some time. Well done you. 👏👍
  20. It’s after people have seen Reviews of the Mk8 GTI figuring the R might be similar😂
  21. I must add Mil that when I saw and read about the 7R hatch, then R Wagon....this was to be my next car. I dithered between them, but eventually went for the Hatch. But really could use the bigger boot space😂
  22. I remember Mil when Mk7 GTIs were announced And went on sale. I was about 15/18 months into owning a Mk6 from new. General improvement. Better performance. More space. Lower weight. Cheaper for VW to build. Not enough to make me want to p.ex mine and upgrade to the New model tho - even if the claim was that it was 1 second per mile faster around the Nurburgring.😂 IMHO the Mk 7 and now my 7.5 feel less substantial than the Mk6, lighter yes, stronger even, but feel more tinny and flimsy. Doors, hatch, bonnet. A less Solid feel. Undoubtedly A better performing and handling car than the Mk6. Vw May have taken the quest for low build costs and lower weight a little too far this time?
  23. It may require different Coding Melusi, if you are say, in USA. The Auto fold feature is not standard issue on All models, all markets. OBD11 will be your friend then. (spot the member who watches too many YT vids😀)
  24. Cleaner, better Air flow over the car. Less drag. Quicker😂😂
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