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  1. Cheers. Any idea if the ‘VW’ differs slightly?
  2. Anyone know if the centre caps differ from the earlier models to now? I have, or thought I had, genuine prets but the centre caps look different. I mean ever so slightly different yet similar to images I’ve seen online. I’ve never had the wheels off to check but I do know they’re made of play dough haha. Any advice?
  3. Can it tow a horse box through a muddy field?
  4. Not done much lately with my golf other than advertise it for sale 😞 sad times but need something more practical. Worse case scenario I’ll need to trade it in so i may need to strip the ‘best’ bits off it 1st! loved the car, got friendly with the petrol attendant but tow bar is calling 😩
  5. 😆 they werent too keen on replacing the oil etc
  6. Great, that’s nice and local..... 🤪 my local garage(non vw) said no to the dsg lol
  7. Anyone recommend somewhere decent in Aberdeen or shire for a haldex filter clean?
  8. Cheers for that mate, I’ll look into them. Not looking to spend a lot, just not wanting to ruin the prets over winter. and yes, YNWA! 🤣
  9. Are the wheels 5x112? But what’s the ET? also, will 17s fit over standard r brakes? looking for a cheap set of winter wheels.
  10. Welcome. My mk7 black 3 door DSG Will be for sale..... if only I knew how to list it on here.
  11. Yeah that’s them. Oh my, what is she thinking?! i did lol at the spokey doleys!! Reminded me on trying to beat my brother to the Cornflakes box for the chicken reflectors too haha
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