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    Company car forces sale of my mk7 r. Only had it since April but it’s been the best car I’ve ever owned. My touches above the genuine 19 prets and pano roof are; carbon mirrors black rear badge Forced induction kit enlarged turbo elbo turbo muffler eyebrows matt Black alloys mot due march 2020 45k miles but used daily FSH, 2 keys and all previous receipts kept. Will be due the oil change in a few weeks but that’ll be done. i kerbed an alloy but been quoted £60 to fix, simply haven’t had the time. Ill throw in the black front badge and grill kit as will be surplus to requirements ill also get better pics! Get in touch if interested 20 mins from Aberdeen airport/5 mins from train station thanks rikky


    - GB

  2. Welcome. My mk7 black 3 door DSG Will be for sale..... if only I knew how to list it on here.
  3. Yeah that’s them. Oh my, what is she thinking?! i did lol at the spokey doleys!! Reminded me on trying to beat my brother to the Cornflakes box for the chicken reflectors too haha
  4. Haha, funny that, she recently got all 4 refurbed lol its some sort of Chavy light isn’t it? Like on a par with them neon jet washers we all once had....
  5. On my neighbours TT (don’t tell me it’s a light?!)
  6. And of course the hire car....
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