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    NRW got a reaction from LouCyffer in Service Booking   
    I emailed Pulman VW Durham today to book my R in for Second Service.  Likely to be done at under 6000 miles!
    A return call resulted.  All done, quite straightforward - Pulman are offering Courtesy Cars, but for me this is no use, so instead we will be permitted to wait on the premesis  while the service is carried out.  Booked in before the car’s second birthday.  Great.

    Pulman Service Advisor, Delsa, pointed out that my VW Service Plan, bought when new, expires after this service - so agreed with her it makes sense to start up a new Plan from here for the next say, 3 years.  I have had such before and it works a treat. 
    Best bit.  When summarising the works required, to be included in the Plan - Delsa quickly pointed out that at Year 3 I will need a service, a Brake Fluid change.....AND a Haldex Service for the 4 motion transmission.   What a Star. Really Clued up and on the pulse. Brilliant.  We also worked a DSG Service into the Plan for year 4.  So Year 3,4 and 5 Service, Haldex x 1, Brake Fluid x 2 and a DSG Service to be included, with MOTs too.
    All done. Monthly payments will see to it all, so peace of mind for me, and all costs calculated at the prices that apply today.  

    I am very aware that many Owners  do not have good service from their local main dealer, so It’s Great to find that some main dealers have such knowledgeable staff as Delsa.  Well done Pulman👏
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    NRW reacted to Captjack in New wheels and vibration?   
    That make a bit of sense, it does seem more pronounced turning, although can sometimes hear it going straight. Don’t remember hearing anything when I picked the car up. I wonder if it’s anything to do with the fact it had only 600 miles on it and 10 months old, the car had been used a training aid for salesman at VW head office ??. Trip to the dealers I think.
    On the wheel vibration problem, had the wheels checked today and all four were out, the guy that did them was having a bad day, still all done and sorted out now
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    NRW reacted to Djs2394 in What did you do to your R today?   
    Gave mine a good wash after work and fitted new paddles 😎

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    NRW reacted to marshy in What did you do to your R today?   
    Ordered a set of Racingline R360 in silver for my R from Awesome Gti

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    NRW got a reaction from Pukei in Just completed my purchase of my Mk7 R.   
    Hi & welcome with your lovely R. Hope you enjoy it. 
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    NRW reacted to cybman in Golf Mk8 videos   
    a clean black car looks great
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    NRW reacted to Pukei in Just completed my purchase of my Mk7 R.   
    Hey all,
    I’ve just joined the club!! Reflect silver with 19” Cadiz wheels. I’m delighted!!
    Love this forum. Keep up the good work people!
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    NRW reacted to Dannybear83 in Golf Mk8 videos   
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    NRW reacted to Peter Wynne in What detailing stuff have you bought today   
    Always good to be able to put positive spin on these things... not so easy to think of “wife benefits” on the haul of gyeon products am picking up tomorrow 🤐
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    NRW reacted to Peter Wynne in What detailing stuff have you bought today   
    Paid £60 for an external hot water tap to be fitted!
    Wife is happy there will be no more drippy buckets in the house

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    NRW reacted to smug_1273 in sunroof surround   
    Hey All, found this thread searching for cracked sunroof surrounds on google. New to the site.
    Came across a crack on the sunroof surround at the weekend whilst washing my 2020 Golf R. Pic Attached 
    Drove to my Main Dealer today to see the warranty person, booked me in for the work under warranty for the end of the month. He reckons i will have it back the same day as booking date (surround off, panoramic roof out etc.) So doesn't sound like too much work tbh. He reckons he had one other Golf R in for this and 2 Passats to date. Forgot to ask if it was a like for like replacement or whether they have adjusted something so it doesnt happen again??
    Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

