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  1. Haha, funny that, she recently got all 4 refurbed lol its some sort of Chavy light isn’t it? Like on a par with them neon jet washers we all once had....
  2. On my neighbours TT (don’t tell me it’s a light?!)
  3. And of course the hire car....
  4. Just back from a two week holiday to lake Garda and lake como, Italy. Here’s some pics of random cars I saw, can you identify some of them? There were plenty of Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis and Porsche’s but they were either going too fast or I was driving myself.
  5. Looks good mate. What did you do for the bottom silver splitter part? On my list ...
  6. Which body parts did this cost?
  7. Cheers mate, getting there. it sounds great. Subtle but can grunt when you boot it. I like the ‘dump valve’ whoosh but I’m not sure if that’s the turbo muffler.... im happy with it 👍
  8. Looks great. Like the number plate style/font. Need to get one like that, is it gel or pressed?
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