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  1. Pipe freezing spray from Screwfix etc. would probably work but test it on a hidden part of the upholstery before using it. I wouldn't use a solvent that 'melts' the gum as the resulting goo will become more liquid and spread further into the fibres of the leather and/or cloth.
  2. WBAC offers certainly don't reflect the trend in the above postings!!
  3. bertj

    VW golf R

    Don't even go there unless you want your insurance invalidated after an accident! It's essential that you declare any mods, no matter how trivial. Depending upon the mod (i.e. wheels) some companies will not charge extra or a relatively small sum. It is also essential that you disclose all relevant details when applying for insurance. Forget the idea of 'conning' a company because they all communicate with each other especially if you use a comparison site.
  4. BTW, Assuming you've got genuine VW wheels or wheels with the correct bolt seat taper, make sure that you buy locking wheel bolts with a rounded taper - straight taper bolts will not seat correctly on the wheel. Also, you might want to check that the existing bolts have the correct taper. Demon Tweeks at https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/ are usually very helpful. I've seen too many aftermarket wheels on VW's with the wrong bolt seat taper. Good explanation at https://www.clubgti.com/forums/index.php?threads/wheel-bolts-radius-or-tapered-whats-the-differnce.158739/
  5. Thanks for that but it's almost impossible to do with my left hand - fortunately we haven't had much sun lately and/or haven't used the car much because of the bl**** virus!
  6. Possibly a minor point but it's not unknown for dealers etc. to check the glass type fitted when part/exing a car. If a non VW screen (in our case) is fitted then questions can get asked. This is especially true with modern screens with light/rain sensors, cameras etc. I would never have non VW glass fitted and always check all the glass when buying a used car.
  7. Yes - I squirted some W40 into the hole first and the whole pipe just pushed in and seemed to go into the correct place - as I said perhaps I was just lucky.
  8. It's not only for fuel overflow because rain/wash water gets in to the fuelling hatch so if the pipe is blocked, as mine was, it's possible that the water level could get up to the fuel filler neck. It's therefore important to check the pipe isn't blocked; carefully pour a small quantity of water down the pipe - it should then drain near the back wheel. Be careful you don't push the pipe downwards when trying to unblock it so it then falls out below the car (as I did!). I eventually used a length of very flexible garden wire that worked OK. Perhaps I was lucky but I was able to push the pipe back in from above without having to remove the wheel arch liner.
  9. Thanks for the replies. So the tightness is normal; probably better than a rattle! Still very irritating - when you need the side visor you usually need it in a hurry.
  10. I have very rarely swiveled the sun vizor to partly cover the driver's side window. I'd forgotten how difficult it is to release it from the retaining bracket when today I couldn't unhook it from the bracket with just one hand while driving. I eventually stopped and had to use both hands to release the vizor from its metal lined retainer. The passenger vizor is just as tight and very difficult to move. Is this a common 'problem' and/or is there any way of making the vizor easier to release without causing rattles?
  11. A bit off the point - this reminds me of the time when a VW dealer tried to charge me on a service for checking the tyre pressures and re-inflating the tyres with nitrogen - they said it would it make the ride better and improve the road holding. Also, just last week, I had an email from the local dealer offering to update the satnav for 'only' £99; perhaps they didn't know that anyone can download the required data from the VW website for nothing! As everyone says - Aircon doesn't need servicing unless it's not working correctly. The best way of ensuring it continues to work is to leave it on all the time; this will also stop it smelling. There's still some people who think aircon should only be used in the summer if it's hot and/or you can save large amounts of fuel if it's not turned on (but, please, don't let's start that argument again!)
  12. N Next time I'll read the original post more carefully!!
  13. Have I got confused somewhere but I thought that the electronic parking brake had to be reset when replacing the rear pads?
  14. Thanks for that - it makes sense about controlling the battery input. It's probably time I bought VCDS but does it actually switch the stop/start off or does it 'fool' the BMS into thinking that the battery voltage is too low to allow the stop/start to operate? If the latter is true then, presumably, it could allow the battery to overcharge. I believe that the much cheaper Carista works by 'fooling' the BMS.
  15. It's a very simple matter to disconnect the stop/start connector on the battery earth terminal to prevent the very irritating (IMO) automatic engine stop system from working. The only slight annoyance is the error message that appears the first time the car stops on a trip. However, I've been wondering if there could be some 'hidden' downside to disconnecting the system? Perhaps something connected with how the car responds to battery voltage? I know, for instance, that the stop/start system won't work if there's a high power demand from the battery etc.
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