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    NRW reacted to PJD in Golf Mk8 videos   
    Driving on ICE
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    NRW reacted to PhilC22 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    Hey Chris, I couldn't quite believe that, so had to check it! Although the 1 series is basically narrower than the 3 series, if you fold the mirrors out (on both cars) it becomes wider! - obviously due to the relative size of the wing mirrors and how they extend. With mirrors folded out, the Golf 8 (which is same width as the 7.5) is 8mm narrower than the 1 series (2073 vs 2081mm), which might be significant if your garage opening is very tight.
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    NRW got a reaction from dopper99 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    In a similar place myself Chris.  I expect there are many R owners with Requirements very similar to yours.
    The general drive of the new 8R seems a step up from the 7.5.  That appeals, as mine still thrills!
    Im not changing anytime soon, but when I do the 8R, or 8R Wagon demands close and careful consideration.  I’m lucky to have a good Main Dealer, like the VW badge and classless public image, and find the size handy for my use.  It fits my requirements quite well. 
    I keep an eye on lots of things R and R related and a new White 8R discounted to £33680, doesn’t seem beyond reach (but the Dash and Front remain). 😀
    Familiarity, good deals, and an improved standard spec.  might further sweeten the pill. 
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    NRW reacted to Chris7.5R in Bonnet strut mk8   
    I think VW are living on a different planet from the common people. Since my 7.5R is still rather new and incredibly unused during the last year, I have no interest in an 8R. As for performance improvements, my need is for a fast, civilised, reliable, comfortable, quiet, adult daily drive. Pops and farts, drifting, smart rear diffs. Nürburgring lap times, track days, traffic light GPs, 0-62, etc., are pointless. Therefore the seriously over-priced 8 offers nothing I need, and just subtracts from the enjoyment with its penny-pinching and crippled UI.
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    NRW reacted to Martin2 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    I wouldn't buy a car without memory seats.   I try to balance the mileage a bit between cars now rather than putting 30k+ on one and sub 10k on the other, which is why I drive the Golf a fair bit these days and we have very different driving positions.  It's slightly annoying having to manually adjust the steering wheel, but that's not something you get on small cars and at least the exterior mirrors are linked to the memory.   My car has 24 way electric adjustment on the seat plus 4 way on the wheel, so you get almost everything spot on including the head restraints without having to manually adjust anything, just the interior mirror....first world problems and all that.
    Back to the quality point, I had to use the sun visors a lot yesterday evening and do wish they covered them in the same material as the headlining and they were a bit more substantial, they feel flimsy and very cheap to the touch.  I assume the 8R will be the same.
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    NRW got a reaction from Martin2 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    Must say Rebecca that even tho Memory Seat is only available with Leather seat option, as on Mk7.5, I would buy it again.  Really convenient to live with. 😀
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    NRW got a reaction from Booth11 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    Must say Rebecca that even tho Memory Seat is only available with Leather seat option, as on Mk7.5, I would buy it again.  Really convenient to live with. 😀
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    NRW reacted to Booth11 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    😂 Tiny better than non existent. 😁
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    NRW got a reaction from Booth11 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    Tiny consolation is that as a Factory fit option,  it Remains covered by VW Extended Warranty.....
    I did say tiny. 😂
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    NRW reacted to Dan Stubbs in Traded my Golf R   
    Got the car back from the detailer, have to say the detailer have worked their magic, car looks immaculate.  The detailer posted loads on his Instagram story so I've screen shotted all the process as he has been posting, the level of detail they go into is quality.
    Check out my first mod, had the brake calipers sprayed Petronas green whilst it was there getting detailed! 

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    NRW reacted to Booth11 in Bonnet strut mk8   
    It’ll have a matching Racingline price tag. Cant wait to see the AliExpress versions (coathanger). 😂
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    NRW reacted to Raiden in Toyota GR Yaris - worth it?   
    Plato has had a play with it
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    NRW reacted to muzza in What did you do to your R today?   
    Forgot to post the finished pictures of the car after 2 stage paint correction and 2 layers of IGL Quartz ceramic. Had the wheels fully ceramic coated too along with the glass.




    Just a couple of pictures they got of the car as part of the package. Won't post them all as the post will be to long.
    They did an amazing job, and the pictures don't do justice to the colour that comes through now. 
    Glad to see the rugby result too!
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    NRW reacted to gman1967 in Exhaust Tips   
    Fully intended polishing mine but having removed them and cleaned them, too much pitting that polishing was never going to fix. Soooo
    Satin black paint that was bought to repaint bbq put to use. Bake in oven for 30 mins and back on car and very much in keeping with "black" theme😀

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