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  1. That’s them fitted to the Edition 45 so will give a better idea of how they will look
  2. Definitely keeping the R20 wheels as factory- that’s one the things that sets the R20 apart After going to look at the car I’m going to fit the ones on the rear on it R360 will go one the CSS Revo’s may well be a future purchase Just checked I’ve actually 6 sets of 19’s and a set of 18’s with winter tyres but spreading them across 3 Golf’s doesn’t make it sound as bad !
  3. Revo on the MK7/7.5 look great but not sure what they would look like on Mk 8 and seeing as I haven’t got any and I’m not buying any more wheels - I’ve already got 5 sets of 19’s so that rules them out
  4. Undecided on which wheels to go with Those on the Front or the ones on the rear The R360 on the front were originally going to fitted to my CSS but after test fitting them to R20 I’m now totally undecided Your opinions appreciated
  5. According to my dealer these sold out in 8 mins !
  6. Even if it was available in the UK I wouldn’t order one as I don’t like the colour - and definitely couldn’t live with it every day Also that is a seriously expensive Golf and I guarantee there would be no discount - however being a limited run it will definitely hold its price and be snapped up by collectors and you will no doubt see them selling for over list when they are released
  7. They are extremely blue I honestly thought from the photos I’d seen they weren’t as vivid a blue - they stand out for sure
  8. Yes Black mirror caps and the dynamic indicators to go on and most likely these wheels or possibly Racing Line R360 Have both sets so will see what looks best Thought I’d the R360 to go on my CSS
  9. Got the phone call to say my R20 had arrived late this evening - will be a week or two before it will be ready as it going for the PPF and ceramic coating plus a few other bits to do The wheels and mirror cap’s definitely will be changed as personally think they look terrible Few pics of it looking in in sorry state
  10. Same here for my wife’s GTD we collected a week ago
  11. Darren in Complete Car Care in Lisburn I’d highly recommend him does all my detailing work for me
  12. Finally my R20 has arrived in the UK just have to wait now on delivery to the dealer in N.Ireland. Then it’s to go for it’s ceramic coating and have the PPF applied as well as few other bits to do. Hopefully if all goes to plan I hope to collect in about 3 weeks
  13. Came across this on Ali-express not sure how it works or if it even would work but a possible solution for deleting the Start stop
  14. Is the issue with the emergency braking only or mainly when using cruise control or can it happen at any time and is it when the car is going over a certain speed I see it can also happen in reverse so I guess it not just using cruise control
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